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Dinner Menus

We are currently reviewing the school dinner systems. Please be aware that menus will now be sent home on Wednesdays and must be returned to school by Friday morning at the latest.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Summer Holidays!!

Have an amazing break, thank you so much for your support throughout the year.

Year 2 Team


***New Learning Alert

Circus Day

We had a very fun day when the circus came to Sharp Lane. First, we watched some AMAZING circus tricks.  Then, we got to test out our own skills with spinning plates and circus ribbons. We loved these and I think we have some future circus performers!!!  

New Learning Alert
We have had a super busy this week!
In Maths, we have been recapping measure. We have measured volume, mass and answered tricky measure problems! 
We have been inventors this week and created our own plane companies! (This has linked with our summer topic, Around the World). We have started designing our own adverts for our planes and will continue this into next week's learning.

Topic - Art

Year 2 are currently working as composers with professional saxophonist Lara Jones. We have been busy creating multi colored graphic scores to which Lara has performed improvised music on her saxophone. We are looking forward to next week's session where they will be listening carefully to Lara's music and transforming it into their own musical notation  art. 



New Learning Alert


This week has been extremely busy in Donaldson class! We have been enjoying the glorious weather this week and taking our learning outside, while learning how to stay safer in the sun.

In Maths we have been recapping measurement and working with natural resources to complete measurement challenges. In English we have been looking at adverts and we are creating our own advert for the first planes, which we are aiming to turn into a T.V advert. We have also been very lucky to have an artist visit us in Y2 this week and she has been showing us how to create graphic scores using pictures that she could play on her saxophone. 

Take a look at our photos!

New learning alert

We are going on a journey around the world.

This is our topic for the half term. We will focus on this in our topic lessons and will try to make cross curricular links where possible. 



In English, we have been focussing on a setting description of a rainforest. On Monday, we used the VR headsets and jumped on a plane to rainforests located around the world. We used these to help us think of great expanded noun phrases. Later on in the week, we focussed on different senses to help write our amazing descriptions! 



We were historians this week. We researched the first plane journey and the history of flight. Then we looked at and identified features of the first plane and compared these features to modern planes.

Sports Day and VR headsets

New learning alert

We have had a very busy week this week!



We have been recapping over some topics. We have looked at addition and subtraction on a number line and multiplication and division using arrays. We have also looked at finding fractions of numbers and shapes.



In English, we have been consolidating our knowledge on 2A sentences (a sentence with 2 adjectives in) and have started to look at ___ly sentences.

E.g. Nervously, Jack crept into the modern, white castle because he wanted to reclaim his golden, special hen. 

New Learning Alert

We have had a very busy start to the summer term! 


In English, our focus has been Jack and the Beanstalk. we have written a discussion text on if Jack should go to jail for trespassing. The children were really engaged with this and tried to include lots of different features into their writing. This week we have been looking at recounts. We started the week writing our own recount and then up levelled these using a success criteria. After, we made a recount on Jacks version of events! 


We have been focusing on missing number problems and using the inverse to check our calculations.

(E .g___ + 12 = 85    or     _____ - 54 = 33)

Or inverse: 

( 27+ 12 = 39 to check this I could work out 39-12= ? ) 


One of our topics this term is plants. We started the topic by a trip to the garden. We gathered some natural resources and created a representation of a plant. We also planted some seeds and predicted which ones would grow the quickest (we predicted the plant we thought Jack’s beans were from). As part of this topic, we also sorted some seeds into groups based on their characteristics.


Parent Workshop

Thank you for attending the Parent workshops. We hope you found the information useful. If you have any other questions feel free to ask your child's class teacher on the door. 

New Learning Alert

English- We have been writing an explanation text on the butterfly life cycle! The children first identified features of an explanation and then researched and planned one. They all tried so hard and they sound fantastic! This has been a great piece of writing to end the term.  


Maths – We have been recapping addition and subtraction on a number line.


In topic, we have been researching the human life cycle. The children were shocked to find out they were in the third stage of the human life cycle! We have also been observing and looking after our class caterpillars. We are hoping the caterpillars will stay asleep in their chrysalis till we come back after our Easter break!


