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Week 1

Session 1

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Hi everyone,

Sorry this took a little bit longer than planned to upload!
Here is your Maths session for the day. We are recapping my favourite number... Number 5!

Let's warm up first!
5 claps
5 taps
5 jumps

Watch numberblocks video:

Can you answer these questions about the number five?
What shape does number 5 show us? Can you remember another shape with 5 sides?
What do you know about the number 5? Tell your adult.
How members are in the band? Can you name them?
What was on the plate? What was on the gate?
What else had 5? How many things can you remember?
Who stands next to number 5? Why do you think this?
What numbers make 5?

Can you find 5 things around the house? Hoe many things can you find in 5 minutes?

Practise writing the number 5. Then can you write a number line to 5? Then answer these questions:
What is 1 less than 5?
What is 1 more than 5? Can you draw it on your numberline?

You're finished! Well done!

Could you upload any pictures or videos to Tapestry as well as your answers?

Thank you,
Miss Home


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Session 2

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Today we can carrying on our from our first session on the number 5.

Warm up today is on your feet! Can you...
Clap 5
Jump 5
Tap 5 times on your head
Star jump 5
Turn around 5 times

Can you tell your adult what you remember about the number 5. What items did you find at home? Can you remember what items I had?

Activity: Can you make your own number 5 poster and post a picture of your poster. Can you come up with 3 different ways to show the number 5?

Please share you posters on here again :)

Extra videos You can re-watch the video from yesterday: There are two other videos you can watch too about the numbers up to 5. I have also included a sheet to go with this episode. Can you work out which Numberblock made the stamp?

Thanks, Miss Home


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Session 3

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Hi everyone,

Today is our last day of number 5! Today we are looking at how we can make number 5 and spilt the number 5 into two parts. We will be looking at the part-whole model.

First let's warm up! I am going to show you a picture can you shout out the number of dots you see. Can you do this without counting them?

We have different numberblocks video to watch first.
After watching the videos what did you learn about the number 5? Did you notice what happened to the Numberblocks? Did you notice when they spilt up they go into smaller Numberblocks?

Then can you you watch my video. I have modelled using the part-whole model.
Can you have a go at home and then can you have a go at the challenge activity?

Once you have had a go can you post a picture on here :)

Thank you everyone,
Have a lovely weekend and see you again next week for the number 6!

Miss Home