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Year 6


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Year 6 Outdoor Leavers Assembly 2020!

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Good Luck and Goodbye Year 6 :-)

Year 7 Transition Information

12.06.20 ***TRANSITION UPDATE***

Over the last few weeks, we have been in contact with all of our transition schools. All the relevant information these schools normally receive during school visits under normal circumstances has been shared. Most schools have already, or are in the process, of uploading a transition brochure, video tours, and various FAQs on their webpages so please regularly check these for further information for yourselves and your child.


Under normal circumstances, all children would have completed some transition days with their new high schools in Summer term, but due to the current pandemic, unfortunately, this is unable to happen. Many schools are in the process of organising zoom calls, one to one phone calls and webinars to give children the opportunity to meet some members of staff and to ask any questions they may have which will help to alleviate any anxieties at this time.


Whilst current times may be unsettling for your child as they soon begin to transition to high school, please rest assure that all high schools are in the process of planning for your child to start with them in Year 7, making the necessary arrangements to allow them to find their feet within their first few days and weeks when they do start. As and when we receive any further information from any of our transition high schools we will inform you via parent mail or this webpage.


Many Thanks.

Mrs Watkins (Transition Lead)


**News** (25.06.20) For those pupils attending Outwood Grange Academy, please see below where you can find further information. 


**News** (23.06.20) For any pupils transitioning to Cockburn John Charles, please see the following updates below:

  • You should receive a letter to your home address by the end of this week with further information about your high school.
  • All form tutors will be contacting parents/children in their form from the start of next week
  • New Intake 2020 page will go live on containing lots of information, including a virtual tour and introductions from key staff
  • Home learning transition activities will be available to complete

Parents/carers, if you could like and follow our facebook page, if you access this, Cockburn John Charles Academy, and our website to keep up to date with any changes and new information.


**News** (04.06.20) For any pupils attending Bishop Young Academy, please see the documents below. Here, you can find out more about your high school and get to know your new building, timetable, year group leaders and more! Enjoy getting to know your new school!


**News** (03.06.20) For any pupils attending Cockburn John Charles, further information will be shared with you in the next couple of weeks regarding key information about the school. Your form teachers will soon be in touch to introduce themselves and to speak with you over the phone. If you have any questions, you would like to ask them, write them down so you don't forget!

**News** (01.06.20) For any pupils attending Rodillian Academy, please keep an eye on their website,, (New Students -> Year 6 Transition) as key information will be coming out this week. 


For any pupils attending Outwood Grange Academy, follow the link below for more information about your transition.  



Rodillian Academy - Transition Information and Booklet

Welcome to Year 6!

Home Learning  W/C 13/07/20

Hello year 6!


Well, we can't believe it's the final week of the term and the final week of primary school for you! This week's tasks are English and maths based and are very reflective tasks.




For your English task, you are going to write a letter to your future self about starting high school. In this letter you might want to talk about what you are looking forward to; what worries or concerns you may have; what you would like to achieve in your first year - or even first term - at high school or write about new things you would like to try or how you would like to make new friends. When you have written your letter, you can seal it up and open it up this time next year. Did the things you were worrying about happen? Did you achieve what you wanted? Did you try those new things or make new friends?


There is a checklist below of things you might want to include in your letter.




For maths, you have a choice. You can either:


Take an area of maths you are confident with and present, in whichever way you choose, an explanation of how to complete that particular problem. For example, maybe you could write a 'how to' guide for long division for the new year 6 children who will not have done this before. Or perhaps you could produce a lesson on PowerPoint on long multiplication or addition/subtraction that you would use to teach an alien from outer space that has never heard of these calculations before.


Alternatively, if you want to challenge yourself, you could produce a maths problem similar to the ones available on NRICH. Think about the instructions you need to give - what kind of question will it be? Will it be a 'trial and improvement question' or a 'find all the possibilities' question? Have a look through some of the questions on the NRICH website for ideas. Once completed, get an adult or other family member have a go at answering it. The area of maths you want to use in your problem is entirely up to you.


