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FREEDMAN (Reception)

Welcome back!


Hi everyone,

We hope you have had a lovely half term and enjoyed the lovely weather! Although, we are back in school this week, we will still be providing home learning, similar to that before half term, for those children who are not in school.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be working through the bubbles sheet. We will be posting videos later on in the week!

Thank you again for all of your support!

Miss Home, Mrs Hobson and Miss O'Neill

Home Learning week beginning 01.06.2020

Phonics session 1.

Still image for this video
Hi everyone,

Here is a today's phonics session. It is all about reading our two new clusters 'st' and 'sc/sk.'

There are some extra voices in today as we have the children in with us. If you could watch the video and go on phonics play.

Go on phase 4 phonics and you can click 'enter your own words.'
Then write in:


Thank you,
Miss Home

Phonics 2.

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English 1.

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English 2.

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Home learning week beginning 18.05.2020

Physical challenges


Maths 2

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English 1

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English 2

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English 3

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English 4

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Phonics 1

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Phonics 2

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Phonics 3

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Sound flashcards

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Tricky words flashcards

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Home Learning week beginning 11.05.2020

Phonics session 1

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Part one of two.

Phonics session 1

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Part two of two.

Phonics session 2

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Phonics session 1 & 2 answers

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A teaching video introducing the story Supertato with an activity.

Hi everyone

I have an english session with an activity in the video attached.

English task 2

Maths Activities

Maths activity 1.

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Maths activity 2.

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Maths activity 3

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Makaton with Miss O'Neill

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Hello everyone

Do you remember Miss Lee our music teacher? Well she has kindly sent you some music videos to sing-a-long too. Click on the link below and enjoy! Remember to send your videos to tapestry!! 

Free phonics lessons Monday 27th April.

Reading at home

Welcome back

Welcome back Freedman class. I hope you are all well and you have had a lovely Easter. I hope you were able to do a few fun activities and enjoy time with your families. In my family we had a Easter egg hunt in the garden and rolled down our big eggs down the stairs to crack them open. (still in there foils, so no mess!!) We have also been doing some DIY jobs around the house.

So the start of a new term Summer 1! Hopefully we will be back to school soon. Please keep checking Tapestry and on here for more learning activities for you to do. I am really enjoyed seeing all your work. Keep loading up! 

Look at my picture, can you spot what is different?

Home Learning Summer 1.

Phase 3 phonics.


Today we did a phonics session looking at our new sound 'ure.' There are five videos below for you to watch and practise at home. 



Mrs Hobson and Miss Home


Still image for this video
With actions from Miss Home.

Tricky words.

Still image for this video

Our new sound 'ure.'

Still image for this video

Writing 'ure.'

Still image for this video

Writing 'ure.'

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Hi Freedman Class.

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Home Learning


Hi Freedman Class, 


We hope you are all well and you are having fun at home with your learning. It has been great to see what you are getting up to at home on Tapestry and the school Facebook page. Please keep this up as it makes us so proud! Keep your eye on Tapestry and the school website as we are going to be setting up challenges that you can try at home. We hope that you have lots of fun trying them. 


Missing you all lots,

Mrs Hobson and Miss Gleeson

Phase 3 phonics.


Today we did a phonics session looking at our new sound 'air.' There are four videos below for you to watch and practise at home. 



Mrs Hobson and Miss Home

Flashcards with Mrs Hobson.

Still image for this video

Ticky words with Miss Home.

Still image for this video

Our new sound 'air,'

Still image for this video

Writing 'air.'

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Phonics and Reading Resources

Your child is working on phase 2 and 3
Username: march20
Password: home

There are lots of games on this website for practising your child’s
phonics! This website is also compatible on all phones and tablets.


Welcome to Freedman Class. We are named after the author Claire Freedman who wrote the book Aliens Love Underpants. Have you read this book?

Your Class teacher is Mrs Hobson and Key worker is: Miss Gleeson.


Aliens love underpants

At Sharp Lane Primary School we continually strive for the best outcomes for our pupils both academically and emotionally. Our Key Worker system plays a vital role in connecting and tuning in with children and families at a more personal, small group level. Whilst Mrs Hobson will have overall responsibility for the children in Freedman class, your child's Key Worker will play an essential role in caring for your child, supporting their development and developing rich relationships with families, resulting in a 'community of learners' approach. Spending daily time in our Key Worker groups supports our ethos of 'togetherness' which is embedded within our key family approach. Through this approach, we are able to become engaging companions for curious young minds, supporting their explorations and observing their discoveries. It is through this approach that we are able to observe our children flourish whilst achieving wonderful outcomes and most importantly being 'happy'. 

Important dates for the diary:


Thursday 3rd October - Reception Phonics Evening (3.30pm & 5.30pm)

Wednesday 16th October – Reception Parents’ Evening (3.30-7pm).
Thursday 17th October – Reception Parents’ Evening (3.30-5pm).

28th October – 1st November - Half term break.

Monday 4th November – School closed- training day.


