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Sharp Lane Primary School

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Week 5

Wellbeing Challenge 1

Today's challenge is to draw a picture of yourself!

We want you to think about what makes you, you? You could label it too. What colour hair do you have? What colour eyes do you have? What are you favourite clothes?

We look forward to see your self-portraits!

Miss Home, Mrs Hobson and Miss O'Neill

Wellbeing Challenge 2

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your self-portraits they were brilliant!

Today we would like you to make a 'things to look forward to jar.'
All you need is paper, a pencil/pen and a jar or a box on any container.

On the paper you then write things you are looking forward to doing soon. You can write anything you want!

Miss Home: On my piece of paper I might write see my mum and dad, go on holiday, go to the beach and see my friends.

Miss Home, Mrs Hobson and Miss O'Neill

Wellbeing Challenge 3

Today, we would like you to have a A-Z Scavenger hunt around the house. 


You need to follow the instructions on the picture. Can you find in your house:
1.Something which starts with the same letter as your name
2. An old toy
3. Something which floats
4. Something you can eat 
5. Something smaller than a penny
6. Something which has wheels
7. Something you can wear
8. Something which is round
9. Something which is blue
10. Something which is soft
11. Something you can recycle. 


Do not worry if you can't find anything! Then as a challenge can you put your items in alphabetic order? 


If you are unsure about the alphabet song- we love this Bounce Patrol song!

Miss Home, Mrs Hobson and Miss O'Neill

Wellbeing Challenge 4

Today we want you to get creative and you can do this any way that you want to!


You can build, make up your own dance, colour, doodle or get crafty! You could even do some baking and decorating!


We have put on a few websites you might like to look at: 


Miss Home, Mrs Hobson and Miss O'Neill 

Wellbeing Challenge 5

Today is our last challenge for Mental Wellbeing Week 2021.
It is also dress up to express yourself day so today we would love to see some photos of you 'dressed to express.'


Today, we would like you to make a worry box or a worry monster like we have in school. This is something that you could leave in your bedroom and feed your worries to. We have these in our classrooms at school. 


Here is an example of how to make one


Have a lovely day,
Miss Home, Mrs Hobson and Miss O'Neill