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Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Team


Our Pupil Development Centre (PDC) is our Pastoral Unit which supports the Social and Emotional needs of all our children from Early Years to Key Stage 2.


We all know that children learn best when they feel happy, safe and secure. There seems to be lots of new and different pressures on children that can sometimes result in them feeling anxious, worried or unhappy at certain times in the school day.


They may have fallen out with a friend or feel that they are being left out or picked on. They may be finding it a bit difficult to stick to the school rules for all sorts of reasons. They may feel angry or upset because of changes at home. All children have these experiences at times, and learning how to deal with them is part of growing up.


The PDC offers lunchtime drop in to children and a worry box for all children to use. In class children are shown how to work both on their own and with a group of others. They are also expected to play and move around school in a safe and friendly way. Parents/carers will be aware that children need a lot of guidance with their social skills, as they get older. The PDC will be able to offer extra help in developing these skills.


Work centres on discussion within circle time and follows on with group activities, drama, art and music. Sessions usually end with a quiet reflection period during which children are encouraged to relax and consider the days work. Sessions are also led outdoors in forest school projects and on community visits.


PDC staff will create a safe place for small groups of children to get better at understanding feelings and working and playing together. We will also support parents/carers in helping your child in school. Each session will have a different theme, for instance friendship, helping them to feel better about themselves, how to be a better listener etc... The children will attend the sessions that will benefit them.


It is led and managed by our Pastoral Manager, Mrs Z. Smith, who has a team of Learning Mentors who work together providing activities, individual or group sessions and activities covering a range of topics.


The PDC team are available to meet parents on a daily basis, if you wish to speak to a member of our team please drop into the office and ask to see one of us.

What the Pastoral Team Offer for Pupils

Some of the things we do...