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Sharp Lane Primary School

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Week 3

Friday 22nd January 2021

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RE: Who can we help?

Today we are thinking about who can we help. This can be at school, at home or in the world.

First things let us think about what does help mean? Help could mean making someone easer or to assist someone. Think about how you might do this at home and at school. How can you be helpful at school? How can you be helpful at home? How many ways can you think of?

At schools we use the 6Rs such as Resourceful Squirrel, Relationship Dolphin and Responsible Penguin to be helpful.

Let's reflect on last week. Who helped who in the stories we read? Can you remember the stories? The Lion and the Mouse and the Good Smartian. Do you remember my favourite rule from last week be kind and treat others how you want to be treated? What would the world/school be like if everyone followed this rule?

Activity: You're activity today is to be helpful around the house. Adults could you tell us how helpful your child has been take a photo of them 😊 We will hopefully be able to display these photos at school?

Thank you everyone and have a lovely weekend!

Miss Home