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Sharp Lane Friends Group

Friends Meeting September 2018

The first Friends of Sharp Lane meeting will take place this Tuesday 18th September at 6pm. 

Come and join our 'Friends' group - Parents, Grandparents, Aunties or Uncles... We need you! You don't need to give hours and hours of time, you may have a particular skill or talent you could use to support us in raising funds to benefit the children.  


Wednesday 10th January 2018 2pm-3pm
Tuesday 23rd January 2018 6pm-7pm
Wednesday 7th February 2018 2pm-3pm
Tuesday 20th February 2018 6pm-7pm
Wednesday 7th March 2018 2pm-3pm
Tuesday 20th March 2018 6pm-7pm


Recent Fundraising by our 'Friends'

Recent Fundraising by our 'Friends' 1 Bonfire Night
Recent Fundraising by our 'Friends' 2 Christmas Stall
Recent Fundraising by our 'Friends' 3 Halloween Trick or Treat bags
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