We hope you have a lovely, well deserved break!

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Year 2 Team.

New Learning Alert


We have been continuing our learning on fractions. We consolidated our learning on unit fractions (1/3,1/2,1/4) and have started to look at non unit fractions (e.g. 2/3,3/4). The children have been finding fractions of numbers and shapes!


In English, we have been writing fantastic finding tales! We all followed our plans and the structure of a finding tale. Most of us included lots of fantastic features (expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, adverbs and different sentence types).

Sam’s Safari

We had some furry friends visiting us! As part of our topic, we got up and close with some unfamiliar animals! We looked at them, stroked them and learnt lots of interesting facts about them!

 Thank you so much for supporting this trip and bringing in £3. Without the support of parents these trips would not be able to happen.

New learning alert 🚨 

In English, we have been focussing this week on features of writing. We have been identifying sentence types (statement, exclamation, command and question ) and up levelling sentences by adding conjunctions and adverbs. We are hoping this will encourage the children to independently add these to their stories next week! 

We have been focussing on fractions this week, specifically identifying 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 of shapes and numbers. 

We have completed an investigation on hygiene. We looked at how germs spread through the ‘sneeze investigation ‘. We have concluded that to minimise germs spreading you should cover your mouth when sneezing and then wash hands thoroughly with soap! 

Comic Relief
We have had a lovely day raising money for a great cause! We loved seeing the children dress up and have fun while fundraising for a charity! Throughout the day, we took part in lots of fun activities to try and increase donations.
On Thursday 21st March, Year 2 will be very lucky to have a visit taking placing in school with Sam's Safaris. This is so the children can get up close and personal with a range of different animals and learn about their life cycles. We are asking for a contribution of £3 for this experience. Please can you ensure money is given to your child's class teacher by Friday 15th March. A copy of the letter that has been previously sent home can be found below for more information. Thank you for your ongoing support in helping us to give the children these special experiences.

New Learning Alert

We have had an action packed week of learning!


In English, we have been continuing our discussion texts. We have also been learning the story of Goldilocks through role play and hot seating. The children really loved getting into character to perform their parts to their friends!


In Maths, we have been finishing our learning on 3D shapes. We finished the topic by sorting 3D shapes into a venn diagram based on their properties.


We have been identifying food chains and looking at life cycles. We have had lots of caterpillars delivered. In the coming weeks, we hope to observe each stage of their life cycle.

World Book Day

Maths- We focussed our Maths on statistics. We collected data on our favourite books and put this into a tally chart. We then created a human bar chart using data from the tally chart. This helped the children visually see the data. We then interpreted the data verbally using lots of Maths vocabulary.

English -We started the day discussing our costumes! (Thank you, they all looked great!) We then created new book covers for our favourite books! After, we discussed why they are our favourite book.

Parent consultation evening

Thank you to everyone who attended. This gives us time to speak about your child’s learning. If you have any further questions, please catch us at the door!

New Learning Alert



We have been looking at poems this week. We have been looking at different features of poems. We also performed animal poems to an audience! 



We have been continuing to look at 2D shapes.We have been looking at unusual 2D shapes ( quadrilaterals, parallelograms, irregular pentagon etc ). We have then looked at sorting these shapes into a venn diagram based on their properties. 



We have been looking at habitats and discussing what animals need to survive in these habitats. From this we have created our own animals and descriptions. We have also created a rock creature and made the perfect habitat for these creatures in the School Garden. 


We wish you a lovely Half Term! Thanks again for your continued support. - Yr 2 Team. 

New learning alert 

We started off the week looking at features of a non - chronological report. We then have been researching wolf facts focussing on their habitat, diet and appearance! We will be using our facts to write a non-chronological report next week! 

We have been looking at division this week. We started off dividing numbers by sharing and grouping. We then moved to looking at even numbers and dividing by 2. (See picture below for division examples)

PE Workshops 
We have had 2 PE workshops. 
On Tuesday, a tennis coach came in and showed us some basic tennis skills! The children really enjoyed the session. 

