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During our Arctic WOW Day, we learnt all about the northern lights and made our very own northern light pictures - they are amazing!

Our amazing Arctic displays!

Science Day was so much fun as we built our own boats from materials that we brought in from home. We looked at what materials would be best to make a boat including materials that are waterproof but also strong.

We had a fantastic day yesterday on our trip to Middleton Railway and even ticked off one of our experiences to ride a train as part of our KS1 journey. The children also went on a lovely walk through Middleton Park and they learnt all about the Bell Pits and what they were used for. The children were amazingly well behaved and we all had a really lovely day!

As part of our journey back in time, we had lots of fun looking at how toys have changed over the years. We compared our own toys to toys from the Victorian era and had lots of fun playing with them.

This week, we went on a walk around our local area as part of our geography lessons to see what human and physical features we could see around us.

Here are some of the children in Dahl class that have planned and written up in neat their acrostic poems about autumn. They all worked very hard on these poems and they have turned out great!

This week is National Poetry Week and in year 2, we have been looking at acrostic poems. This is the poem we wrote as a whole class and later in the week, we will be writing our own acrostic poems about autumn.

In year 2, we made clocks last week to help them with their understanding of how to tell the time - They looked great!