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Sharp Lane Primary School

Working together to capture and nurture the imaginations of young minds

FLETCHER (Reception)

Welcome to Fletcher Class! 

We are named after the author Tom Fletcher who wrote the books

There's a Monster in Your Book and The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet.

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In this class you will find Miss O'Neill and Miss Haslam. 

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Key Worker System


At Sharp Lane Primary School we continually strive for the best outcomes for our pupils both academically and emotionally. Our Key Worker system plays a vital role in connecting and tuning in with children and families at a more personal, small group level. Whilst Miss O'Neill will have overall responsibility for the children in Fletcher, your child's Key Worker will play an essential role in caring for your child, supporting their development and developing rich relationships with families, resulting in a 'community of learners' approach. Spending daily time in our Key Worker groups supports our ethos of 'togetherness' which is embedded within our key family approach. Through this approach, we are able to become engaging companions for curious young minds, supporting their explorations and observing their discoveries. It is through this approach that we are able to observe our children flourish whilst achieving wonderful outcomes and most importantly being 'happy'.

Newsletter Autumn 1

Important dates for the diary:


Thursday 3rd October - Reception Phonics Evening (3.30pm & 5.30pm)

Wednesday 16th October – Reception Parents’ Evening (3.30-7pm).
Thursday 17th October – Reception Parents’ Evening (3.30-5pm).

28th October – 1st November - Half term break.

Monday 4th November – School closed- training day.


Read and relax sessions dates to be confirmed.

Photos from Autumn 1

Please help Reception!


Now the weather is changing can you please provide your child with a full set of spare clothes, which includes t-shirts, jumpers/cardigans, trousers/skirts/dresses, socks/tights, underwear as well as a change of footwear such as wellies or pumps.

This will ensure your child can explore our outdoor area in all weathers and will build their natural curiosity as well as stay dry and comfortable for the rest of the day at school.

It would be greatly appreciated, if you have any spare clothes that you would like to donate to us. At the moment we are low on spare underwear, tights and socks.

Important dates for the diary Autumn 2:


Friday 15th November 2019- Children in need. (50p for children to wear PJs all day).

Friday 22nd November – Stay and Play (1-2pm)

Friday 29th November- Christmas Craft Day (9-11am).

Tuesday 3rd December – Reception Nativity Concert (2pm).
Wednesday 4th December – Reception Nativity Concert (9.30am).

Friday 6th December – Christmas Fayre (2pm).

Friday 13th December – Christmas Jumper and Christmas Meal.

Thursday 19th December- Christmas party

Friday 20th December- Last day of term

Monday 6th January 2020- First day back

Nursery and Reception Outdoor renovations are finished!!

The children are very excited and can't wait to explore our new outdoor area renovations which look amazing. The staff can't wait too! We will be having a talk with the children next week about how they can explore the new equipment safely and enjoy new learning experiences. We will also be strongly encouraging the children to care for the new areas as part of their learning and journey in school. 

Reception have been busy using their hand and foot prints to make Christmas cards

Fletcher class have been very busy on Thursday afternoon! To celebrate Chinese New Year, we have made our own Chinese food dish. We decided to make vegetables, noodles and rice. We have been practising our cutting skills, cutting up different types of vegetables. We cut carrots, spring onions, red peppers, green peppers, onion, peas and sweetcorn.

Kai ‘We need to eat lots of vegetables because they are healthy.’

Becki ‘Vegetables will make us really strong.’
Lily ‘Vegetables give us lots of energy. With lots of energy we can run really fast.’
Sonny ‘My Daddy is really strong, he has to get fit all time. He likes to eat vegetables.’
Max ‘I really liked the rice because there was different tastes in it.’
Isaac ‘I liked it so much. I liked it because I made it myself.’
Harley ‘I had the rice and the noodles, my favourite was the carrots.’


What we have learnt about Chinese New Year

‘The colour red is lucky colour, they wear red to show that they are welcoming the new year.’ Antonia
‘ We have made pictures of dragons.’ Olivia
‘They create a dragon so they use it when they are dancing. They use red, green, orange and yellow.’