Finally, we just wanted to say how amazing it has been to teach you this year. It's been a very unusual ending to the year to say the least but you have all managed yourselves exceptionally through this difficult time and for that you should be very proud. All the staff in year 6 are proud of you and we will miss you. Keep being the fabulous people that you are and we wish you all the very best of luck in high school! You will all achieve amazing things!


Miss Barrott & Mrs Christopher

Year 6 Adverts

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Hi everyone,


We hope everyone has had a lovely half term and has enjoyed the sunshine. As we welcome back many of Year 6 on Monday, we are aware that everyone is not in a position to return to school but, that does not mean the learning has to stop. We will continue to post tasks and videos on the website so you can engage with what is happening in class.


This week we would like you to complete a variety of tasks, which are outlined on the timetable. To accompany the tasks, there will be a videos posted to aid your learning. These will be filmed in class and will be posted throughout the week so, remember to keep checking the school webpage for new posts.


Maths – Our topic focus for maths this week is area. Please watch the videos and complete the following tasks throughout the week:

A) Calculate the area of parallelograms – choose your challenge

B) Calculate the area of triangles – choose your challenge

C) Calculate the area of triangles – choose your challenge


If these tasks are too tricky, why not calculating the area by counting squares?


English – Our topic focus for English this week is persuasion. The focus of your writing should be on writing an Air B&B review on The Nowhere Emporium Hotel. Please watch the video and complete the following tasks throughout the week:

A) Read the text carefully and answer questions based on the review.

B) Read the review and highlight the features of the text. Then, complete the text raid.

C) Plan your persuasion text. You will need to think carefully about each part of the review. Remember to only focus on the positives. There is a plan outline but, feel free to create your own planning format.


If these tasks are too tricky, why not watch some advertisements and create your own advert persuading someone to think or act in a particular way.


Please look at the resources for each topic area to aid your learning. In addition to these tasks, please follow the timetable which lists the tasks that have been set in other areas such as history, reading and computing. In addition to this, continue to complete your summer journey learning log.  


Stay safe and hopefully we will see you very soon.


Mrs Christopher and Miss Barrott





Activities Y6 1.6.20

Year 6 English.MP4

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Comprehension Activity A - choose your challenge 1.6.20

Maths video

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To calculate the area of a triangle. To accompany activities B and C

Hi everyone,


We hope everyone has had a productive week and a lovely weekend.

This week we would like you to complete a variety of tasks, which are outlined on the timetable. To accompany the tasks, there will be a maths and English video clip to aid your learning.


Maths – Our topic focus for maths this week is multiplying fractions. Please watch the video and complete the following tasks throughout the week:

A) Arithmetic – Multiply fractions – choose your challenge

B) Multiply fractions by integers – choose your challenge

C) Test your knowledge by playing Who Wants To Be A Hundredaire?


If these tasks are too tricky, why not try multiplying and practising your times tables.


English – Our topic focus for English this week is debate. The focus of your writing should be on whether the lockdown restrictions should be lifted on the 1st of June to allow children to return to school.  Please watch the video and complete the following tasks throughout the week:

A) Plan your debate text. You will need to research the arguments on both sides.

B) Write your debate text. You can follow the typical structure by starting with an introduction, then writing your arguments for and against and finally finishing with a conclusion.  If you want to challenge yourself further, you could write a series of contrasting points for your arguments.

C) Share your debate with someone you live with. Be prepared to take questions.


If these tasks are too tricky, why not prepare a discussion text of your choice and present it verbally with the people you live with.


Please look at the resources for each topic area to aid your learning. In addition to these tasks, please follow the timetable which lists the tasks that have been set in other areas such as science and reading and continue to complete your summer journey learning log.  


Stay safe and hopefully we will see you very soon.


