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Sharp Lane Primary School

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Week 1

Session 1


Today I would love you to make a list of the animals you think you would see if you visited a Zoo. Could you use the alphabet and create a list of all the different animals you can think of from A-Z!


I have also attached a reading book you could try reading with your adult and home. How many different animals can you spot in the book? Think about is it a fiction or a non fiction book? Can you explain how you know?

Session 2


Thinking about our zoo animals that we made a list of yesterday. Can you pick your favourite animal and research some amazing facts about them- you might use the book I shared yesterday, search on google or I have attached some animal fact file posters. Could you create a fun fact file about all the facts you have found?


Remember- Use your Phonics to segment and write the sounds down. Could you use some helpful words in your sentences?

Session 3


Think about the animal that you choose yesterday. Why is it your favourite animal? Do you think it is good to keep animals in the Zoo? Do they like it there? Where is the animals natural habitat?