School Dinners

At Sharp Lane, we work hard to ensure that pupils have a sociable and healthy lunchtime experience. We have consulted pupils and parents to try and bring about the best experience for our pupils during this time. We offer a variety of healthy lunchtime choices as part of our partnership with Leeds City Council and we are happy to cater for the needs of individuals that are vegetarian or have specific dietary requirements. 


At lunchtimes, children have time to eat their meal in our canteen, spend time with their peers as part of playtime and also work with their classmates and class teacher to complete a supervised game. The 6R characteristics at this time are championed and we are working hard to ensure that all pupils are polite and courteous during their dining experience.


To ensure that children are safe and secure at lunchtimes, their time in the playground is staffed by our Teaching Assistants. These staff members are encouraged to lead play activities with pupils and are also available to deal with any problems that children may have during this time. 


As we move into a new academic year, we will be introducing a variety of lunchtime clubs. These will be aimed at providing pupils, from a variety of year groups, with opportunities to broaden their school experience. These clubs will run on a daily basis and will be lead by school staff. Children will be able to access a gardening club. homework club, book clubs and clubs which include physical activity. 



Lunchtime Staff

Mrs D. Freeman - Catering

Miss N. Hardwick - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss M. Dean - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss A. Parkin - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N. Hardcastle - Lunchtime supervisor

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