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Week 4

Challenge 1

Hello everyone! For today’s challenge you will need to go on a treasure hunt for lots of smaller objects you may find around your house, garden or local outdoor area. Once you have collected your items..
Can you make your name using your items?
Does you name use any of this weeks phonics sounds you have learnt?
To challenge yourself further, Can you make your full name including your second name? You may also want to make some words using your phonics sounds to sound them out!
Post your creations! Miss Haslam, Miss Webb, Mrs Midgley.


Challenge 2

Challenge 3


Hi Reception for today’s challenge, you are going to create your own twirling sticks!

For this, you will need to go for an explore and find some sticks! Next tie some material you may have/can find around your home.

See how your twirling stick moves around as you move! You may want to dance to music/go noodle or sing a song as you dance!

What materials did you use? Was it shiny, glittery, smooth, colourful?
Can you make a pavement pattern?
What sounds does it make whilst dancing?

Have fun we can’t wait to see your creations, Miss Haslam, Miss Webb and Mrs Midgley!

Challenge 4


Today we are going to do some dough disco!
Here is the recipe for homemade palydoh to get you started..

You will need..
1x cup of any flour
1/2 cup of salt
1/2 cup of water
Liquid Paint to add colour (don't worry if you haven't got this)

First, you will need to add the salt, water (and liquid paint if you are adding colour) into a bowl
and mix together.
Next, add in the flour a little at a time and stir together.
Then, when it becomes more of a dough texture but still a little sticky, add it onto a floured surface and knead until you get the correct texture!

Here is the link for dough disco. This is a great exercise for your palmar hand muscles which we use for our writing skills! Enjoy, Miss Haslam, Miss Webb and Mrs Midgley. 

Challenge 5


For today’s challenge, we would like you to create your own fruit salad!
Can you choose your favourite fruits?
Can you carefully prepare and chop your fruits (You may need an adult to help you with this part).
How did you prepare your fruits?
Where do you think the fruit comes from?
Is fruit healthy? Why?
Why is it important that we eat fruit everyday?
What would an unhealthy meal look like?
Have fun creating your fruit salads, Miss Haslam, Miss Webb and Mrs Midgley.