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Welcome to Year 3 Walliams class page!


In our class, we have Miss Graham and Miss Maltas.

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Indoor PE will be on a Friday.

PE Kit: white t-shirt, black shorts, pumps. 

If your child attends a sports club after school, they must have a PE kit.



Swimming will take place every Tuesday.

Swimming kit:

Girls - swimming costume (no bikinis or tankinis) towel, hairbrush and goggles (if required)

Boys - swimming trunks (no board shorts) towel, hairbrush and goggles (if required)

All jewellery MUST be removed before the lesson, either at home or by the child.

PLEASE NOTE - staff are not permitted to remove earrings from your child's ears.



Reading books will be changed as and when needed. If your child needs a new reading book, they must put it in the designated box in the classroom on a morning during registration. The book will then be changed and given back to them at home time. As a school, we encourage parents to read with their child at least 3 times per week. We would also like Reading Records to be brought into school on a Friday so that we can update the Raving Readers scores in order for the children to earn rewards.


Week 7 


This week, we have been writing instructions. We started off by learning the features of instructions. We made a toolkit and decided that we would need: a title, an introduction, equipment list, numbered steps, time connectives, adverbs, and imperative verbs. We have then innovated instructions and we have had some fantastic ideas from 'How to trap a unicorn' to 'How to make friends with a leopard'



This week, we have consolidated our learning on column addition and subtraction. We have solved problems in a number of ways and applied all of the skills we have learnt so far.



This week, we have learnt some classroom commands and how to ask someone their name and answer them.




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Week 6 


This week, we have written a brand new warning tale. We have included lots of descriptive techniques, adverbs and adjectives. We have also started to organise our sentences into




This week, we have been starting to use the column method for subtraction. We have used equipment and then recorded the questions into our books.



This week, we have carried out a friction investigation. We discussed surfaces and which ones would create the most friction for a toy car. We then made predictions based on our scientific knowledge. We then measured how far the car travelled across the surfaces. We repeated our test 3 times each to check the accuracy and validity of our results. We found that the concrete in the playground caused the most friction and the wooden floor caused the least friction and the car travelled the furthest.


Growth mindset

This week, we made some origami animals. We had to follow simple pictoral instructions to make a range of animals!


We really enjoyed this task and showed a great deal of resilience!

Attendance Treat!!

As a treat for achieving above 95% attendance for the past 3 weeks, we won an extra garden session. We had a fun time exploring and searching for wildlife in the garden. Keep it up Walliams!!

Week 5


This week, we completed an investigation to work out which children were able to sit in front of the minibus on the way to swimming! We measured each other, ordered and compared our heights and then we worked out who was over 135cm. We then created a timetable for those of us who are lucky enough to be over 135cm! We have decided to measure each other again after Christmas to see if we have grown! We have also started expanded column method for addition. We have used practical resources to explore addition and then moved on to recording it in our books.



We have innovated the story 'Beware of the Iron Man'. We have worked hard to include descriptive techniques and adverbs. Miss Graham has been really impressed with our work and how well we have edited and improved it as we have gone along.


Week 4



This week we have continued learning  the story, 'The Iron Man'. We have been looking at descriptive techniques using adjectives to describe a setting. In our writing, we have been using sentences of three. In preparation for next week, we have planned our own warning tale. 



This week we have continued our work on place value. We have found 10 more and 10 less than a given three digit number. We have also found 100 more and 100 less than a given three digit number. We have used lots of resources and explored the value of numbers. 


Guided Reading

This week, we have been learning about inference. We have created fantastic inferences based upon short films and pictures. 

Reading buddies

Once a fortnight, we go to visit Year 5 for our new 'Reading Buddy' scheme. We spend half an hour sharing a book of our choice with a Year 5 child. We take it in turns to read and share stories together.

Week 3


This week we have began our first topic of 'The Iron Man'. We have learnt the story and have enjoyed analysing the text. We have used dictionaries to find the definitions of words in the text that we do not know. We have also used some fantastic adjectives and similes in our 'Free Write Friday' work.



This week we have continued our work on place value. We have also started to compare and order numbers to 1000.



This week we have investigated pushes and pulls as types of forces. We played charades and we had to guess whether our partner was acting out a pull or a push force. We then sorted them into a table in our books.



Week 2 



This week, we have been looking at place value of 3 digit numbers. We have made the numbers using base ten and place value counters. We have also been developing our reasoning skills and explaining why answers are correct and incorrect. We have particularly enjoyed playing 'Hit the Button' for our mental maths. It is a fantastic way of practising addition, subtraction, doubling, halving and times tables. You can dowload it as an app or follow the link below.



This week we have been looking at sentence construction. We have learnt about simple and compound sentences. We have also swapped roles with Miss Graham and edited work by adding in full stops and capital letters. We were also identifying word classes (noun, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and conjunctions).


In Topic, we have started investigating 'Forces and Magnets'. We discussed our prior knowledge and the things we would like to find out. We then explored the classroom with a range of magnets to find magnetic materials.