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Week 2

Session 1

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Hi everyone,


This is week we are going to be looking at the number six.

First let's warm up. See on video.
Then can you count up to 6? Can you count backwards to zero? can you shout it? can you whisper it?


Watch Video of number 6 Numberblocks.  Can yo answer these questions? What does number 1 find at the beginning? How many dots were after umber 3? How did the Numberblocks make Numberblock 6? How did Numberblocks make 6 turn back into 5? how many face does a dice have?

Can you have a go at making your own dice? If not can you cut out pieces of paper like I have. Now let's play a game similar to that of the Numberblocks. Decide what dance move you want for each number. Then then roll your dice and dance that move. If you don't have dice turn your numbers upside down and give them a mix around. Then pick a number up at random and dance away!


Extra activity: If you have any board games at home could you play them using dice to practise counting to 6? You could even create your own game?


Miss Home

Session 2

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Good morning everyone,


Here is session 2 about the number 6.


Video 1: Let’s warm up. Fastest finger- Places number cards on the follow. Your adult will shout a number out and can you place your finger on the number card?


Video 2: Next you need your dice or number cards from yesterday and you will need 6 items. You will then need to roll your dice or turn your number over. Looking at the number can you get that many items. How quick can you do it?


Watch Numberblocks  Can you answer these questions? How many sheep are there altogether? What game did the Numberblock 6 play with the sheep? What happened when the Numberblock counted the sheep? How did the Number 6 catch the sheep? What happened at the end?


Video 3: After you have watched the Numberblocks video then watch my last video as it includes your activity. You mission is to make 6 in as many ways as possible. How many different ways can you think off?


Miss Home

Session 3

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Hi everyone,


Here is your session 3. Today we are using our knowledge about the number 6 to create your own number story. I have done an example for you! You can make a story about absolutely anything! Can you make a story about the number 6 and post it on tapestry?


Miss Home

Session 4

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Hi everyone,

I am really impressed with all your hard work this week well done :)

Today I have three warm ups before we do our last lesson of the week about the number 6. You will need your dice cards from today and you will need to make a number cards 0-10. If you watch the three videos of my two helpers first they have modelled the activities for you. I hope you agrees that they have done a brilliant job and they gave us a few ideas to think about.


Your activity today is to answer my questions from my video. I want you to think about what you know about the number 6 and use this to help you.


Miss Home's Cake
1. I have 6 slices of cake. How many do I have left if I give 1 to Miss O'Neill and 1 to Mrs Hobson?
2. I then ate 2 slices. How many slices do I have left now?
3. I have 2 slices of cake left how many more slices do I need to have a whole cake again? (6 pieces)


The farm
1. There were 4 sheep in a farmers field and the were two pigs. How many animals are there altogether in the field?
2. There are 6 horses in the stables. 3 horses go out for a ride the farmer and his family. How many horses are left in the stables.
3. There are 5 chickens in the chicken coup. How many more chickens does the farmer need to to have 6 chickens altogether.


The chocolate shop
1. There are 6 chocolates in a box. I ate 4 of them how many are left in the box?
2. Mrs Hobson had 6 chocolate bars. She gave one to Mrs Gleeson, 1 to Mrs Midgley and one to her son Joshua. How many bars did she have left?
3. Miss O'Niell had one chocolate biscuit. She needed 6 biscuits altogether to feed Teddie and his friends from nursery. How many more does she need for Teddie.

Can you encourage children to answer in full sentences as much as possible. Then you are done :) Please use resources to help your child work out the answers as independent as possible!


Miss Home