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LEWIS (Yr 6)


Year 6 treat after SATs

Welcome to our class webpage. We hope you will enjoy looking at our learning journey and find useful information. 

Lewis class teachers are Mrs McLane and Mrs Bowes who are supported by Miss Burton, our teaching assistant. 



                                Mrs Bowes                                Mrs McLane


Mrs McLane will be in class on Mondays, Tuesday am, Wednesday am and Friday pm. 

Mrs Bowes will be in class Tuesday pm, Wednesday pm, Thursday and Friday am. 


Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the team with any queries you may have.  

Dinner Menus

We are currently reviewing the school dinner systems. Please be aware that menus will now be sent home on Wednesdays and must be returned to school by Friday morning at the latest.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Useful Websites


Please find below some useful websites that will help develop the key skills needed for Year 6. Pupils have their log ons for Mathletics and TT Rock Stars in their planners. 

World Book Day 2019 

Y6 had a great day dressing up for World Book Day and sharing some of our favourite books. Can you recognise some of the characters? 

Steel Pans


Since September, Y6 have been doing one steel pans session a week with our music teacher, Jermaine, from Artforms. 

We have learnt to play the chime bars, drums and steel pans in unison to create 5 different songs. 

Jermaine has taught us about dynamics, tempo and pitch. We have also looked at the feelings the songs create when we play them in different ways. 

We have some very talented musicians in Lewis class who certainly know how to create lots of noise. 

Martial Arts 


On Thursday 31st January 2019, Lewis class had a taster session with a Martial Arts Teacher. 

We had great fun learning some of the basic moves and getting to punch the instructor. 

If anyone is interested in further sessions, the company holds Martials Arts sessions at Sharp Lane on a Friday afternoon. 


This week we have begun to tackle algebra. Wow, are our brains fried?! It is tough to find the value of the symbols that represent and unknown number. 

Have a look at the video below to support your understanding and don't forget Mathletics to help. 

We will be sending out homework for those that are still finding it difficult. 

KEY STAGE 2 (KS2) - Maths Is Easy - Understanding Algebra

A quick and easy to follow video that will help your child improve their KS2 Maths SATS scores. For further practice questions and a FUN guide for you and your child to work through, check out the following link: This video specifically breaks down maths questions that deal with algebra.




This half term, Y6 are deepening their knowledge of electricity and how it works. We have had great fun getting the equipment out and testing different circuits. We have looked at hoe to draw conventional circuits, identified errors in circuits and problem solved to fix them and investigated a scientific question (How does the length of a wire affect the brightness of a bulb?). 

We have also reminded ourselves of the importance of electrical safety. We know that electricity can be dangerous and should not be played with or abused. 


Over the past couple weeks, we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths. We have looked at converting improper and missed factions, adding and subtracting fractions and multiplying and dividing them. We have found percentages of amounts and increased/decreased amounts by a given percentage. 

It has been really tricky but we have persevered and striven to do our best.

Have a look at the videos below to refresh your memory. 

Use the activities on Mathletics to practice your skills and improve. 

Math Antics - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!

Math Antics - Common Denominator ECD

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!

Math Antics - Finding A Percent Of A Number

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!

Cooking at Cockburn John Charles


During January and February, Y6 have been invited to do some cooking sessions at Cockburn John Charles. Every child will have the chance to attend 4 sessions with an experienced Food Tech teacher at the High School. The children will be making wonderful meals from pasta salad to apple crumble. You'll have to ask nicely to get a sample when they come home! 

Christmas Celebrations


We have had great fun over the last few days celebrating Christmas. We showed off our dance moves during the Y6 Xmas party, designed our own Christmas cards and calendars. We cannot wait for Christmas to come. 

Merry Christmas to everyone from Y6 Lewis. 

Christmas in the Community


On Thursday 13th December 2018, Lewis class were invited to sing Christmas songs and carols at Costco in Leeds. We had a lovely morning filling the store with Christmas cheer. We even got free goody bags as a gift from Costco. 

Heart Dissection!


This week, Y6 did their very own heart dissections! We used lamb's hearts as they are similar to human hearts. We used red and blue straws to show how the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood travels through the heart. Using cocktail sticks, we labelled the 4 main chambers of the heart. Some us were quite nervous but we all had a go and loved the experience. 

Blitz Art 


This week, Y6 have enjoyed finding out more information about the WW2 Blitz. To finish our learning, we created Blitz artwork using a stained glass window theme. 

Abbie Ayre and the Shed of Science


On Friday 9th November 2018, Y6 took part in a science workshop offered by Leeds City Council. The workshop focused on Air Quality and what we can do to improve the air we breath and reduce pollution. 

Y6 loved the hands on workshop and got stuck in with some scientific experiments. 

Abbie Ayre and the Shed of Science

Thank you for making all the wonderful poppies, our corridor looks fantastic.

Fun with Science

Fundraising for St George's Crypt
As part of our work within the community, you may already be aware that as a school we support St George’s Crypt by collecting donations during the Harvest period. This year, Year Six have decided they would like to help further by raising money for the charity by holding a sweet tombola. The tombola will be held after school on Friday the 23rd November 2018 from 2pm until 2:30pm.

Half-term Homework


Please log onto Mathletics and have a go at the activities you have been set. Your challenge is to get 1000 points per week. 

Our Sports Ambassadors are wearing the correct P.E. kit! Are you?

Our Harvest Festival is on Friday 5th October. Please donate tins of food for St. George's Crypt. Thank you!

Our class trip to Eden Camp 02.10.18

We are all looking forward to our trip to Eden Camp on Tuesday! Mrs McLane and Mrs Bowes will remind the class of what they need on Monday.

Relative clause lyrics video

The Expanded Noun Phrase Song

Don't Read Like a Robot - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Well done to all of you who have been reading at home 3 x per week. Some of you need to increase your reading at home and remember - "Read with expression, don't read like a robot!"
You must bring your book and planner every day and you may borrow books from our class library if it is not a school library day. Happy reading :)

Have you shown your 6R skills in class yet? Our new characters look fantastic!

Temple Run, Capture the quoit and steal the eggs! Phew!!

Reading Buddies! We have made reading buddies with our friends in year 2 and enjoy sharing stories together.

In our 'Mindset Monday' lesson, we have been thinking about the language we use to help us when we get stuck.

Having a great time in our outdoor PE session with our coaches from ACES. We used problem solving and maths skills too!

In English ...

Our class text is 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo. We are enjoying finding out about life as an evacuee during WW2 through this story. Today, we have been acting out parts of the story to better understand how the characters were feeling waiting to be chosen by the villagers in Devon. We had lots of fun perfecting our West Country accents too! 

World War 2 Conscription Day


On Friday 7th September, Lewis class were conscripted into the British army to support the WW2 war effort. Our soldiers reported for duty with General Bowes at 0845hrs. 

We began by doing army drills in the hall to test our stamina and fitness. Boy was it hard work with General Bowes and General Christopher putting us through our paces! 

Once our drills were complete, our Generals assigned us to one of 6 ranks within our battalion: private, lieutenant, captain, major, colonel or lieutenant general. We then went outside to complete some team building activities with our teams. 

Once our agility testing was complete, we made our way inside. In the middle of learning about how the war began, the air raid siren went off! We ducked under tables and waited patiently for all clear. We were so glad it wasn't real like during WW2. Neville Chamberlain gave his announcement that Britain was at war with Germany and we then learnt how the war began and the countries involved. 

We're looking forward to learning lots more about World War 2. 


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