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Sharp Lane Primary School

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Week 4

RE: What makes a good friend?

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Good morning everyone,

Today's session is another talking session. This is a good opportunity to share your thoughts with your children and dive deep in to discussions about friendship.

I want the children to reflect back to their first day of school. How did they feel? When they started school they didn't know who were going to be in their classes and who would be their friends. Since then they have created new friendships.

Watch Handa's Surpirse and answer these questions: How many pieces of fruit did she put her basket? What is Handa's friend called? Why was Handa taking fruit to Akeyo? What happened on Handa's walk? How did Akeyo feel when Handa arrived? Why was Handa surprised?

I want the children to understand what a friend is? How should we treat friends? What makes a good friend? How can you be a good friend?

Activity: Can you created your own gingerbread man with words or pictures about what you thinks makes a good friend to you!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Home

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