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Welcome to Victoria's class page!


In Victoria, we have Miss Graham and Miss Dean.

PE days - Monday (Indoor) and Thursday (Outdoor)


Reading book changing days - Monday, Wednesday and Friday


**Please note, reading books will only be changed on these days and we are actively encouraging the children to be independent by remembering to put their books in the caterpillar box by the door when they need changing**

Ramadan Assembly

Year 1 were visited by Greenmount Primary School today, who delivered a fantastic assembly all about Ramadan. We watched their presentations, listened to their songs and learned lots about Ramadan, how it is celebrated and why. The children of Greenmount gave the children handmade Eid cards and also brought in food for all of the children to try! We had a fantastic time!



For the half term holiday the children have been asked to complete a learning log about a topic. Our topic of 'The Great Outdoors' will be continuing, with a focus on the seasons and weather patterns. For the homework, you could either focus on this area or celebrate some of the learning we have done this half term such as classifying animals, naming plants and trees or labelling the parts of a is up to you! I am looking forward to seeing your super homework when you come back on Monday 4th June.


Happy half-term!


Miss Graham :)

This week in Maths, we have been learning about fractions, position and direction. First of all, we learnt all about halves and quarters and worked hard to find halves and quarters of shapes and numbers. Then we went on to looking at position and direction and turning left and right. We used our knowledge of fractions to include quarter, half and three quarter turns.
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Week 3


We have had a very unusual few weeks at Sharp Lane due to the snow! We have had fun playing in the snow and we have also been working hard too.




This week we have began to innovate our story of the 'Three little wolves' and included some interesting new characters! We are working hard on writing our story endings and making sure we surprise our reader at the end with a plot twist. 




This week we have been learning about length and height. We have been using the language of tall/taller/tallest, long/longer/longest and short/shorter/shortest to compare items around the classroom (including each other!) We have also learnt how to measure accurately using a ruler. Miss Graham and Miss Dean were really impressed!




We have continued our work on materials and we were set a challenge of building the strongest house for the little wolves. We had a range of materials to use in the classroom. We then made some predictions about which house would be the best and why.


Analyz - I think the house made from lego will be the strongest because it sticks together really well and is hard to break.


Stanley - I think the house of paper will be the strongest because it has lots of sheets on and it is heavy.


Alana - I think it will be the house of cardboard because cardboard is strong.


Reece  -I think it will be the house of bricks because the big bad wolf can't blow that one down in the story!


After lots of vigourous testing, the winner was Olivia's house made of lego! Well done Olivia!


Week 1 


This week in English, we have been looking at rhyming words. We have read the poem 'The Garden Year' and highlighted the rhyming pairs. 


This week in Maths, we have been looking at bar models for addition. We have worked really hard and solved lots of problems.


This week in phonics we have learnt the soft c and soft g sounds. We have also learnt to read and spell oh, mr, mrs and looked.


We have also started our new topic of materials. We discussed what things are made from and the properties they have that make them fit for their job.

RED DAY 8.2.18


We had lots of fun bouncing and raising money for the British Heart Foundation. We went on the bouncy castle and had fun joining in with Mrs Smith's funky fitness! 

This half term we have been very busy in Victoria class! We have been working really hard and had lots of fun. We have had a visit from a cricket coach, a visit to the local shops and we have done some super work!


Check out our photos!

Phonics workshop


Thank you to all of the parents who attended, it was lovely to see you and we hope that you found it useful. Reading and phonics are an integral part of Year 1 and it is really important that the children are confident readers to give them every chance of success in their screening check.


If you were unable to attend, I have attached the slides so that you can read them at your leisure. If you have any questions or would like any further resources, please do not hesitate to ask.

Phonics Workshop for Parents

Pure sounds

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This week in Year One we are looking forward to Christmas! We have been very busy making cards and writing letters to Santa! We enjoyed receiving our attendance reward and having afternoon tea with Mr Garden

Christingle Service


Thank you to parents and carers for attending our Christingle service on Friday. The children's singing was fantastic and we have learnt all about the tradition of the Christingle service. We also enjoyed making our own Christingles.

Christingle 2017

Week Commencing 6th November 2017




This week in Maths we have been looking at plac value of numbers. We have looked at missing numbers on a number line and have also started learning to count in 2's. Miss Graham and Miss Dean were very impressed when some children counted in 2's all the way to 100! Well done Alana, Analyz, Yuvraj, Jiale and David!




This week we have been writing information texts all about a bearded dragon. We researched and watched videos all about bearded dragons and made a list of 10 fantastic facts. We have then used the facts to help us to write an information text.




This week we have looked at the journey of Christopher Columbus and discussed what he discovered in the 'New World'. 

Here's what we have been learning this week!

Autumn 1

This half term we are focusing on letter and number formation, punctuating sentences with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces, counting reliably forwards and backwards to and from 20.


What can parents/carers do to support?

- Practise writing out the alphabet in lower and upper case, ensuring children know the names of the letters and the sounds they make.

- Practise counting objects around the home, e.g. how many lego bricks have you used to make your model? how many stairs do you climb to go to bed?

- Read and discuss books as often as you can with your child. Each time they read at home will be recorded on the class chart and rewards will be earnt!


Here are some videos to help...

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

This is a cursive writing demonstration video showing how to write the letters of the alphabet. It models how to write the letters of the alphabet using cursive script. Cursive handwriting is commonly taught in schools across the world.

Jolly Phonics Phase Three

Jolly Phonics is a program designed to help children learn the name and sounds of letters.

The Big Numbers Song

It's a numbers song for children and adults. Count from 0 to 100 and from a hundred to a trillion. This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123. Copyright 2011 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved.