OFSTED Report 2023



In November 2019, Sharp Lane was subject to a two-day inspection from Ofsted. They highlighted many areas of strength within the school and recognised the significant changes and improvements that had been made within the school since their last visit.


Some of the key points from the report are highlighted below.

“Pupils are proud to belong to Sharp Lane Primary School. They learn in a safe, welcoming environment. Pupils take care of their school. They cooperate well with each other and take on roles and responsibilities seriously."


"Pupils say they enjoy school. They appreciate the adults that take care of them. Pupils trust adults to help them when they feel anxious. They say that bullying is not an issue here."


"Teachers build pupils’ confidence and independence. They encourage pupils to take risks and to ‘have a go’. Pupils become resilient learners."


"Governors are a force to be reckoned with. They live and breathe Sharp Lane Primary School. They offer effective support and challenge to leaders. They are passionate about improving the school further.”


Ofsted letter from Amanda Spielman

"The new headteacher has united staff. She gets the important things done. Senior leaders know what is working well and what needs to improve. Staff have complete faith in them."


"Leaders are improving the quality of education. They are deeply committed to the school. Their actions are making a positive difference for pupils. Pupils are achieving well in reading, writing and mathematics."


"The early years are a hive of activity. It provides children with a great start to their education. Children settle in quickly. The staff are kind and caring. They know the children well. Children play well together. They follow instructions quickly and carefully."

Ofsted Report November 2019


We are very proud of the report and feel it reflects the journey that the school is on. We encourage all parents, new and old, to take time to read this and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office and a member of the Senior Leadership Team will contact you to discuss it further.

Historic Ofsted Inspection Reports