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SIMON (Yr 4)


Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
To help us to become more confident in speaking Spanish we played snakes and ladders. During the game we had to ask questions and name parts of our body in Spanish. We are beginning to understand that all nouns have a gender in Spanish. 

Learning Spanish

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Instructions on how to mummify a body.

Instructions on how to mummify a body.  1
Instructions on how to mummify a body.  2

Playing how to build a pyramid game.

Celebrating our successes


In English our next unit is instructions. We started the unit by analysing and following instructions. The children had great fun.

Celebrating our successes.

Ancient Egyptian dancing

Using books to research the Ancient Egyptians

In music we are learning to play the ukulele. It is really good fun.

Celebrating our wonderful learning.

Roald Dahl day!

We are super excited to be back and have had some great fun learning our Egyptian poem using drama and actions.We have also used the Virtual Reality Headsets to step into Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Drama and Virtual Reality Headsets