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Year 1

As of Tuesday 9th June, all home learning activities can be accessed through the star above. 

Thank you for all your support with the home learning.

Home learning for week beginning 8.6.2020

Today we will be practising doubling an amount which is the same multiplying by 2. Try learning this song to help you remember your doubles.

Have a go at completing these worksheets. To help you find doubles you can use objects such as beads, buttons or even pasta. Have fun !
Guided reading

Using the book cover, can you predict what might happen in this book?


I predict that .......


English Activity 1


Can you write some sentences about your weekend?


Don't forget to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


You could push yourself to use adjectives to describe the noun or conjunctions to extend your sentences.



Home learning week beginning 1.6.2020.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday and enjoyed the sunshine.

Here's the timetable for this week and the videos and activities will follow.

Have fun everyone!

English Activity 1

Still image for this video
You could always write about what you did during the holidays. We love to hear about what you are getting upto!

Tuesday 2.6.20


Today we are learning to count to and across 100 forwards and backwards from any number. Use the website below to help you count to 100 then ask someone to say a number for you to count forwards or backwards from. 

Maths Activity 1 

Read and write numbers to 100 in numerals


Maths Activity 1

Still image for this video

English Activity 2

Still image for this video

Wednesday 3.6.20

Maths Activity 2

English Activity 3

Can you edit and improve the descriptive sentences you wrote yesterday?


Have you used punctuation?


Maybe you could include 2 adjectives in your sentence.


I would edit my sentence ...

It has a long green stem and green wrinkly leaves.


I have used the adjective green twice. I'm going to edit my sentence to ...

It has a long green stem and pointy wrinkly leaves.


Have a go at planting a seed. In school, we have planted sunflower seeds and broad beans. See the link below.

Thursday 4.6.20

Maths Activity 1 

Given a number identify one more and one less.

Maths Activity 2

English Activity 3

Can you write a recount about planting?


Here's what we've written so far in school.

If you haven't managed to plant a seed.

Here are some photographs of us planting.

Can you write sentences to match the photographs?

Don't forget to include time conjunctions, punctuation and read your work to check it makes sense.


Can you complete a sunflower or bean diary?

Friday 5.6.20

Maths Activity 1 

Memorise your number bonds to 10 by watching this video

In your books write down your bonds to ten using a part part whole model as in the video.


Use bonds to 10 to memorise your bonds to 20.

English Activity 4

Can you edit and improve the sentences you wrote yesterday?


Here is the recount we wrote as a class,

Can you read your sentences to check they make sense? Have you used punctuation? Have you missed anything out?

I would edit our by adding the last sentence...

Finally we filled our cup with water and watered our plant. 

I can't wait to see it grow!

Home learning week beginning 18.5.2020

Here's the timetable and videos for this weeks activities. We've really enjoyed seeing your fantastic work so far. We can't wait to see your hard work this week. 

English Activity 1

Still image for this video

Maths Activity 1

Still image for this video

Maths Activity 2

Still image for this video

English Activity 2

Still image for this video

Maths Activity 3

Still image for this video

English Activity 3

Still image for this video

Home learning week beginning 11.5.2020

Hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday and enjoyed the glorious weather. From now on we will put a weekly timetable on our class page and we will include videos and activities for you to use.  

Home learning timetable 11.5.2020

Maths Input & Activity 1

Still image for this video

English Input

Still image for this video

English Activity 1

Still image for this video

Maths Activity 2

Still image for this video

English Activity 2

Still image for this video

VE day is coming up on Friday 8th May. Use the powerpoint below to find out why this day is special to British people.

Can you write some sentences to explain why this day is special?

How will you be celebrating VE day?

We would love to see any photographs you take of your celebrations or you could write a recount.


We have added some more multiplication activities for you to complete. Have Fun! 


                Create your own imaginary school.

It seems such a long time ago that we were all together in Year 1 and we are all missing you and life at Sharp Lane.

Can you create your own imaginary school?


What would it look like?

What lessons would you learn do?

How would your uniform look? 

Have fun drawing, making or writing about your own fantastic school.

Use this website to help you with ideas.




