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On this page you will be able to find out all about RK's fantastic learning and any new interests that have developed.

RK are a fun and entertaining class. Not a day goes by without them finding new ways to make their friends and teachers laugh! It is a pleasure opening the door to them in the morning and seeing all their smiling faces and how eager they are to learn something new.


Summer 2 week 4:


This week the children from each class got to go on a trip to Temple Newsam Farm! We had a lovely time talking about everything that we could see and enjoyed our picnic on the grass! It was wonderful to see the children being so well behaved and really enjoying the day. Well done everyone!

'Take One Picture' - Looking at houses

Summer 2 week 1:


This week in Phonics we have been reading and writing facts about animals. We had to look carefully at the details and features of each animal and match the correct fact or write a fact to match the picture. We have really enjoyed this work!


In maths this week we practised counting back to find the answer. We used a range of resources to aid us with subtraction and counting back and decided which was our favourite method.


This week our project focussed on an image called 'Breaker's Yard'. We discussed the features of the image and explained our thinking and feelings. We decided that we liked the houses and that we were going to make our own. Each class used a variety of materials to create their own houses and representation of houses that we had looked at from around the world.

We drew and made some of the things we want for our picnic

Thank you to all the parents who came to the 10 pieces stay and play. The children really enjoyed showing off their video of dancing to the music 'Mars' by Holst. They also had great fun drawing with their mummies and daddies.

Spring 2 Week 5


This week in maths we have been challenging ourselves by subtracting.  We have been counting back as we take away.  Remember we always need to have the big number in our head then count back from there.

Challenge:  Can you count back from 20?


In phonics we have been practising our ‘ear’ and ‘air’ trigraph and ‘er’ and ‘ar’ diagraph.  Remember a trigraph is three letters that make one sound and a diagraph is two letters that make one sound.  We have been working hard to read and write the trigraphs and diagraphs.

Challenge:  Can you write a story about going to the fair?

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse 1 The children thought the sun looked like a banana!

Spring 2 week 3:


This week in phonics we have been learning the trigraphs ear and air. A trigraph is three letters that make one sound. We have been reading sentences and building sentences using individual words on bricks - this helps us understand what we are reading!

*CHALLENGE* Can you write a list of five words that have the ear or air sound in them? Here's one to start you off... 'hear'. Can you write a sentence about a beard?


In maths this week we have been using our knowledge of doubles to work out halves of numbers. We were very excited when we got to halve a real cake!

*CHALLENGE* Can you have a go at cutting foods in half? Which foods are tricky to cut in half? Which foods are easy?

World Book Day

World Book Day 1 Having fun as our favourite book characters!

So far this half term RK have been focusing on their physical development. The movement area is now new and improved! We have been enjoying exploring the new equipment and this has given us the opportunity to explore different ways to move and relax our bodies.

Spring 2 week 1:

This week in phonics we are revisiting the trigraph 'igh' and digraph 'ng'. Please keep going through your child's sound book with them and reading their reading book regularly.

*Challenge* Can you think of a sentence with the word 'night' in it? Can you have a go at writing the sentence? Remember how to spell your tricky words?


In maths this week we are exploring capacity and using language such as empty, half full, full and overflowing.

*Challenge* Bath time is the perfect opportunity to explore capacity! Can you compare two containers? Which has the greatest capacity?

Spring 1 Week 6


This week in phonics we have been recapping some of the digraphs that we sometimes find a little tricky. We are starting to get much better but we still need help with the ow digraph.

*CHALLENGE over half term it would be lovely if the children could write about some of the things they have been doing. The teachers will be very excited to read these when we get back. Remember words do not need to be spelt correctly. The children just need to be using their phonic knowledge to sound out the words. E.g water would be spelt worter.

Chinese New Year - learning to write in Chinese

Spring 1 week 5


In Phonics we have been learning to use the ur and er digraphs. We know that ur is used in the middle of words and er is used at the end of words eg. hurt, power. Can you write some examples of words with these digraphs?

In Maths we have been finding out about time. We have investigated ways of measuring time and we have been singing a song to help us remember the days of the week in the right order. Challenge us with questions like: "What day is it tomorrow?" "Which day comes after Sunday?" "Which day comes before Saturday?"


Perhaps you could make a diary at home this weekend and draw pictures/write about what you have done each day? We would love to see them next week!

Spring 1 week 4:

This week in phonics we are learning to read and write words containing the digraphs oa and oi . Please remember to watch the video on this page to aid with correct pronunciation.

*CHALLENGE* Can you write a list of oa words that rhyme? Here's one to start...goat. They can be made up words too! Loat, poat, woat...


In maths this week we are learning to put our numbers in the correct order. We have been working really hard to recognise our numbers, expecially those tricky teens!

*CHALLENGE* Can you write these numbers into the right order? 8, 3, 10. How about these - 14, 19, 11. If you really want a challenge try and write these numbers in the right order - 21, 18, 25, 20.

Spring 1 week 3

It's been another busy week in RK. The children are beginning to get quite excited about their project work. The space group has started by looking at the planets and there is no better way than doing it while getting messy! They wanted to make their own 3D planets and have done this out of papier mache. Keep your eye out for the painted planets appearing in the classroom.

The dance group have been deciding which hiphop moves they would like to include in their routine and I am sure next week will be just as exciting when they begin to master these moves themselves! The voting is also taking place about which music they will be dancing to. It is looking like it will be a One Direction song though!


In Phonics we have been learning the new digraph oo. This digraph makes two sounds, a long sound like in zoo and a short sound like in book

* CHALLENGE How many oo words can you think of? Can you write a list of them? Can you split the words into the long oo and the short oo?


