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Welcome to Dodd Class!

Please keep checking this page for regular updates and information about Nursery.

Please see the document below for outlining whole school plans for our return to school next week.

The Nursery staff team are all really looking forward to welcoming new and returning Nursery children back this September.

 Please see below for all of our Key Workers in Nursery this year.



Key Person System

At Sharp Lane Primary School we continually strive for the best outcomes for our pupils both academically and emotionally. Our Key Person system plays a vital role in connecting and tuning in with children and families at a more personal, small group level. Whilst Mrs Abrams and Mrs Garden will have overall responsibility for children across Nursery, your child's Key Person will play an essential role in caring for your child, supporting their development and developing rich relationships with them and their family, resulting in a 'community of learners' approach. Spending daily time in our Key Person groups supports our ethos of 'togetherness' which is embedded within our nurturing approach. Through this approach, we are able to become engaging companions for their curious young minds, supporting their explorations and facilitating their learning. 

Here is an overview of this weeks home learning. Please access your child's Tapestry account for more information, pictures and videos that will support you with this. We look forward to seeing what you get up to this week!! 

Home Learning W/C 18.1.21

Home Learning W/C 11.1.21

What a wonderfully festive week we are having full of creativity and smiles! The children especially enjoyed our socially distanced visit from Santa this week, as well as playing games and dancing at their Christmas Party and making beautiful decorations from natural materials found in the garden.

A special visit from Santa!

Today we had a Christmas celebration day. The children were thrilled to get a visit from Santa and his elf! We played musical statues and musical bumps in the outdoor area and also went on a elf and chocolate coin hunt. The children enjoyed having a bun and some crisps as a treat at the end of a busy morning! 
This week the children have had lots of fun taking part in activities to celebrate Christmas. They have written letters to Santa, made Christmas tree pictures, painted robins, tasted mince pies (not many children liked them!!), made robins and reindeers out of special chocolate playdough and we've even had a Christmas photo booth! 

Jingle Bells with Mrs Garden's Team

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We have had a wonderful time learning the Makaton signs and actions to Jingle Bells. We hope you enjoy it and have a very Merry Christmas!

The Nursery Team

Jingle Bells with Mrs Davies' Team

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We have had lots of fun learning our makaton Christmas song. We hope you enjoy it!

Hearts For Homes

This week we joined in with a project called "Hearts for Homes." We had a discussion about how elderly people in care homes have been unable to see members of their family for quite some time. We discussed how this would make them feel. We then made lots of hearts using different media and attached them onto a large piece of paper to make a huge collage. Miss Thompson is going to deliver it to the elderly people at Nesfield Lodge in Middleton and we hope it will make them smile! 
This week the children have continued to be interested in the new mud kitchen area and most importantly Christmas! We further enhanced these interests through developing a reindeer kitchen. The children loved making reindeer food, chopping carrots, scooping cereals and adding a little touch of magic.  We hope they like it!

Fun in the snow

The children were all very excited about the snowfall today. They enjoyed exploring it with all of their senses and talking about where it was coming from. 
The children have enjoyed learning about different celebrations, festivals and special events such as Halloween, Bonfire Night, Birthdays, Rembrance Day, Children on Need etc. This week they have learned all about Diwali. The children have been very busy making Rangoli patterns, Mehndi patterns, Diva lamps, food tasting and have even learned some Bollywood dance moves! 
The children have been using the den area to build campfires. We have had some lovely imaginary play happening in this area. They have even set up beds in their camp! We have also been reinforcing the rules around staying safe around fire. The children have particularly enjoyed having hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows! 

We have had lots of fun dressing up and celebrating Children in Need today.... Look at all of our little Pudsey Bears!

Please take a look at our photographs and video of provision. We are sorry that you are unable to come in for a nosey and to see what your children have been learning this term.


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This week we have been learning all about the number two!


All orders for school photographs must be placed by tomorrow, Friday 6th November.

!! Applying For A School Place

Applications are open now to apply for a Primary School place for September 2021.

Details are:

Children born between 01/09/2016 to 31/08/2017

Website link:



Deadline: 15/01/2021


It is VERY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT only choose one option we recommend you input as many as possible even if you do favour one school. 

That's Not My Witch

The children were very keen to tell us how they celebrated Halloween even if they couldn't go out trick or treating this year. This week we have continued with a Halloween theme based around pumpkins. 



We have had lots of birthdays to celebrate this half term including Mrs Davies. Happy birthday everyone!

The children have shown great fascination in all things Halloween this week, particularly spiders. After watching a video about spiders we decide to go on a spider hunt and were very excited by what we found!

Our most recent Nursery Rhymes

Last week the children visited the garden, for many of them it was their first time. The purpose of this visit was to go on a listening walk to identify environmental sounds such as birds, the wind, leaves crunching , cars etc. The children also were given the chance to explore as there are lots of exciting things to see. We will certainly be going on many more visits to the garden. 

Decorating Fish!

The children were taught a new Nursery Rhyme "Once I caught a Fish Alive". After learning this using our new text map we then showed the children a video of fish swimming in the sea. In provision we put out templates of fish for the children to decorate and mark make on. This proved to be a very popular activity and the whole of Nursery wanted to do it! Some children chose paint, others wanted to use felt tip pens and there was also some very sparkly fish after putting out glitter and sequins! 

Playing with the Parachute

Nursery Rhymes

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Please watch the nursery ryhyme videos with your children and have a go at using the text map to remind you of the actions


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Using our Nursery Rhyme Text Maps

The children have been brilliant at using the text maps to learn Nursery Rhymes. We have been teaching them that when reading you must start at the top and read from left to right and top to bottom. So far we have learned Twinkle Twinkle and Humpty Dumpty. See if your child can show you the words and actions using the text map at home! 

Washing The Windows!

Last week at Nursery lots of children took on the role of a "car washer". This week we put out the scrubbing brushes, squeegees and sponges and this time they became window cleaners! Lots of children participated cleaning the windows of the house in the outdoor area. I was very impressed at how well they shared the resources with each other.
Last week the children enjoyed pretending to bake buns in the playdough area, so this week we decided to make real buns! 

In the beginning... Look at all the fun we have been having during our first week in nursery.

Please see the attached document for our Autumn 1 newsletter.

The Nursery staff have been busy over the past few weeks preparing provision and planning lots of lovely things for your children to explore . Please share the video with your children and take a tour of Nursery.

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