6 R's Characteristics of Learning:

Reflective Owl, Responsible Penguin, Risk-Taking Hedgehog, Resilient Spider, Responsible Penguin, Resourceful Squirrel



Which of the 6R animals have you been like this week?

Have you been responsible and helped look after your baby brother or sister?

Have you been resilient and kept going with your work instead of giving up?

Your Task....

Draw a picture of yourself as the 6R animal that you have been like.

Can you label the picture and write some sentences to describe what you did and how you displayed that learning characteristic?




Hello Year 1! smiley


Here is another competition for you! Due to the lockdown and swimming pools being closed, Alistair Brownlee, the famous swimmer, has had to find a way to keep swimming. He has moved his swimming pool into his garage so he can keep training! 


Your challenge: Can you draw a picture to motivate Alistair to keep going when he finding swimming difficult? 

You can use any thing you like to create the picture, such as crayons, pencils, paint, natural resources (sticks, stones, leaves). 

Take a look at this information poster below to find out more!





Hi Year 1


For all you artists out there we have a brilliant drawing competition. The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds have recently installed a new exhibition by artist Paloma Varga Weisz  called Bumped Body.  The challenge is to have a go at drawing one of sculptures called Bumpman, currently displayed outside the gallery in the city centre. Can you make your drawing look as 3D as possible?

We've added a video link tutorial with hints and tips to help you out.

Have fun and good luck! smileyyes





Don't forget to check out the new Mathletics tasks. We've added some multiplication activities for you to complete.

Today is World Earth Day! People  all over the world will be doing all they can to protect our planet, combat climate change all look after wildlife. Click on the 24 hours action link and choose an activity to with your family at home to help our planet on world earth day!

You could for example plant some seeds, do an air quality check on a smartphone, make a piece of art about nature and looking after our planet, do a litter pick or make your next meal plant-based. Be creative and send some photos and videos to your class teacher . Thank you in advance for helping our lovely earth. 

Summer Term Learning Log


Alongside the weekly activities we will be setting, we have also produced a learning log with lots of activities linked to this term's journey to London. We would love to see what you have been doing, so remember to send pictures and videos into the Facebook page. smiley

Learning log

Welcome back Year 1 

Hope you've all had a super Easter break and got lots of Easter eggs. It's the summer term and spring is here! The weather has been lovely, we hope you've all been getting out and about to enjoy the sun smiley


Spring Hunt - There are lots of signs that spring has arrived .Have fun completing these spring time tasks and remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in your sentences.



We have added more Mathletics challenges for you to complete. 

Easter Fun!

Below are some Easter activities we would like you to have a go at! Remember to have fun! smiley 



Can you read the Easter story and re-tell it to someone at home in your own words? Can you then re-write the story yourself? Remember your beautiful handwriting!

Easter Craft Instructions Text -

When you have had a go at making an Easter craft, can you write a set of instructions telling someone else how to make the craft? 

Remember to include: 

*bossy verbs eg tie, pull, wrap

*time connectives eg First, Secondly, Next, Finally

*adjectives to describe eg yellow paint, small pot

* write your instructions in the right order!


Science -

Materials / The Three Little Pigs

Read the Three Little Pigs story (link is below).

What materials did they use to build their houses from?


What materials do we use in everyday life?


An introduction to everyday materials:


Three Little Pigs Materials Home Challenge

Which material is best to build a house for a little pig that will not fall down?

Use materials that you have at home or that you can find outdoors.

Think about... How many different houses will you make?

What will you make them out of?

How will you test your houses to see if they are suitable?

Tip - Are they waterproof? Are they windproof? Are they strong?


Please share any photos, videos or pictures of the home learning challenge on the Sharp Lane facebook page. We would love to see them and see what you find out! 


Read the Three Little Pigs which we learnt in class


We have set you all some new Mathletics challenges. You are doing great so far! Keep up the good work! 

Maths Challenges

Play the games below:

  Number bonds to 20

  Addition within 20

  Subtraction within 20


​​​​​​​Play the games below: 

  Addition - Bonds to make 20

  Subtraction - Subtraction: up to 20


Play the games below:

Ordering numbers Forwards:


  0 -100 in tens

Ordering numbers Backwards:

  100 - 1

  100 - 0 in tens




Hope you are all keeping safe.