Mrs Christopher and Miss Barrott


Activities Y6 18.5.20

Y6 Time table 18.5.20

English PowerPoint 18.5.20

Features of a debate

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Using the planning sheet

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Debate writing

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Maths resources Activity B 18.5.20

Maths resources - If you find multiplying fractions too tricky try this instead 18.5.20

Multiplying a fraction by a fraction

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Multiplying a fraction by an integer

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Comprehension Activity A 18.5.20 Medusa – Choose your challenge

Year 6 Time Table 11.5.20

Using inverted commas

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Fractions Recap

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Hi Year 6,

We hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday weekend and made the most of the sun shine.

This week we would like you to complete a variety of tasks, which are outlined on the timetable. To accompany the tasks, there will be a maths and English video clip to aid your learning.


Maths – Our topic focus for maths this week is fractions. Please watch the video and complete the following tasks throughout the week:

A)  Revise converting mixed fractions to improper fractions and vice versa

B) Problem solving

C) Create your own tutorial – if an alien landed how would you explain how to convert?


If these tasks are too tricky, why not try representing the improper fractions pictorially?


English – Our topic focus for English this week is speech. Please watch the video and complete the following tasks throughout the week:

A) Look at the image and make notes by answering the following questions: What is happening in the picture? Who are the characters? How are they feeling? How could you convey this? What are they saying? Think carefully how you could convey both the character and the action.

B) Write a conversation to accompany the picture. Remember to punctuate the dialogue you use correctly.

C) Read your conversation to someone you live with. Ask them what they think is going on, what they think about the character and if the action and character has been conveyed in your conversation. Finally, edit your piece to make improvements.


If these tasks are too tricky, why not try adding speech bubbles to the picture? You could also write out some sentences once you have thought about what the characters may say.


In addition to these tasks, please follow the timetable and continue to complete your summer journey learning log and the tasks on the links below. We can’t wait to see how invented you have all been and display your work once we get back to school.


Stay safe and hopefully we will see you very soon.


Mrs Christopher and Miss Barrott

English picture w/c 11.5.20

Maths task A w/c 11.5.20 - Choose your challenge

Draw pictorial representations of mixed fractions

Hello Year 6!


We're entering another week of home learning and it has been great seeing all the work you have been doing so far. Keep the emails and the Facebook posts coming!


On Friday 8th May, it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) and this links very nicely to our previous journey into battle, so your writing challenge this week is linked to this. This will enable you to use some of the things you learned about WW2 in addition to some extra research.

Watch the videos and read the fact files to learn all about VE day and the events leading up to and beyond it. Most of the events you will know a lot about but they will give you a quick re-cap.


Your writing challenge:


The King’s Speech

Listen to the speech of George VI, during which, he tells the nation that the war is over. ( How do you think this will compare to our Queen’s speech this Friday? Imagine that YOU are the monarch, supporting your countrymen and women right now or announcing the end of lockdown.  What would YOU say? Can you write or video your own speech to the nation?


For your maths challenge:


Please log onto 

Under the heading of year 6, please complete 'find unknown angles in triangles'.


These tasks are in addition to the learning log linked to our topic of Ancient Greece. 


Additionally, if you would like to complete some STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) challenges linked to Lego - you will find a number of different challenges attached below that you can complete in your own time. When you complete one, could you write some instructions on how you built it? Don't forget your imperative verbs (bossy verbs) and remember to give detailed instructions. Imagine an alien were to read them to build the same structure - what would they need to know?


Have a good week and hopefully we will see you all again very soon!


Miss Barrott & Mrs Christopher.

Hi everyone,

We hope you have enjoyed the lovely weather this week. It was so lovely to hear from so many of you, and it is great to see the work you are both emailing and posting on Facebook. Please keep sending us pictures and clips of your fantastic activities. It cheers us up to see you all having so much fun.


This week your writing challenge is to write the ending of the Nowhere Emporium. We have been so tempted to read the end without you, but we won’t as long as you send in your creations. It will be great to compare them with the written ending of the story when we get back to school.


If you can access the internet, please log onto

There you can complete the following tasks, under the heading of Year 6:


Fractions problem solving

Foundation subjects

Was the treaty of Versailles fair?


