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In science, we have been learning about the different animal groups. We then sorted a variety of animals into the different groups.

Provision challenges!

This week in provision, we have been exploring number bonds to 10. We sorted the animals by how many legs they had and we made igloos in the construction area.

Our amazing arctic models!

Arctic wow day!

We had lots of fun using the VR headsets to look at the Arctic. We looked at some different animals and we sorted them into whether they were arctic animals or not. We also drew what we knew about the arctic.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas party fun!

Making Christingles

Fun in the snow!

Children in need!

Trip to Middleton Railway

We had a fantastic time at Middleton Railway. The children really enjoying going on the minibus and the train journey.

We had a very busy day! We found out about all the different trains that they have at Middleton railway. We then went on a train ride to Middleton woods. We went for a walk in Middleton woods and looked at the bell pits, evidence of the history of mining in Middleton. We then did a scavenger hunt, we looked really closely for Autumnal objects. Some of the objects were quite tricky to find. We then made our own stick men. Which were amazing!

We headed back to the train and had our lunch before going on a train ride back to Middleton Railway.  

Provision challenges

This week we were very busy in provision.

In English we have read the story Cave Baby linked to the story we have created cave paintings and we hunted for the rhyming words within the story.

We were very excited this week because we were going on a trip to Middleton railway. Linked to this we asked the children how they felt about going on the trip and what they wanted to find out at Middleton railway. In the construction area, we asked the children to make a train.

In Maths, the children made addition sentences using different resources in our classroom.


We explored our toys that we brought from home. We then looked and played with toys from Victorian times.

Exploring our senses in the school garden.

Provision challenges

Provision challenges

Provision challenges

In provision, we have been learning about partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and ones. We made the numbers using different resources such as Base 10 and numicon.

Our English challenge this week was writing a caption to match the pictures of the trees from the different seasons of the year.

In construction, we made transport from the past. We made some amazing trams and cars.

In topic, we found out about what is was like to be a child that worked in the mines. We thought of questions to ask a child who worked in the mine. It was good fun finding out about children from the past and we are looking forward to acting out what it would be like to work in the mines. 

Provision challenges

In provision this week, we have been busy writing a list of objects the boy and the penguin would take in their case to the South Pole. Our Maths challenge was to make a 3D shapes using a variety of resources. In topic we were identifying different media used from the past compared to today. The construction challenge was to make a boat that the boy and the penguin could use to travel to the South Pole.    

Provision challenges

As part of our journey back in time, these children have made some fantastic time machines in the construction area.

Provision challenge work.