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Sharp Lane Primary School

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Spring 1

This half term we looked at the vocabulary we would need to use on our journey to water world. This includes...

-Carbon emissions

-Global Warming 


-Fossil fuel 

Any many more


We then used our vocabulary knowledge to play the game heads up where we describe the meaning of the words to our friends. 


We looked at recycling rubbish and how Leeds is aiming to be a zero waste city. We saw what happens to our rubbish once it arrives at the RERF. 

Leeds Recycling & Energy Recovery Facility

Find out how our Leeds Recycling & Energy Recovery Facility will help to increase recycling in Leeds.

We also explored the impact humans have on the environment and looked at how different companies across the UK have tried to reduce their Carbon footprint. 

For example ASDA have reduced their plastic usage by 10% and removed single use plastic items from stores. 

In science this half term we are learning about the classification of plants and animals. 

In particular we are looking at the 7 life processes .

We will then learn to classify animals and plants using branching data bases.


We explored the different habitats located in our school garden...

Autumn 1 Learning 
In science we have been material scientists by exploring the particles within a solid liquid and gas. We practically explored it in groups by creating the particles ourselves, then explored actual objects.