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Year 5

This term we are going on a journey to Ancient Greece.

World Book Day 2022

Year 5 enjoyed an afternoon exploring the galaxy from the comfort of school when we had a planetarium visit. This really helped consolidate the learning that we have been doing in class and the children were really excited and engaged! Ask your child what they have learned so far!


We welcomed the children back to our exciting journey to space. Check out the awesome displays and fantastic homework.

What another very busy week we have had in year 5!


In maths, we have continued our geometry unit by focusing on angles and shape. Ask your child how many degrees there are in a right angle; what an acute angle is and what an obtuse angle is. Also ask them how they would accurately measure an angle - what tools they would use and the steps they would take.


The children have been working really hard on their writing this week and have created some fantastic pieces of work. We are in the process of editing and we are learning the very hard skill of editing and improving our writing. I think you will see from the images below what a fantastic job they have done!


Miss Barrott, Mr McFarlane and Mr Talbot


In Year 5 this week, we have been extremely busy.

In our English lessons, we have been continuing to develop our vocabulary ready to write our setting descriptions next week.

Our skill focus in Guided Reading has been retrieval. We have continued reading our novel, Letters from the Lighthouse. We have also answered questions involving our skill focus.

During our PE lessons, we been doing netball with a focus on different types of passing.

We have also been making propaganda posters during our Wellbeing Wednesday.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing on Monday.


Miss Barrott, Mr McFarlane and Mr Talbot




We have had an amazing start to the year! The children have returned happy, energetic and eager to learn.


Our journey this term is BATTLE and we have started reading our class text, Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. In guided reading we have been focusing on the prediction skill and using the front cover, blurb and first chapter to predict what might happen.  In English we have been exploring using descriptive devices - such as expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and imagery - and learning how to create an atmosphere in our writing.


In maths, we have been re-capping our knowledge of angles. We have been identifying and comparing angles and using our reasoning skills to solve problems.


This week the children have also created some amazing silhouette paintings depicting the London skyline during the Blitz. We are all very impressed with the finished products and the children were incredibly proud!

Finally, just a reminder that PE is on a Monday and a Wednesday and children need to remember to bring their kits on these days. 


Looking forward to another amazing week next week!


Miss Barrott, Mr McFarlane & Mr Talbot