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Impact - How do we know we are achieving our aims?

Impact - How do we know that we are achieving our aims?


We make on-going (formative) assessments of pupil’s attainment to track their progress in all areas of their learning continuously to allow us to provide instant feedback and next steps for individual learners. In addition to this, these assessments help to inform our summative assessments which are recorded on our school assessment tracking system. These assessments help with future planning and also informs our discussions about your child’s progress in parents’ meetings and end of year reports.


As well as making formative and summative assessments, there are several other ways we monitor the outcomes of our pupils to monitor the impact of our personalised curriculum:

  • Good behaviour for learning is seen throughout school
  • Attainment and progress of children are at least good
  • Children attend school regularly and are on time for their learning
  • Healthy lifestyle choices (physical and mental) are adopted by children
  • Children are fully prepared for positive involvement within our society
  • Children are fully prepared for secondary education