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Adults in our class:

Miss McMaster (Teacher)

Mrs Walsh (Teaching Assistant)



Adults that we work closely with:

Miss Wilson (other year 6 teacher)

Mrs Wardle (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Wilson (Art Teacher)

Hunslet Hawks rugby session

Sharing our diary entries

High School Information
Year 6 Newsletter
Hello and welcome to year 6!
The children look super smart in their black school jumpers and have had a brilliant first week back. We have already started our English, Maths and Topic work and are excited to continue these next week. Can we also say a huge thank you for helping your child with their holiday learning logs - they are fantastic!
This webpage will be used to keep you updated with key information, achievements and events that take place in class so please check it regularly. If you have any questions about year 6, please do not hesitate to contact me or Miss Wilson. 
Thank you, 
Miss McMaster

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