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Sharp Lane Primary School

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Teaching for BREADTH of learning

Teaching for breadth of learning


At Sharp Lane primary school, we carefully design, plan and implement our curriculum to provide balance and breadth across areas of learning to allow for children to develop both academically, personally and socially. It is part of our underlying belief that every child should feel valued and experience feeling success in a wide range of curriculum areas as responsible and resourceful pupils who reflect on their learning, building resilience and taking risk whilst understanding that we learn from our mistakes. In addition to this we want to ensure that our children build and develop and maintain good relationships.


Furthermore, we place high priority on ensuring children’s physical and mental wellbeing are met. We understand that children will not be successful learners unless they are emotionally secure, therefore we work closely with our PDC (Pupil Development Centre) which allows us to adopt a flexible approach so that we can meet and respond to the needs of our pupils.


Our balanced curriculum is not at the expense of high standards in core subjects. Our cross curricular approach to learning ensures that high standards and expectations of our children’s work and outcomes are consistent across all areas of their learning.

Our full, rich and varied curriculum, with its excellent range of experiences, ensures that every pupil at Sharp Lane Primary School makes excellent progress both academically and personally.  It is unique to our school and allows our children to flourish.