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                                             Golden Owls Millennium Square



Dear Golden Owls entrant,


We are writing to invite you, your family, friends and anyone you want to invite to a special screening of the 2018 Golden Owls Film Awards Films on the big screen on Millennium Square.


We have managed to take over the big screen on 14th and 15th July from 10am-12noon. How did we manage that? Well over 350 children and young people entered a competition run by Leeds City Council on how to make the city centre more child friendly and one of the ten winning ideas included showing free films on Millennium square. What better films could we show... than your films!!


On Saturday 14th July from 10am -12noon films submitted by community groups and young people 14+ will be screened and on Sunday 15th July from 10am -12 noon films produced by children and young people aged  5-15 will be screened.


As part of the child friendly city centre project we will be providing FREE popcorn to children, young people and families watching the screenings on a first come first serve basis from 10am on both Saturday and Sunday. Benches are provided but feel welcome to bring your own portable / collapsible seating, cushions and blankets if you wish.


We only have 120 minutes each day and so sadly can't guarantee every film entered will definitely be shown but we are just finalising the programme to try and ensure we show as many films as possible.

Children need to bring in either some product packaging( sweet wrappers, empty cans, washing up bottles etc) or a photo of a famous person or logo (e.g Leeds FC or FIFA).

We are creating a pop art project and making our own composition using recognizable products and images from today. Please can these be brought in by Wednesday 13th June.


                                                       Half-term Learning Log
The Hobbit
Fractions, Ratio and Proportion
Dissolving, mixing and separating
Reversible and irreversible changes
Rounders Rules

Following on from your amazing Easter Learning Logs, this half term we would like you to create a Pre-Learning Log about your next topic. You can include anything that you want and display it using A3 paper or, if you are feeling creative, you could create a video documentary, PowerPoint presentation or a news report…it is completely up to you! Please send any computer based projects to

Your class teacher will have told you all about your next topic but if you are unsure, check your class webpage and that will give you an idea of the things you’ll be finding out about. We would like this homework to be completed by Monday 4th June. The most interesting and unique ones will be displayed in school. We look forward to seeing your amazing creations!

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Weekly News

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Thank you for the amazing Learning Logs that have been produced - including some videos which we have watched in class.

The Golden Owls

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Year 5 News Week 3

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Year 5 News Week 2

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Image result for world book day
Year 5 and Year 3 children shared their books with each other. Great listening and reading skills!

Book Day Dress Up

Thank you for making such a great effort with your costumes. You look amazing!
We have been investigating the properties of different solids and liquids as part of Science Week.

Year 5 News

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Enjoying the Snow

Enjoying the Snow 1
Enjoying the Snow 2
Enjoying the Snow 3
Enjoying the Snow 4
Enjoying the Snow 5

The Cookie Job Trailer

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We are very pleased to announce, that the film made by Year 5 Film Club has been shortlisted for a Golden Owl Award!

PE-Orienteering "Crazy Cones"

Red Day

Book In A Day

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On Tuesday the Fire Service visited Year 5. The children discussed 3 DO's and 1 DON'T. The 3 DO's were to 1. Have a working Fire Alarm fitted. 2. Have a Fire Plan 3. Always wear your seatbelt. The fire service informed the children of the dangers of 'Hoax Calls', which was the 1 DON'T. For further information please follow the link below.
Christmas Singing in the Community
Afternoon Tea Attendance reward with Mr Garden
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                                                    Week beginning 11/12/17

Games Workshop Newsletter

Our first set of sessions have come to an end. All the children built their own figure and then painted it, using figures and paints supplied by Games Workshop. During the last session the group had the opportunity to play a shortened version of Warhammer using rulers and dice. Please see the newsletter below for more information about The Schools Alliance. Can you find Sharp Lane getting a mention?

We will be running the club again in Spring 2.


Mr Bolton and Mr Oakley

                                             Week beginning 4/12/17
Please find below the songs and lyrics we will performing this Christmas.

Christmas song lyric sheet

Jingle Bells

12 Days of Christmas

Feliz Navidad

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree



Our new topic in class is The Anglo-Saxons. We will be looking at all aspects of Anglo-Saxon life. Starting with where they came from and where they settled, through to how the Anglo-Saxon period ended.


Below are some links to look through at home.


Anglo-Saxon- Bitesize page BBC

Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Homework help page

10 Anglo-Saxon facts History Magazine

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To celebrate World Science Day we used the Reach Out Reporter website to find out some interesting scientific facts.

Asda Herb Tasting

Asda Herb Tasting 1
Asda Herb Tasting 2
Asda Herb Tasting 3
Asda Herb Tasting 4
Everyone had a taste of some different herbs. Our favourite quote was "It tastes a bit leafy" 

Solar System Stroll

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Up Nachos. Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune.

Making Music

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Tenzing class playing the hits!

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                                                   The Moon Homework

I know many of you have enjoyed looking for the Moon to view its different phases but have felt quite frustrated due to the cloud cover we have had recently. The webpage below should help you with what you should be seeing on a night.


Please still take the time to view The Moon first hand before using the webpage.


Happy Moon gazing.


Mr Oakley

Week 1 fun

We have been learning our Alien Landing story using Talk 4 Writing techniques. The children have lots of interesting questions relating to our Space topic. Remember to look to the skies and draw the moon.

Talk 4 Writing

Talk 4 Writing 1
Talk 4 Writing 2
Talk 4 Writing 3
Talk 4 Writing 4

                                               Welcome back Tenzing Class

Miss Dicocco and I have been back for two days now working hard to get the classroom ready. We are really looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday morning, ready and for a new exciting year at Sharp Lane Primary School.

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Year 5/6 Spelling List