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As you know, our headteacher is absent from school due to illness and is likely to be off for some time.  Sharp Lane governors have worked closely with Beeston Primary School for more than a year now and are pleased to tell you that Mrs Rebecca White, Deputy Head of Beeston Primary, has joined us from 25th February and will work with us as Acting Headteacher during Miss Wilson's absence.  Mr Tim Smith has accepted the role of Acting Deputy Head, working alongside Mrs Rachel Harrison who I'm sure many of you now know even though she only joined us as Deputy Headteacher in September 2018.  I hope this provides you with assurance that this school will have strong and effective leadership during Miss Wilson's absence.

Governors are determined to make sure that your children are safe, happy, excited and energised by learning in our school.

Designated Officers responsible for Child Protection:

Miss Wilson, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Heighton, Mrs McLane, Mrs Smith, Mrs White

Designated Teacher responsible for Looked After Children:

Mrs Harrison

Designated Officers responsible for Safeguarding:

Miss Wilson Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Harrison Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team  1 Miss M. Wilson - Headteacher DSL
Senior Leadership Team  2 Mrs R. Harrison - Deputy Headteacher Deputy DSL
Senior Leadership Team  3 Mrs A. White - Assistant Headteacher (Early Years
Senior Leadership Team  4 Mrs J. Garden - Assistant Headteacher (Early Years
Senior Leadership Team  5 Mr T. Smith - Acting Deputy Headteacher (KS1)
Senior Leadership Team  6 Mrs A. Watkins - Assistant Headteacher (Y3&4)
Senior Leadership Team  7 Mrs R. McLane - Assistant Headteacher (Y5&6)

Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team 1 Mrs Alison Heighton (Business Manager)
Senior Management Team 2 Mrs Zoe Smith (Pupil Development Centre Manager)
Senior Management Team 3 Mrs Michelle Bowes (SENDCo)
Senior Management Team 4 Mr Chris Rycroft (Premises Manager)

Admin Staff

Admin Staff 1 Mrs Tiffany (Senior Admin Assistant)
Admin Staff 2 Mrs Clarkson (Admin Assistant & Dinner Clerk)

Premises Staff

Premises Staff 1 Mr Chris Rycroft (Group Premises Manager)
Premises Staff 2 Mr Neil Sayer (Site Superintendent)

Class Teachers

Class Teachers 1 Mrs Emma Abrams (Nursery)
Class Teachers 2 Mrs Helen Laird (Nursery)
Class Teachers 3 Mrs Anna White (Phase Leader)
Class Teachers 4 Mrs Jenny Garden (Phase Leader)
Class Teachers 5 Miss Grace Ford (Reception)
Class Teachers 6 Miss Aimee Cooke (Reception)
Class Teachers 7 Miss Amy Rhodes (Reception)
Class Teachers 8 Miss Olivia MacNay (KS1)
Class Teachers 9 Miss Becky Lunn (Year 1)
Class Teachers 10 Mrs Hollie Hindle (Year 1)
Class Teachers 11 Miss Maya Abdul (Year 1)
Class Teachers 12 Mr Tim Smith (Year 2)
Class Teachers 13 Mrs Linsay Gordon (Year 2)
Class Teachers 14 Miss Jenny Wood (Year 2)
Class Teachers 15 Miss Emily Jones (Year 2)
Class Teachers 16 Miss Jessica Marston (Year 3)
Class Teachers 17 Mrs Amy Watkins (Phase Leader)
Class Teachers 18 Miss Steph Graham (Year 3)
Class Teachers 19 Miss Becky Playford (Year 4)
Class Teachers 20 Mr Paul Oakley (Year 4)
Class Teachers 21 Miss Katy McMaster (Year 4)
Class Teachers 22 Miss Sam Wilson (Year 5)
Class Teachers 23 Mr Mark Bolton (Year 5)
Class Teachers 24 Mrs Gemma Christopher (Year 6)
Class Teachers 25 Mrs Ria McLane (Phase Leader)
Class Teachers 26 Mrs Michelle Bowes (Year 6)
Class Teachers 27 Miss Holly Wilson (Specialist Art Teacher)


Early Years

Janet Davies

Dawn Cawood

Kim Corson

Sophie Haigh

Rachel Tiffany

Natasha Machin

Key Stage One

Dwayne Anderson

Emma Machin

Claire McElvogue

Nicola Messam

Stacie Tomlinson

Beth Lawson

Michelle Audsley

Lower Key Stage Two

Carla Moyles

Ella Darwell

Louise Maltas

Amy Richardson

Nicola Walsh

Upper Key Stage Two

Joan Hill

Emily Stanham

Anastasia Burton

Sharon Wardle (Lead Teaching Assistant)


Learning Mentors (Pastoral Team)

Pastoral Manager: Zoe Smith

Early Years: Catherine Whitwell

KS1: Jemma Thompson

LKS2: Sinead Richards



Child Development & Access Officer: Elaine Birch