On Thursday, a martial arts coach came in and showed us a few, fun moves! 


New learning alert

We have been focussing on multiplication this week. We have started every lesson looking at mental multiplication (Yr 2 curriculum - x2, x3, x5 and x 10). We then looked at drawing arrays and the different multiplication sentence. We finished the week on repeated addition (e.g 2x 3 is the same as 2+2+2 or 3+3) and answering multiplication problems.

We have been creating a setting description of a habitat focussing on our 4 senses. We have then planned a letter to Chester zoo asking how the habitat is after the fire. We will write this up next week. 

We have been using our data from the RSPB Workshop and linking it to Maths. We have created a pictogram and interpreted our data. 
New learning alert 

We started the week researching the fire at Chester Zoo. We learnt about what happened through reading newspaper articles and website pages and wrote down all the facts! We then made a recount using our facts. We made sure it was in past tense, chronological order and had adverbs of time (first, next, then, finally).

We have consolidated our understanding on addition and subtraction. We started looking at number sentences then moved to answering word problems and reasoning questions. 

Our topic this term is Animals. We started our first lesson by finding out what the children already know about animals. We will use this to plan future lessons.

RSPB visit 
A member of the RSPB came in to deliver a session about wild life. We started in the classroom identifying animals. We then went outside and explored our school garden. We created a tally chart of what we found. (-we will use this information in Maths next week) 

New learning alert

We have had a super last week of 2018! We have had a lovely Christmas lunch, disco and even went to visit Santa!!

Thank you so much for all your support this year. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 

New learning alert


We have been super busy! We were lucky to watch a pantomine in School, it was great fun and we loved getting involved in the show! 

In Maths we have been recapping our learning of place value, addition and subtraction. In English we have performed Christmas poems. 



We have performed three, amazing shows! Thank you so much for all your support. We are sure you all loved watching it as much as we loved performing it!  


Check out the pictures of the Nativity below: 


Year 2 Christmas Production!

New learning alert

This week we have been super busy! We have been learning lines for our nativity, making props and perfecting songs! In Maths we have been looking at subtraction on a number line. In English we have been planning a Journey Tale.  There are still some tickets left for our nativity. Tickets are being sold in the office every morning at 8:40am. Grab them while you can!

New Learning Alert!

This week we have been looking at conjunctions in English. We have identified conjunctions, placed conjunctions into a sentence and started to write our own sentences with conjunctions. In Maths, we have continued to look at addition on a number line to consolidate our understanding. Next week, we will focus on subtraction. We have been very busy practising our nativity - The singing is fantastic! If your child has a speaking part, they will have been sent lines home. We would really appreciate if you could practise them when you have a spare few minutes!

Helping your child with Maths

Addition on a number line

Subtraction using a number line

Sharp Lane Handwriting

Thank you to all those who attended parent meetings this week, if you haven't seen your child's teacher yet please can you arrange a time to see them, that suits you, if you haven't already.


New Learning Alert!

This week we have been working really hard in English innovating our story of 'Handa's Surprise'. We have done a fantastic job of using expanded noun phrases, adverbs and even some conjunctions. In Maths we have looked at addition on a number line - take a look at the help sheet to see how we have taught this concept. Next week we will use this skill with subtraction. In our topic lessons we have looked at the religious beliefs of people in Africa to link with our Geography learning, where we have used an atlas to locate geographical features of Africa. 

New learning alert

Year 2 have been super busy this week with lots of fun learning. 



In English, we have been looking at the story of Handa's Surprise. We have been investigating vocabularly and uplevelling adjectives. 



The children participated in a fun taster session. The session took the children through the basic skills of Judo. They had lots of fun trying something new! - A leaflet should be in your child's book bag for more details. 


Africa Day

On Thursday, it was Africa day. We started the day off with a flight to Africa (virtual reality tour). We explored different habitats and even got to walk with lions! We made collages of African animals and tried some African, vegetarian food. It was delicious! We ended the day with a beautiful performance of an African song. 


