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Arctic Yoga

Rosen class enjoyed breathing and stretching exercises whilst creating  Arctic animal poses in our classroom. They all felt quite relaxed afterwards.

Exploring the Arctic Circle

Rosen class had fun looking at world maps in pairs to identify the countries in the Arctic Circle. Then they worked as a group to match the Arctic countiries to their flags.

Our Arctic WOW day got off to a freezing start! Rosen class discovered the playground temperature matched the days theme. 

We love to read in Rosen.

Middleton Railway

Year 1 had a super day out at Middleton Railway. Whilst there the children learnt all about steam trains and the history of Middleton Railway (the oldest in the world!) The children had an exciting ride on a train, a walk in the woods to find remains of local mining, enjoyed an Autumn scavenger hunt and a guided tour of the museum.

What fun!

Victorian Toy Day

As part of our Journey back in time topic, Rosen class took part in a Toy Day this week. They enjoyed talking about their own toys and comparing them to toys and games popular in Victorian times. They had lots of fun exploring playing with the game Pick up sticks, riding a hobby horse, trying to use a yoyo, juggling balls and wooden cup and ball and playing Tiddly Winks and Dominoes.  

As scientists we enjoyed visiting the school garden to explore using our 5 senses.

Smelling rosemary and thyme.

We are going on a journey back in time...

Rosen class enjoyed learning about the hard working lives of children in the past who worked in coal mines. They role played the jobs of a trapper and thruster.

In P.E we are improving our throwing and catching skills.

In Maths we have been busy partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and ones.

In the construction area we have been busy building cash registers to keep our coins in.

We have made paint shades by adding black to colours this week. We took care not to add too much black!

Ordering coins from the least to the most value.

Writing a Lost poster for a penguin in the South Pole.


Identifying changes in Middleton Park from the past to the present.


Rosen class have been having fun exploring the tasks in each of the provision areas.

Exploring 3D shape

Adding white to colour to make a tint.

Writing a list of items to include in a suitcase to take to the South Pole.

Making a boat to sail to the South Pole in.