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Clubs at Sharp Lane


At Sharp Lane Primary School we are committed to providing opportunities for all of our pupils to excel. We recognise that each and every pupil at school is unique and as a result of this, we aim to offer a wide array of after school and lunchtime clubs. Clubs are available for all pupils throughout school and cover a variety of different subjects. We offer sports clubs, art, gardening, a book club and also homework clubs. These clubs, staffed by school staff, should be signed up for at the start of each term.


As a school it is our mission to make purposeful links with local clubs. We have recently begun working closely with the Hunslet Club and we will look to make further links with local sporting clubs to ensure that our pupils have pathways available to them for competitive and non-competitive sport and to develop their own passions and interests outside of school. 


Currently, due to COVID 19 restrictions we are not offering any after school clubs, once we have established routines with pupils and staff we aim to offer clubs as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Where possible, we attempt to link the clubs that we offer to the interests expressed by pupils and the school council. If your child is interested in attending a club or would like to suggest a club that we could offer, please encourage them to speak to their class teacher!