Thank you for all the hard work that you have been doing so far. It has been lovely to see what you have been getting upto at home. 


We're going to be putting challenges on our web page on a regular basis to keep you all busy. So watch this space.


Below I have attached some videos from the virtual tour at Chester zoo.

Can you watch the videos and then write some sentences about the red pandas or the asian elephants?

Red pandas have breakfast at Chester Zoo 🐼

Join Chester Zoo's zookeepers, from the comfort of your own sofa, as they give you a virtual tour of some of your favourite animals at the zoo. * *These vide...

Asian elephants at Chester Zoo... Look out for the baby! 🐘

Join Chester Zoo's zookeepers, from the comfort of your own sofa, as they give you a virtual tour of some of your favourite animals at the zoo.* *These video...


How many of these common exception words can you spell from memory?


Homework is being regularly set on Mathletics. 

Continue to practise counting forwards to and backwards from 100 and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

In the possible event of school closure, please find below a list of useful websites that can be use to support your childs learning: - children have individual log ins - free access (to burn some energy)

Sport relief

This week in class we are focussing on handwriting, we started the week by making our own ribbons. We then went outside and made big shapes using the ribbons. Followed by making the shapes on big pieces of paper back in class.

Handwriting focus

We are now refining our fine motor skills through a selection of activities - weaving, using tweezers, , threading beads and making smaller shapes in glitter. Next we will be looking at forming letters correctly.

Fine motor skills

We have been grouping different objects to help us count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

We are getting really good at counting in multiples now.

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

We used Base 10 to represent 2 digit numbers in place value grids. We then had a go at representing the numbers in different ways - part-whole models and writing the numeral in words.

Place value

We have been reading Amazing Arctic Animals in Our Guided Reading sessions, making predictions and carrying out Word Studies!...

We are Going on.......a Journey to the Arctic!


Happy New Year and welcome back to Year 1!


What an exciting first week back we have had! Thank you for your fantastic Arctic homework - they are all brilliant. We have all enjoyed looking at them all and learning about the Arctic from them.


On Monday we had an Arctic Wow Day where we had lots of fun being introduced to our new topic the Arctic. From an arctic bauble hunt and sorting activity in the school garden to using globes, atlases, maps and Google Earth to locate the Arctic.  Take a look at just some of the activities we did on the Arctic Wow Day!.....

Amazing Arctic Homework.......

Arctic Wow Day!

Christmas Fun

Year 1 have been very busy during this Christmas period, taking part in different activities including making their Christingles and calendars. 

Christingle Songs

Hi Year 1,


Here are the Christmas songs which we would like you to learn ready for the Christingle service! Enjoy smiley


From the Year 1 teachers


Song 1: We'd Like to Tell You a Story


Song 2: Little Donkey


Song 3: Rockabye Jesus


Song 4: We Three Kings


Song 5: We Wish You a Merry Christmas







Our walk around the local area!

Anti bullying pantomime


In phonics this week, we learnt to read and write words with the wh digraph.

Number bonds to 10

We have been using different resources such as numicon, tens frame, part-whole models and bar models to find two numbers that make 10.

Our Autumn visit to Middleton woods.

We looked closely at the trees for the different signs of Autumn. We could see that the leaves had changed colour and lots of the leaves were falling off of the trees.

World Mental Health Day -

Thursday 10th October 2019

Barrie class have really enjoyed taking part in World Mental Health Day. We had a great discussion about how to look after our bodies and minds. We have been taking part in Mindfulness sessions all week - the children getting very good at helping themselves to be calm and focus! Take a look at some of our fab photos! :)

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!smiley

We hope everyone had a lovely Summer break and is having lots of fun back at school! Well done all new Year 1 children for an excellent effort in the first few days of school. You are adapting to being in Year 1 really well. 


PE Days for Year 1:

Mondays - Indoor PE

Wednesdays - Outdoor PE



Please read with your child every day where possible. Please sign their reading log after they have read to you and we will change their reading book. Please ask your child questions about the book as they are reading, to ensure and check they are understanding what they are reading. 

Home reading does not have to only be a reading book. Please encourage your child to read posters, signs and menus when out and about!


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher.