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Clubs at Sharp Lane


At Sharp Lane Primary School we are committed to providing opportunities for all of our pupils to excel. We recognise that each and every pupil at school is unique and as a result of this, we aim to offer a wide array of after school and lunchtime clubs. Clubs are available for all pupils throughout school and cover a variety of different subjects. We offer sports clubs, art, gardening, a book club and also homework clubs. These clubs, staffed by school staff, should be signed up for at the start of each term.


As a school it is our mission to make purposeful links with local clubs. We have recently begun working closely with the Hunslet Club and we will look to make further links with local sporting clubs to ensure that our pupils have pathways available to them for competitive and non-competitive sport and to develop their own passions and interests outside of school. 


Currently, due to COVID 19 restrictions we are not offering any after school clubs, once we have established routines with pupils and staff we aim to offer clubs as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Where possible, we attempt to link the clubs that we offer to the interests expressed by pupils and the school council. If your child is interested in attending a club or would like to suggest a club that we could offer, please encourage them to speak to their class teacher!

Leeds Coding Clubs


I would like to make you aware of Leeds Libraries exciting Creative Digital Offer for families and young people. There are currently Code Clubs happening fortnightly all across the City, including Leeds Central Library, Pudsey, Seacroft and Rothwell Libraries. If you haven’t already heard of CodeClub it is a place for families and young people to discover easy to follow projects which enable them to learn a variety of coding languages by making games, robots, animations and websites in a supportive environment. I have attached a leaflet with all of their clubs listed.


They also loan free Micro:bits, so children can carry on their learning at home, further information can be found in the documents below.


Mr Bolton

Calling all Eco Warriors!

Hey Eco Warriors!
We are very excited for our first session of ECO Warriors club on Monday evening!
Our first session will explore what can and cannot be recycled! Learning how we can reduce the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis, watching video clips from BBC's Blue Planet and learning about endangered creatures living in our oceans!
We just cannot wait to get started!
If you would like to get involved, here are a few things you can make at home to be added to our sculpture! We want lots of Jelly fish!
Below are some YouTube videos showing you how to make your very own sculptures from plastic bottles and other things you would find around your house
Here is an easy making project where you will only need a plastic bottle and maybe a small LED light (try not to use sticky tape as this cannot be recycled)

Science Club!


Week 1

In our first week at Science club we investigated bubbles! We predicted whether or not we thought we could blow bubbles of different shapes and sizes. We then tested our predictions to see if they were correct. We had lots of fun and learnt some new things about bubbles we never knew before!

Week 2


This week we have been making cornflour slime. This is a liquid that can also behave like a solid if pressure is applied. It was extremely messy and lots of fun. At the end of the session we tested the cornflour slime to see if it could protect an egg from a drop to floor. It managed to keep the egg safe from a drop of about 1.5 metres. We were very impressed!

Week 3


This week we have been making our own lava lamps. We did this by using water, food colouring, oil and salt. When we mixed our ingredients together we talked about how water an oil did not mix and they were immiscible liquids. We also discussed what we could see when we poured salt into our bottle. We noticed that lots of bubbles went shooting up and down and that they traveled faster in the water than in the oil. This week we made lots of predictions and observations and attempted to give explanations. Well done scientists!

Look at our lava lamps in action!

Still image for this video

Week 4


This week we looked at what would happen if we dropped some mentos into some fizzy drinks. We talked about how the 'fizz' in fizzy drinks is a gas called carbon dioxide that wants to escape as bubbles. We felt the surface of a mento and decided that it was very bumpy with lots of dimples. We then discussed what would happen if mentos were dropped into the fizzy drinks. We predicted which fizzy drink would have the biggest reaction, diet coke, coke, diet lemonade or lemonade, discussing why we thought this. Then we tested our predictions outside to see the fizzy drink eruptions. We had lots of fun this week.

Look at these eruptions!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week 5


This week we looked at how to clean our tarnished pennies at home using different household items. We started by stating a penny was made from copper and we talked about why we thought the pennies were dirty. Then we discussed the science bit and talked about how after a while the copper penny reacts with air to form copper oxide which makes them look dirty. Then came the cleaning. We used lemon juice, vinegar & salt, bicarbonate of soda, coke, water & soap and ketchup to try and clean our pennies. We found that vinegar & salt worked well, as did the ketchup surprisingly.

Week 6


This week we completed a Christmas experiment. First we decorated balloons to look like Rudolph and then we blew them up. We attached them to a race track made from string and then let go! This was a demonstration of an action-reaction experiment. Blowing up the balloons fills them with air under pressure and releasing the air exerts a force on the balloon that propels it forward. The children loved testing if the size of the balloon would affect the speed and distance it travelled. It was a fantastic end to our Science club this half term.

This term we have offered a 'Woodand Wonder' club for children in KS1. The children in this club have the opportunity to take part in forest school activities in our Wild Garden and we will be visiting Middleton Woods for some of our sessions too.