In Maths we have been learning about our teen numbers and looking carefully at how we could make these numbers out of numicon. We have been talking about place value and how the 1 in a teen number stands for 10 as our teen numbers are greater than 10.

Spring 1 week 2

This week in phonics we have learnt the new sounds ar and igh. These sounds have also been added to your child's sound book so please make sure you continue practising them at home.

*CHALLENGE: How many words can you think of that have your new sounds in? Can you bring the list in to show your teachers and friends?


In Maths we have been learning all about length. We have been comparing the length of our hands and feet with our friends and have also been having a jumping competition to see who has the longest jump. This was a really fun activity and many of us spent most of the afternoon trying to improve the length of our jump.

The Gingerbread man

This week has been a busy week in Reception. We have started learning the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' as part of talk for writing. The children are doing really well at remembering all the actions that we use to help to tell the story.

The excitement continued when we got to make our own gingerbread men! Everyone was really looking forward to this and kept their fingers crossed that they didn't escape as the oven got opened! During tasting time it was a double thumbs up from all the children for how good the gingerbread men tasted.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Spring 1 week 1:


This week in phonics we have been recapping the digraphs ai and or by reading and writing words and sentences containing these sounds. 


In maths this week we have been exploring 3D shapes and describing them. We sorted shapes into 2D and 3D by looking at their properties. We are all shape superstars!


RK this week have begun their project work based around dance and space. Some of us have enjoyed thinking about all the different types of dance that we could learn and then got very excited about the idea of performing a dance to our parents! The rest of us have been talking about aliens and how we could get to space to find aliens!

Joey the donkey

Joey the donkey 1
Joey the donkey 2
Joey the donkey 3
Joey the donkey 4
Joey the donkey 5
Joey the donkey 6
Joey the donkey 7
Joey the donkey 8
Joey the donkey 9
Joey the donkey 10
Joey the donkey 11
Joey the donkey 12
Joey the donkey 13
Joey the donkey 14

'A Little Nativity' Dress Rehearsal

'A Little Nativity' Dress Rehearsal 1

Autumn 2 week 5

This week in phonics we have been learning the digraphs ee or ai and ow

A digraph is two letters that make one sound.

* CHALLENGE: can you draw pictures of things that have the ai digraph in them? For example: rain, tail, train. Can you label the pictures with the word? Remember to shake those sounds out to spell a word!


This week in maths we have been exploring subtraction. The children have practising reading and writing number sentences as they work to find the answer.

* CHALLENGE: can you count out 12 objects? Now can you take away (subtract) 4? Try and write this as a number sentence (12 - 4=) but don't forget to write your answer after the equals sign! For an extra challenge, try and think of your own subtraction problems. Evidence of this work can be given to Miss King to put in your profile.

Aerial hooping fun

Making snowflakes

Autumn 2 week 4

This week in phonics we have been learning the digraphs ch sh th and ng

A digraph is two letters that make one sound.

* CHALLENGE: can you think of some animal names that have our new digraphs in them? Try and write a list of them to show your class teacher. For example: sheep


This week in maths we have been exploring addition. The children have begun to read and write number sentences and have been practising counting on to find the answer more quickly.

* CHALLENGE: can you add two groups of objects in your house and write the addition as a number sentence? For example: 3 + 5 = 8


The children in RK have also been enjoying the story 'Going on a lion hunt.' Many of them have been retelling the story to their friends and some have even been making their own story maps. It is lovely to see the children showing such an interet in books.

Autumn 2 week 3

This week in phonics we have been recapping all of the sounds that we have learnt so far. The children have done really well with this and will continue to benefit from reading regularly at home and going through the sound book.

* CHALLENGE: when taking your child shopping, encourage them to write their own shopping list! Please remember that the children will be writing phonetically so don't worry if a word is not spelt correctly.


This week in maths we have been exploring more and less. The children quickly picked up on finding at least 1 more than a number and some were even challenged to find up to 4 more!

* CHALLENGE: using objects from around the house, practise finding at least 1 more and 1 less than a number. We would be delighted to see evidence of this through photographs or number sentences that we can contribute to your child's profile.


Congratulations to Macy and her family for being the first to write on a leaf for the shared Good News Tree! Celebrating the children's successes is very important to us in Reception and the children enjoy telling us all about their achievements!

The children's Anti Bullying inspired jigsaw piece

The children's Anti Bullying inspired jigsaw piece 1

Autumn 2 Week 2

In Phonics we have been learning the sounds j v w x y z and qu and looking at the tricky words no, go and into. Please continue to practise these with your child at home.

In Maths we have been perfecting our counting and trying really hard with our number recognition.

This week the children are already starting to get excited about Christmas as they begin to learn their Nativity songs! They are doing really well remembering all of the words and actions. Please keep an eye out next week for the letter about tickets and costumes.


Autumn 2 Week 1

The children have returned to school after half term extremely excited. They were pleased to see the arrival of a new area in the classroom. As it is starting to get cold outside the children had requested a snowy area. They are now beginning to work with their friends to build new homes for animals and Santa's workshop has even been created by some children!!

The writing area has now changed into a police station. Many of the children have been walking around the classroom with notebooks and magnifying glasses looking for clues of crimes and children doing the wrong thing.

In phonics we have been focusing on the sounds g o u f l b and the tricky words I the to

In Maths we have been learning about repeating patterns. We have been using 2D shapes to make our own patterns.

The Cup Challenge

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).