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Week 4

Session 1


Good morning everyone,


Today we are learning about prepositions. You can have lots of fun whilst learning about prepositions.

Hiding objects, using prepositions yourself to go under and over things, hiding behind and standing in between.

Watch Rosie's walk:  Answer these questions: What is the story about? Who is chasing Rosie? How does she walk by the fence and the beehive? What happens at the end?


Activity 1: Can you can use toys, a block, an object with a box, table, blanket to play a prepositions
game. For example the teddy is in the box, the teddy is under the box, the teddy is behind the box.

There are a few songs you can listen to: 

There is a game you can play: 


Other activities you can do:
Can you read your favourite stories - where is the character?
Play hide and seek - are you behind the door? Under the table? Next to the sofa?


Have a lovely day,

Miss Home

Session 2

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Good morning,

Today we are carrying on from yesterday's session all about prepositions. You have three challenges

Challenge 1: Using items around the house can you place them on a piece or paper or your table using clear instructions of where to position them?
Challenger 2: Can you then do this using a pen/pencil/markers/felt tips and paper. Can you give instructions to an adult? Can they give instructions to you?
Challenge 3: Can you follow my instructions and post what you think my picture should look like?

My instructions:
Draw a large square in the middle of your page. Inside the square draw a small heart. Next to the square draw a triangle. Above the triangle draw a smiley face. Below the square draw a star.

What does your picture look like? Post it on tapestry ๐Ÿ˜Š

Miss Home

Session 3

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Good morning everyone,


Here is your 3rd sessions of Maths for this week. Today we are re-reading Rosie's walk and then sequencing the story back into order. You need to think about which part of the story comes first and which comes at the end. There are 15 pages altogether. You will have to look at the pages carefully.


Well done to everyone who had a go at my challenge from yesterday! I have posted the answers on. There were two options as I did not specify which side the triangle needed to go! Did you get it right?


Miss Home

Session 4

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Good morning everyone,

Here is your 4th Maths session and the last for this week. We are continuing on from our lesson yesterday. We are going to be looking sequencing familiar events. We are looking at sequencing a day in the life of you!

In my video I have talked about how we sequence our day at school and that we use a timetable. Our school day looks like this:
8.45am Come into school
Wash hands,
Morning activity
9am Register
9.05am Phonics
Choosing time (inside and outside)
Tidy up time
11am English
Wash hands
11.30am Lunch time
12.45am Maths
Choosing time (inside and outside)
2.30pm Tidy up time
Top 5
3.05pm Home time

Today your activity is to make a 'timetable' for your day. This could be a working home day, a weekend day or even yesterday! Whatever you want. You can also show your chosen day however you like. You could create a visual timetable like we do at school or a timetable. You could even create a story map or a news report like I did in my video ๐Ÿ˜Š

I look forward to seeing your posts!

Miss Home

visual timetable