Medication in School

MEDICATION IN SCHOOL - Please ensure you read the policy above for full details.


  • As per the Medication in School policy above, should your child require medication during the school day the medication must be prescribed, have a label on it detailing the child’s name and dosage level, and be required to be taken four times a day, one of those being during school time.
  • If your child has prescribed medication to be administered three times a day, we would expect those doses to be given before school, after school and at bedtime. 
  • Below is a link to the form to complete should your child need prescribed medication during school time.  Please complete both sides and return it to the main school office along with the medication itself.  Please do not take to it the class or send it in with your child.
  • If you feel that your child requires medication that is not prescribed, you can arrange to attend school at lunchtime to administer the medication yourself.  One example of such an instance would be if your child suffers with severe hay fever which could impact their learning.
  • If your child attends breakfast or after-school club in the bungalow, please ensure that you drop off and collect their medications from the bungalow each day, as applicable.
  • All medications must be handed to either a member of the office team before the start of the school day, or the Out of School Club team if your child attends before school. Medications must not brought into school with the child, and please do not hand them in at the classroom door.  All medications are held securely in the office.

HEALTHCARE PLANS - Please ensure you read the policy above for full details.


  • This school uses a Healthcare Plan to record important details about individual children’s long-term medical needs at school, their triggers, signs, symptoms, medication and other treatments. Further documentation can be attached to the Healthcare Plan as required. A Healthcare Plan, accompanied by an explanation of why and how it is used, is sent to all parents of pupils with a long-term medical condition. This is sent at the start of the school year, at enrolment or when a diagnosis is first communicated to the school. 
  • The parents, healthcare professionals and pupils with long-term medical condition are asked to fill out the pupil’s Healthcare Plan together. Parents then return these completed forms to the school. This school ensures that a relevant member of school staff is also present, if required, to help draw up a Healthcare Plan for pupils with complex healthcare or educational needs. 

ASTHMA - Please read the policy above for full details.


  • Mrs Deborah Tiffany and Mrs Helena Smith oversee the use of inhalers in school and on school visits.  If your child has a diagnosis of asthma we will require an Asthma Plan to be completed.  You can do this by completing the form below and then arranging to meet with Mrs Tiffany to finalise the plan.  We will require your child to have their inhaler with them at school and on any school trips they attend.
  • The form below relates to the use of the Salbutamol inhaler which school uses in emergencies, such as when a child has forgotten, lost or run out of their own personal inhaler.  We require parents to consent to the use of the school inhaler in such circumstances.

Medication in School Policy

Asthma Policy

Emergency Inhaler form

My Asthma Plan

Individual Health Care Plan

Medicine Administration Agreement

Sharp Lane Primary School uses NHS guidance and the advice from Public Health England with regards to periods of recommended absence following illness. More details can be found below. 


NHS Symptom Checker

Guidance on Infection Control


If there is a change to your child’s medical diagnosis or their medication or requirements, please inform the school office as soon as possible to ensure that we have accurate up to date information with which to look after your child whilst they are in school.