Thank you so much for sending your child to school in bright coloured clothes. We are sure you can agree, they looked fantastic!!


A special thank you to people who made some African food. We really appreciate your effort.

Out of Africa!


To start our topic 'Out of Africa' next half term we will be having an African Day to celebrate African dancing, singing, food and culture. Please read the letter below for more information about this day, we hope you'll be as excited as we are!

Half-term Homework

New Learning Alert!


It has been a busy last week of half term in Donaldson class. We have been reviewing our learning of the year so far and writing some fantastic hot writes to end our learning of Peter Rabbit. To finish off the week we had an extra garden session to celebrate our excellent attendance and moving round our Classopoly board. Have a fantastic half term, a great Halloween and a safe bonfire night!

New Learning Alert!


Thank you to all the parents that came to our 'Welcome to Year 2' meeting on Thursday. You can find the slides from the meeting on the class webpage.

This week in Donaldson Class we have been focusing on sentence construction and using  adjectives to make our sentences more interesting and to add description about the characters in Peter Rabbit. In Maths we have been looking at sequencing numbers by counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. In Science we tested our slingshots for Peter Rabbit to see who could get the ball the furthest, it was a close competition.

New Learning Alert!


We started our week with a fantastic visit to the Nick Sharratt exhibition at the Leeds Central Library. We had lots of fun looking at his illustrations and reading his stories, we even got to dress up like some of his characters! In English we have been starting to look at word classes in preparation for sentence construction next week. In Maths we have been doing hundreds square investigations to show how much we understand tens and ones, some of us even attempted a coded hundreds square! In Science we have been building our sling shots ready to test next week. Have a look at our week in pictures.

New Learning Alert!


This week we have been busy in English innovating the story of Peter Rabbit and making our own changes. This has included things such as changing the character of Peter Rabbit and changing what the character wants to steal. They have started off great, we will finish them next week. 

In Maths we have looked at comparing numbers and using the greater than > and less than < symbols. We have also started to practise our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Log on to times tables rock stars to practise these at home. 

In Science we have tested materials to see which would be the best to use for our slingshot. so far this has involved squashing, twisting, stretching and bending materials. Have a look at our week in pictures and some examples of how we learn maths. 

New Learning Alert!


This week in Donaldson class we have continued to look at Queen Victoria and life in the Victorian Times. We have linked this to our English story 'Peter Rabbit' by having a closer look at the author, Beatrix Potter, who was also a Victorian! We have also begun to look at materials in Science and we have been tasked with designing Peter Rabbit a new slingshot. This will be tested out using radishes that we will plant next week. In Maths we have been looking closely at how to partition 2-digit numbers into tens and ones in order to understand them more. Have a look at the example below of what partitioning numbers looks like.

New Learning Alert!


We have been very busy in Donaldson class during our first full week back. We have been looking at making 2 digit numbers in Maths using the language of tens and ones and we have been looking at writing some personal poems in English. For our History topic we have looked at Queen Victoria and what life was like for children during the Victorian times. We even acted out some pictures to discuss emotions of children in the factories and at school. We had fun during our first reading buddy session with Yr 6 children and enjoyed sharing and listening to stories we were reading. Take a look at our fantastic pictures of our week, including Roald Dahl Day!

Welcome back to Donaldson class! We hope that you have had a lovely Summer break, the children have told us all about their fantastic adventures!

Please check this page every week, it will be updated with key information and children's work regularly so that you know all about what you child has been doing in class. Mrs Wood and Miss Lawson are really looking forward to working with you all throughout the year and we have lots of exciting activities planned.

We have uploaded a weekly timetable and this half terms newsletter for you so that you know everything that we plan on doing until October half term. You will also receive a copy of this today so please read it carefully as it has information about PE, our topic, parent workshops and also our first class visit in Year 2.


A Typical Week in Donaldson Class


Please be aware that Outdoor PE will take place on a Monday and that Indoor PE will take place on Wednesday. We recommend that children bring PE kit on Monday and take it home again on Friday, this way we can fit in extra PE if weather is an issue.