Read and relax sessions dates to be confirmed.

Autumn 1 learning

Autumn 2     

Please help Reception!


Now the weather is changing can you please provide your child with a full set of spare clothes, which includes t-shirts, jumpers/cardigans, trousers/skirts/dresses, socks/tights, underwear as well as a change of footwear such as wellies or pumps.

This will ensure your child can explore our outdoor area in all weathers and will build their natural curiosity as well as stay dry and comfortable for the rest of the day at school.

It would be greatly appreciated, if you have any spare clothes that you would like to donate to us. At the moment we are low on spare underwear, tights and socks.


Important dates for the diary Autumn 2:


Friday 15th November 2019- Children in need. (50p for children to wear PJs all day).

Friday 22nd November – Stay and Play (1-2pm)

Friday 29th November- Christmas Craft Day (TBC).

Tuesday 3rd December – Reception Nativity Concert (2pm).
Wednesday 4th December – Reception Nativity Concert (9.30am).

Friday 6th December – Christmas Fayre (2pm).

Friday 13th December – Christmas Jumper and Christmas Meal.

Thursday 19th December- Christmas party

Friday 20th December- Last day of term

Monday 6th January 2020- First day back

Nursery and Reception Outdoor renovations are finished!!

The children are very excited and can't wait to explore our new outdoor area renovations which look amazing. The staff can't wait too! We will be having a talk with the children next week about how they can explore the new equipment safely and enjoy new learning experiences. We will also be strongly encouraging the children to care for the new areas as part of their learning and journey in school. 


Please view the photos below.

Stay and Play

It was so lovely that our parents where able to come to 'Stay and Play' this afternoon. The children enjoyed showing them around the provision and the new outdoor area! Thank you for coming along.

Stay and Play

Reception Christmas performance

The Nativity

I am so proud of our children as you are of your own children for participating in the christmas performance. They loved being up on stage, there was excellent singing and well done to the children with speaking parts for remembering their lines and being brave in front of an audience. A fantastic performance!

The Nativity

Spring term 1

Welcome to the spring term and what a term we are having so far. We are achieving so much in our learning. We have been focusing on number 6, finding different ways to make 6 and comparing numbers in maths. Our book this term is 'Dear Zoo' which the children are enjoying retelling and they have been using adjectives to describe the different animals. The children have been exploring their 5 senses as part of 'Understanding of the World'. The children were very good supporting each other moving around the garden whilst blindfolded!!

Also we have had a Read and Play session where we read 'The Hungry Caterpillar', story and made butterflies. Next week we will be celebrating 'Chinese New Year' with various activities like making a dragon to do a dance and cooking chinese food.

Please view our photos below of our journey so far.

Thank you.

Testing our senses

Read and Play session

Welcome to spring 2

Hello everyone

Welcome back to another term Spring 2. Hope you all had a good break!

This term the children will be exploring different occupations that we all choose to be when we grow up. If you would like to share what do you do for a job, bring in to show any uniform you have to wear, any special equipment you need to do your job or you can talk about how you help people in the community. You are welcome to come into reception if you don't mind talking to lots of reception children. So far we have a Pilot, Dental Nurse and a Builder coming in!!

Also happening this term:

Parents evening Wed 4th March & Thurs 5th March

World Book day... Children can come to school dressed up as their favourite character and bring in their favourite book to share.

In Maths we will be exploring number 8, 9 and 10. Focusing on the whole number and how many ways we can make them, addition, subtracting and doubling within these numbers.

In phonics we will continue to learn phase 3 sounds and tricky words.

We look forward to seeing you for parents evening and sharing your child's learning journey so far. Thank you for your support.

Celebration Assembly.


This term we have been having an assembly every Friday to celebrate Reception’s achievements. We have four awards as well as the class teddy. Each week Freedman, Carle and Fletcher Class will have a Reader, Writer, Mathematician and Sharp Lane Hero.

This is part of the exceeding descriptor for the listening and attention Early Learning Goal. We expect children to listen attentively in a range of situations, accurately anticipating key events and respond to what they hear with relevant comments, questions or actions. Children should give their attention to what others say and respond appropriately.

Occupation visits.


As part of our literacy topic this term we have been learning about occupations. We have been extremely fortunate to have some visitors come into school to tell us about their jobs and what they get up to at work. 


First, we met Mr Poulter who is a builder. He told Recpetion that when he was at school he loved to spend his time in the construction area. He brought in some equipment which he might use at work and the children had a go at using walkie talkies and dressing up like builders. At the end, the children asked him loads of questions about his occupation and many were inspired to be builders in the future. 


Next, we met Amy who is a librarian at the St George's Centre in Middleton. She told us about all about the the library and what she does there. The chidlren were amazed that they could find almost any book they want at the library, it is free to join and they can get upto 20 books at a time. Amy told the children about her favourite book The Gruffalo and she then shared a book with the children. The children then had a go at being librarians. They scanned books, checked them out and sorted them.