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School Dinners

Family Dining at Sharp Lane:

We have adopted a new Family Dining System at lunchtimes whereby younger children are eating with older children on a set table sitting.  Like other local schools who follow this practice, we are aware of the benefits; children practise many social skills including turn taking, saying please and thank you and helping set and clear the table.  Children often want to try new foods when they see peers and adults eating them.  We have replaced our plastic trays and all children now eat from a proper plate using correct cutlery.  The children on the allocated table then all go out to play together at the end of the sitting.  Please make sure you complete our new look menu on time and spend time discussing healthy food choices with your child.  Many new and exciting foods will be coming soon as we try different dishes.

Kitchen Chefs

Kitchen Chefs 1 Mrs Freeman
Kitchen Chefs 2 Miss Orange

Lead Lunchtime Supervisors

Lead Lunchtime Supervisors 1 Mrs Wood
Lead Lunchtime Supervisors 2 Mrs Gelderd