House Teams


Why do we have house teams?


At Sharp Lane, in line with the Sharp Lane Animal Heroes, we believe that house teams play a pivotal role in shaping our learners. They provide an opportunity for pupils to work within mixed-age groups towards a common purpose. For older pupils, they provide an excellent opportunity to develop responsibility and for our younger learners they provide a platform for them to be part of the wider school.  Additionally, with our house team closely linked to local, successful athletes, it will promote high aspirations within the pupils.


How many house teams are there?


We currently have 5 house teams. These houses were chosen by pupils, following discussion with the School Council. To promote the local area Leeds, famous sporting icons from the area was chosen as a theme for pupils. This increased sense of ownership is aimed at allowing pupils to have a greater involvement and pride within their house team and this has meant that house teams have an increasingly significant place in our daily school routines.


The house teams are...


Why were these people chosen to represent our house teams?


In order to raise the aspirations of pupils at Sharp Lane, local people were chosen to be our house team names. Additionally, all 5 of these people have, throughout their lives, for various reasons, shown to be ambassadors of the schools’ 6Rs. Through commitment to training, working together with teams or putting in hours of training independently, these people embody the 6Rs; resilience, risk-taking, relationships, reflective, resourceful and responsible. All of these traits are things we are keen to embed in Sharp Lane pupils. Before launching our new house teams, we allowed pupils to research these local superstars to learn more about their lives and where possible, link assemblies to their achievements.


How are house teams managed?


All pupils and staff members within school are assigned to a house team (this includes school governors). In addition to this, each house team has house captains. These house captains are in Year 3 and Year 6. Should a child wish to be a house captain, they must apply for this role and convince their peers that they should be elected to the position. Each house team will have a house emblem (designed by the pupils) and a house colour. These colours and emblems are of particular significance at whole school events such as sports day.


When is the house system used?


House teams are a fundamental part of daily school life at Sharp Lane. House points are given to pupils, via the school behaviour system TrackIt, to reward children that follow the whole school rules or display courteous or responsible behaviour. Each week, a house point cup is awarded to the house with the most house points. In school behaviour tracking feeds into this system as well as the school's 6Rs.


Above these daily uses, house teams and house points play a significant role in our approach to Sports Day, rewards and competition within year groups.


How are house teams allocated?

All house teams are allocated equally in each class and year group. Throughout school, children from the same family will be placed in the same house. Once a child is allocated a house team, they will remain in this house for their time at Sharp Lane Primary School*.


*In exceptional circumstances, children may need to change houses or be places in a separate house from their siblings. If this should happen, it would be communicated with the child and their parents before it happened.