Year 3

Swimming will take place every Monday. Please ensure your child brings their swimming kit and towel each week. PE will be each Thursday. Homework is set every Friday and is due in each ThursdayReading books should be brought into school every day.

We are going on a journey to the Stone Age

This term, we will be going on a journey to the stone age. We will be traveliing through the ice age, stone age, bronze & iron ages. Through this, we are going to be finding out some of the key moments that have changed society that we know today. We will be looking at how people lived during these time periods and what things no longer exist. Hopefully we don't come across any scary mammoths along the way!

What we are learning this term!

This term, we will be covering a range of subjects linking this to our journey whenever we can.

English: We will be looking at descriptive language, creating characters who live in the Stone Age.

Maths: We will be having a focus on place value, developing our understanding of where our numbers come from. 
Guided Reading: We are currently reading 'Stone Age Boy' delving into his adventures through the Stone Age. 


Baking Bread & Cave Painting

This week in Year 3, we have been studying more about the Stone age. As part of this, we have tasted breads and discussed how bread was made during the Stone Age. Afterwards, we made our very own bread and it was delicious! We've also spent time learning about cave painting and re-created our own cave paintings. Check them out!

Exploring if food is healthy or unhealthy

Year 3 have been learning about how to stay healthy and follow a balanced diet. They have studied food labels and decided which foods would be ideal for a balanced diet!