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W/B 29.06.20

Life Cycle of a Ladybird

Ladybirds look very different when they are born, in fact they look nothing like a ladybird!
Watch this short video to find out how a ladybird develops into the red and black spotty mini beast that we are all familiar with. If you have a printer you could print of the life cycle pictures and see if your child can put them into the correct order. If you do not have a printer just look at the pictures and talk about the different stages of the life cycle.
Do you know (or can you find out) if there are any other mini beasts that look very different when they are born to when they are full grown?

True or False? A ladybirds spots tells you how old it is? 

Same or different?!


For this activity you can either print off the attached pictures of ladybirds or, if you don’t have a printer at home just use the sheet to support your discussion!
We often play same/different game at Nursery as it supports listening and attention skills as well as developing language. Can your child sort the ladybirds according to things that are the same or similar about them and the things that are different about them? There are no right or wrong answers! How many different ways can you find to sort the ladybirds?

The Bad Tempered Ladybird


Mrs Davies has put a video on tapestry for everybody to watch her telling the story of the bad tempered ladybird!


After watching it, can you answer some of these questions?
How many ladybirds are in the story?
What do ladybirds eat?
What did the ladybird say to each creature he met?
Which animal lived in the sea?
Can you name any of the animals the ladybird met?