El alfabeto y los numeros


In addition to this, please continue to complete the work that has been set for you on Mathletics and the summer learning journey all about Ancient Greece.


Take care and keep safe.


Mrs Christopher and Miss Barrott


Hi everyone,


Today is World Earth Day!


People  all over the world will be doing all they can to protect our planet, combat climate change all look after wildlife.


Click on the 24 hours action link and choose an activity to with your family at home to help our planet on World Earth Day!


You could for example plant some seeds, do an air quality check on a smartphone, make a piece of art about nature and looking after our planet, do a litter pick or make your next meal plant-based. Be creative and send in or post some photos and videos on our school FaceBook.


Thank you in advance for helping our lovely Earth.


Mrs Christopher and Miss Barrott

Learning Log Homework

Summer Term

We are going on a journey to ANCIENT GREECE

As we aren’t currently in school, we would like you to start our very exciting journey at home with your families, so you can then share this with us in school when we are back.

In order to research, you may want to ask your family members questions (remember you can do this virtually too). You may want to research on the internet, look at photographs, read books or do a bit of everything. Once you have gathered your research, you can then choose to present this however you like:


Design a shield that could have been used by a Spartan.

Create a replica of the Parthenon in Athens.

See below a template of a traditional Greek pot. Decorate it, keeping in mind the style at the time. (They would often decorate these in images of soldiers, gods or daily life.)


Use whatever sources you have available to research a famous Greek God. Create an information leaflet/poster to share your findings with the class.

Create your own Greek God. What makes them unique and special?



Although the Ancient Greeks probably wouldn’t have eaten these, try making some traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka, souvlaki, baklava, tzatziki or pita bread.


Create a PowerPoint all about the geography of Ancient Greece.

This website may help you gather facts:

Think about where it is in the world. Can you locate it on a map? On a globe?

Tell us about the regions, how they spoke, the people living there etc.


In ancient Greece, boys did athletic activities like running, wrestling and throwing spears to keep fit, enter athletic competitions and prepare for life as a soldier. Why do you think it was important for boys to be fit and healthy? How have you been keeping fit and healthy at home? Can you create a survey that would help us find out what type of exercise is most common amongst your friends and family?


The ancient Olympic Games included running, long jump, shot put, javelin and boxing.

Choose a sport (of your choice) to try and see if you can improve yourself whilst we continue to be at home. Keep a log of how you do and how much you have improved. Taking photos or videos is a great way to watch your performance, evaluate it and then improve.



Watch this video:

Describe the backstory for the running character (called Olympia). Where does she come from? How did she come to be involved in the events in the animation?

Create your own Greek God and describe them, using a thesaurus to improve your words choices. You may wish to extend your description into a full story.


Use Minecraft to build a model of the Trojan horse or a temple like the Parthenon, or use whatever material you like such as lego, junk modelling, papier-maché to make a Spartan shield or helmet; a statue of a god or mythical creature; a temple; Jason’s ship the Argo.


Greeks are known to be the inventors of drama. ‘Drama’ the word means ‘to do’ or ‘to act’ in the Greek language. Therefore, have a go at creating your own script inclusive of stage and scene directions and dialogue. Try to record this if you can.




It would be GOOD if you could complete 2 out of the 9 activities.

It would be GREAT if you could use ICT in your work.

It would be AMAZING if you could complete a range of activities (research, build, draw, design, write…)

These are just some ideas – we’re happy for you to think of your own activities.

We can’t wait to see the creative ways that you will show us your FANTASTIC learning!

Good luck.

 Mrs Christopher and Miss Barrott


Hello Year 6!


We hope you've all had a lovely Easter and are all staying safe and making the most of the sunshine. This week, we have set you both English and maths challenges for you to have a go at. We've also included some other ideas for activities you might want to take part in.


Below you will find attached the challenges and activity ideas for you to download. Have a great week and look out for more challenges next week!


