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This week Barrie class were introduced to their new journey... to London! Barrie class loved their WOW introduction lesson to their new journey. We have been very busy learning about where abouts London is, the different landmarks within London, who lives in London etc.


Over the half term, children have been very busy researching and building their own London landmark and have created some fantastic models!

This week the children were introduced to our new guided reading book - 'Paddington' by Michael Bond. The children have been righteous readers by making some fabulous predictions about the book and what will happen in the story.


At home, please can you continue to use PhonicsPlay and keep frequently reading with your children and ask children questions about the text that they are reading. This will help strengthen children's comprehension skills when it comes to our guided reading lessons.


In English this week, we introduced the children to the story of Paddington. We have been wonderful writers this week by expanding our knowledge of adjectives to help us describe what objects we would take if we were packing a suitcase, like Paddington. 


In English we have also been practicing our tricky words. The children have enjoyed listening to the tricky words song ( At home, please can you test your children on some of these words.


In Maths, we have been marvelous magicians by learning our 2s and 5s timetables. The children have been working very hard to count objects in 2s and 5s to help them answer word problems.


At home, please can you continue to practice these timetables. Please find links to the videos we have been showing children at school. 2s timetables - and 5 timetables -

Barrie class were lucky enough to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park as a part of their journey to the Arctic! The children had a brilliant day in the lovely sunshine exploring all of the different animals and their habitats. 

Spring Term


Barrie Class was welcomed back to school with a WOW day that introduced the children to our new exciting journey... to the Arctic. The children were introduced to Anka and Pana (the Inuits who are going to help us learn new information about the Arctic this term). Using the VR headsets, the children were transported to the Arctic to see what it is like to live there - the children enjoyed pretending they were playing in the snow, ice skating, watching the Northern lights and seeing what animals lived in the Arctic.

Using their prior knowledge of the Arctic and what they saw from using the VR headsets, the children used their super scientific enquiry skills to have a go at classifying and sorting different types of animals. Barrie class worked in small groups to study several different animals, they then had to decide how they could shift and sort these animals into different groups. The children did a fantastic job of managing to sort the animals into animals that lived in the Arctic and animals that did not live in the Arctic and used their great reasoning skills to explain why. Well done!

We also got very creative in Barrie class, showing off our fabulous artistic skills! The children created a Northern lights pictures using chalks. Barrie class did a fantastic job at this, using bright colourings and blending techniques to create different textures and shadows in their creation. I am super impressed!

Autumn Term

What a busy term we have had Barrie class!


We have had a brilliant start to Year One - we have learnt about such fantastic and interesting topics and got up to lots of exciting things!


The children loved coming into school school wearing their pyjamas for polar express day! We even got to have hot chocolate whilst watching polar express!

We can't forget our fantastic Christingle performance and our incredibly fun Christmas party!

We really enjoyed dressing up and raising money for Children in need this year! We even had a very special visitor...

Barrie class were very lucky to meet the Olympic gold medalist diver Jack Laugher. The children were incredibly excited to meet Jack and came up with some amazing questions to ask Jack all diving and the Olympics. 

Barrie class had an amazing, fun filled day on our Year One trip to Middleton Railway as part of a journey back in time. Barrie class ticked off one of our Sharp Lane experiences to ride a train. The children also went on an autumnal walk through Middleton Park and learnt all about the Bell Pits and what they were used for. What a great day we had!