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Sharp Lane Primary School

Aspiration, Belief, Commitment & Discovery

Sharp Lane Curriculum


Sharp Lane Curriculum

Aspiration, Belief, Commitment and Discovery


Curriculum Introduction


At Sharp Lane we are on a journey where we want everyone to ASPIRE to be the best they can be.  When children leave school we want them to have confidence and BELIEVE that they can achieve anything they want through hard work and COMMITMENT.  Using knowledge and skills they have learnt, we want all children to be independent, lifelong learners and have the confidence to explore and DISCOVER


At Sharp Lane Primary School, we have designed a unique curriculum rationale that is underpinned by our Aims, Values and Vision for our school community and the children within it. 



At Sharp Lane, we have 6 Characteristics of Learning and Being. These essential attributes enable our children to fully understand themselves as learners and take charge of their own learning and decision making. These characteristics are woven into the curriculum and they are a valued part of daily life within school; they encourage pupils to understand that failure is part of the learning process and are they celebrated in weekly assemblies.




What are we trying to achieve? 


At Sharp Lane, we have designed a curriculum that is not only fun, creative and interesting, but also unique to us. We ensure that our curriculum:


  • Develops self-confidence, self-motivation and independence, co-operation, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Is stimulating and challenging, for every pupil, enabling them to reach their full potential across all areas of learning; celebrating successes as they arrive.
  • Covers all aspects of British life and culture; celebrating differences, diversity, core values and preparing children for life in modern Britain. 
  • Raises aspirations and a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Explores a wide range of curricular and extracurricular experiences and opportunities that will be challenging and rewarding whilst also increasing pupils’ cultural capital
  • Creates happy children who are ready to leave us in year 6 to head out into our ever-changing world, able to make informed choices about their future
  • Will impact positively on our children’s mental and physical health throughout their time with us.




How do we organise learning?


The provision we offer is guided by the requirements of the National Curriculum and the requirements of the Local Authority.


Our provision takes into account every aspect of a child’s development. The curriculum gives all of our children the opportunity to achieve the highest possible standards of numeracy and literacy and this is an embedded principal across all areas of our curriculum. To enable our children to develop socially, morally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, children are encouraged to learn through their own experiences and apply their knowledge independently. Where a child is identified as finding this difficult, further support and guidance is offered from our highly skilled Inclusion Team, including the SENDCo, and outside agencies where appropriate. Every child is supported in mastering the curriculum at an appropriate level.   


Our planning and progression documents ensure that our curriculum suits the needs of all pupils. Lessons are practical and link closely to real-life contexts where possible to provoke curiosity. The individual needs of each child are met through well-planned and varied learning activities, including visits, workshops, the Sharp Lane Bucket List; taking learning beyond the classroom. We want all stakeholders to engage in a diverse and exciting curriculum journey from the moment they enter Sharp Lane Primary School.




What do we achieve?

Our curriculum, which encourages enquiry and discovery, creates aspirational learners who believe that they are destined for greater things. All pupils leave Sharp Lane feeling empowered, confident and resilient. These attributes are fundamental to our pupils continuing their learning journey at secondary school or in other, unique scenarios. In addition to a strong sense of self-worth and ambition, pupils leave us as respectful members of the community that understand the modern world and that tolerance of others, teamwork and communication are crucial to their success moving forward.