Miss Barrott & Mrs Christopher



Hello Year 6. I hope you are all well and are managing to structure your day during the lockdown. At school, we have been taking part in the live PE lessons from Joe Wicks. They have been really fun so you may want to take part in these at home. I have some additional tasks for you to complete at home this week to keep you entertained. Firstly, I have allocated you all tasks to complete on Mathletics. Please log on and complete in order to gain a certificate. In addition to this in order to continue with our English topic of persuasion, this week I would like you to write and then produce an advertisement for a robot vacuum cleaner. I have attached a  video of my robot vacuum cleaner, which many of you know is one of my favourite gadgets. Remember to name it, include the features and most importantly persuade your audience to buy it. Please post all advertisements on the school Facebook page so I can see your wonderful creations. Finally, why not join me in learning Spanish? I really enjoy using Duolingo.


Take care.


I hope to see you soon.


Mrs Christopher 

My amazing robot vacuum cleaner

The robot in action

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Audible Stories from Amazon

For as long as schools are closed, Audible Stories are offering free audio books for students. Starting today, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Explore the collection, select a title and start listening.

It's that easy!

Home Learning


You will have received a letter regarding some home learning tasks should your child have to self-isolate or should there be a school closure.


Below you will find a copy of this letter along with a copy of the learning log that children can complete choosing tasks in any order they wish. The activities will provide them with fantastic opportunities to gain some knowledge and to prepare for our next learning journey - Ancient Greece!


Alongside the learning log, all children have been given their SATs revision guides that they can work through - again in any order that they choose.


Children will be re-issued with their login details for both Mathletics and TT Rockstars so that they are able to access their accounts.

Week Review

This has been a spectacular week in year 6. In English, we finished our argument text based on Space Exploration. During PSHE, we worked on our enterprise projects,  which you can buy nearer to Easter. In Science, we planned to conduct an experiment on air resistance. During Spanish, we translated a Spanish advert into English. In Maths, we jogged our memories on fractions, decimals and percentages (FDP for short) by problem solving.

Week Review

What a great week for Year 6! In English we started writing an argument text based on Space Exploration. During Maths, we covered different maths questions such as: long division, long multiplication, multiplying fractions and drawing angles. On Thursday, we went into a Planetarium and looked at pictures of our planet, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe. On Thursday, we dressed up for World Book Day. Check out the pictures below.


It has been an exciting first week, in the second part of this half term. In Science we learned about the forces (pushing and pulling). During English we planned an argument text regarding whether the UK should pay for space exploration. In maths we recapped our memories on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

It has been an extremely fun week in Year 6! During Science, we made the Solar System using different varieties and sizes of fruits. We also learnt about the brain and how it works. Here are some facts about the brain: we have 3 brains in 1; it smells like cheese; feels like jelly and it gives commands to the body. This week we took part in an Escape Room. We had to answer maths questions to open locks, to get clues. We needed to get 8 clues to then open the final lock which had 3 different types of prizes. During English we wrote an origin story for characters from "The Nowhere Emporium" Daniel, Lucien Silver and Vindictus Sharpe.



Key Dates:


 Tuesday 25th February 2020: Back to School.

Our fun week!

What a surreal week we've had in Year 6. In Science we sorted the order of Planets in our Solar System - we created mnemonics to help us know the order, for example, My Very Epic Mum Just Sings Using Notes. During English we finished our second chapter of our own versions of "The Nowhere Emporium". In Maths we multiplied and divided fractions with integers. During Spanish we learnt the alphabet and rooms inside of a house. In Guided Reading we marked a SATS test.


Key Dates: 

Wednesday 12th February After School Valentines Disco.

Friday 14th February Break Up Until Tuesday 25th February.

What a marvellous week in year 6! In P.E we played tennis are still practising to be masters at it. During Guided Reading we read The Nowhere Emporium and we all are extremely enjoy it. In English we have been writing a second chapter to our own version of "The Nowhere Emporium". During maths we have been re-capping our memories of adding and subtracting fractions. In computing we recapped our memories on cyber-bullying.

This week has been phenomenal for Year 6. First of all we've had a spectacular Judo session which everyone truly enjoyed. During Maths we have been jogging our memories on fractions of amounts, and we played a little math game called 21. In Science we started our topic on Space and we even got to use the VR headsets to look at marvelous Space related pictures and videos. We also got a letter from Timothy Nigel Peake the only British astronaut to board The International Space Station. During English we wrote a fabulous setting description based on "The Nowhere Emporium". In P.E we have been practising how to become masters at Tennis and Hockey.  

Surreal Science


VR Headsets

We have had an interesting week in Year 6. In English, we have been writing a setting description based on a book called 'The Nowhere Emporium'. In maths, we have been re-capping our memory  of fractions  and comparing improper and mixed number fractions. During science, we worked on electrical circuits. We tested ways in which to make a light bulb glow brighter and a buzzer buzz louder.


Extreme English

Mythical Maths

This term we are going on a journey to...




What an extraordinary final week (Christmas Week) at school for this year, before 2020. We had an amazing christmas party, with plenty of food! Also, we all played party games such as, musical chairs, musical statues, musical hoops and the 4 corners challenge. On Friday we watched Elf and did christmas crafts. 



Key Dates

Monday 4th January 2020 - back to School.


Thank You for reading the blogs for this term!



Christmas Party

Christmas Craft

What an incredible WW2 week we have had!!! Earlier this week, on Tuesday, we took part in a Holocaust workshop where we learnt about what life was like in WW2 for the German Jews. We heard survivor stories and became aware of how German Jewish children were evacuated from Germany. Also, on Thursday, we went on a trip to Lotherton Hall where we roleplayed as  World War 2 evacuees. We also learnt first aid knowledge, morse code and found out fascinating facts about  the history of the house and how it became a hospital for soldiers during WW1 and 2. In Maths, we rworked on simplifying fractions and solving problems. During English, we wrote a newspaper report based on the WW1 Christmas Truce and how extraordinary it was. In Espanol we read the story of Little Red Riding Hood in Spanish.


Key Dates:

Thursday 19th December - Year 6 Christmas party. Feel free to wear your party clothes.

Friday 20th December - Christmas Fun Day. We will be making cards, calendars and watching Home Alone before breaking up for the Christmas holidays! 

7th January 2020- Back To School.


Exciting English

Marvellous Maths

Lotherton Hall

Spanish (Espanol)

Holocaust Workshop

What a remarkable first week in the festive month! During English, we have started to write a newspaper report by using our plans we created earlier in the week about the Christmas truce of 1914. In  Maths, we compared and simplified fractions. We also added fractions with different denominators, which meant than we had to find the lowest common denominator.To prepare for Maths we have been playing a game called hesitation, which is fun. We also had a carol singing concert today. Thank you for all the people who attended.

Christmas Carol Concert

Extreme English

Reading For Pleasure

Marvellous Maths

What an astonishing week in Year 6!!! This morning we did "Christmas Craft Morning" ,our parents came in and we did crafts based on Christmas. There was a variety of activities such as make your own; patterned snowflake; Christmas crackers; Christmas trees and Festive themed paper chains. Also for special occasions we had a Sleeping Beauty Pantomime which was acted out by 3 people and most people enjoyed it. In Maths we continued working on long division and kept on working harder and harder. During English we wrote a World War topic related letter in the point of view as a soldier writing to his/her loved ones. In Computing we are writing a branching story based on whatever we want. During P.E we worked on our Handball skills by throwing and catching the ball and dropping the ball at a specific height and catching it before it bounces on the floor twice. And last but not least In SPAG ( Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) we recapped how to use commas.

Christmas Crafts

Cracking Christmas Craft

Christmas Theme

Christmas Designs

Pantomime Time

What an extraordinary week in Year 6 we've had!  We did bikeability, which is a cycling course about learning how to ride (safely) on the roads. In Art we cooked Lord Woolton's Pies which links to our history topic. This pie was made in World War 2. We also made firework art based on bonfire night. In English we started writing a set of instructions to bake a pie. During Maths we recapped our knowledge on adding fractions with different denominators and recapped times tables. This week was anti-bullying week we learnt lots about what bullying is and how it can affect people.

Children In Need


Making Pies

We have had an amazing first week, in our second half term of  year 6! In Guided Reading, we are reading a new World War 2 book called The Harmonica. We have been practising our inference skills using our previous knowledge of Anne Frank.  During maths,we have been dividing. In history we have gained more knowledge about evacuees and who evacuation affected. We had great fun hot seating. We have also sketched bonfire art which was cool.


100% Attendance

Women Jobs

Bonfire Art

Persuading women to work during WW2

Still image for this video

Our first Half Term is over and what a lot we have achieved! During English we have been learning the famous WW2 poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae and what it means. In Maths we have been jogging our memories on fractions by multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting them. This week in Guided Reading we have finished reading Anne Frank and have almost finished Friend or Foe. We had our smashing showcase this week - did you come? We performed the poem In Flanders Fields and sang the wartime song Hey Mr Miller. We all think that our parents were very impressed.


We can't wait to find out what we are learning about next half term.

Smashing Showcase

Great Guided Reading

A Special Visit

Terrific Topic

Halloween Disco

Magnificent Maths

Year 6 hope you can make our annual showcase on Thursday 24th October at 2:30pm. There will be the opportunity to view what your child has been learning about this term, poetry and singing.
Another astonishing week in Year 6. During English we have been writing character descriptions on fictional characters we have created. In Geography, we have been looking at maps of the UK and also at train routes from London to Plymouth (this was the same journey that two evacuees used in the book that we are currently reading, Friend or Foe). This week in maths, we have been looking at venn diagrams, common factors and problem solving.  Throughout the week, in Guided Reading, we have been learning about a young German Jew named Anne Frank . In PE, we learned a new sport called Lacrosse-everyone loved it!

100% Attendance

Great Geography

Exciting English

Magnificent Maths

 Today the whole of year 5 and 6 were conscripted into the British Military. During our WW2 day we have done a variety  of fun military activities,including - Military Marching Drills, Researching roles in The Army, The Navy, The Royal Air Force and we have been re-enacting The Battle Of Britain Britain. This week in English we have carried on with our World War 2 topic by writing a narrative story based on the Blitz.What an amazing day!

Training To Be A Soldier

A Special Weapon

An Anouncment

WW2 Soldiers

Jobs In The Army

WW2 Army Posters

Another amazing week completed in Year 6! In Maths we have been jogging our memories about bar models. During English we have been writing a narrative story, in first person, about the events of the Blitz. This week in P.E we have been practising our Hockey skills , by splitting into 4 different teams and having multiple games. While reading Anne Frank, during Guided Reading, we have been learning about how life was for Jewish people, in World War 2.

Exciting English

Reading For Pleasure


This week has been very exciting! In topic we became historians and wrote out a timeline of when special events happened in World War 2, for example - The Blitz, The Battle of France and many more. Some of us even wrote a paragraph of writing about these events! Then,in English we were finishing off our non-chronological reports about The Blitz, when we had finished we even got to type them on a laptop but only after we had checked and edited our work. In PSHE we created posters for different charities and wrote three facts about them. In PE we did netball and worked on our defending and interceptions.  We also learned how to do the Hakka which is a New Zealand rugby dance to intimidate their opponents.
Exciting English

Timeline Topic



Another exciting week in year 6. In maths we have been learning about negative numbers and using them to add, subtract and solve problems. In English we have been planning a non-chronological report on The Blitz . In Science we have conducted an experiment to find out which material is the best insulator. And finally in P.E we have been learning all about how to play netball and hockey.

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What a fun week in Year 6!

This week we have been up to so much! In maths we have been rounding numbers and  problem solving. In English we have been writing diary entries from the perspective of a WW2 evacuee. In science we have been looking at materials and their properties and are looking forward to conducting an investigation next week.

WW2 Diaries

Super Science