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Year 2 Information Meeting

New learning alert

This week we have been super busy! We have been learning lines for our nativity, making props and perfecting songs! In Maths we have been looking at subtraction on a number line. In English we have been planning a Journey Tale.  There are still some tickets left for our nativity. Tickets are being sold in the office every morning at 8:40am. Grab them while you can!

Year 2 Christmas Production!

Year 2 Christmas Production! 1

New Learning Alert!

This week we have been looking at conjunctions in English. We have identified conjunctions, placed conjunctions into a sentence and started to write our own sentences with conjunctions. In Maths, we have continued to look at addition on a number line to consolidate our understanding. Next week, we will focus on subtraction. We have been very busy practising our nativity - The singing is fantastic! If your child has a speaking part, they will have been sent lines home. We would really appreciate if you could practise them when you have a spare few minutes!

Helping your child with Maths

Helping your child with Maths 1

Addition on a numberline

Addition on a numberline 1

Subtraction on a number line

Subtraction on a number line 1

Sharp Lane Handwriting

Sharp Lane Handwriting  1

Thank you to all those who attended parent meetings this week, if you haven't seen your child's teacher yet please can you arrange a time to see them, that suits you, if you haven't already.


New Learning Alert!

This week we have been working really hard in English innovating our story of 'Handa's Surprise'. We have done a fantastic job of using expanded noun phrases, adverbs and even some conjunctions. In Maths we have looked at addition on a number line - take a look at the help sheet to see how we have taught this concept. Next week we will use this skill with subtraction. In our topic lessons we have looked at the religious beliefs of people in Africa to link with our Geography learning, where we have used an atlas to locate geographical features of Africa. 

New learning alert

Year 2 have been super busy this week with lots of fun learning. 



In English, we have been looking at the story of Handa's Surprise. We have been investigating vocabularly and uplevelling adjectives. 



The children participated in a fun taster session. The session took the children through the basic skills of Judo. They had lots of fun trying something new! - A leaflet should be in your child's book bag for more details. 


Africa Day

On Thursday, it was Africa day. We started the day off with a flight to Africa (virtual reality tour). We explored different habitats and even got to walk with lions! We made collages of African animals and tried some African, vegetarian food. It was delicious! We ended the day with a beautiful performance of an African song. 


Thank you so much for sending your child to school in bright coloured clothes. We are sure you can agree, they looked fantastic!!


A special thank you to people who made some African food. We really appreciate your effort. 


Out of Africa!


To start our topic 'Out of Africa' next half term we will be having an African Day to celebrate African dancing, singing, food and culture. Please read the letter below for more information about this day, we hope you'll be as excited as we are!

Half-term Homework

Half-term Homework 1

Thank you 

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Parent Meeting this week.  We hope you found it informative.  Please see below for the slides we used, for those of you who requested it.


Quite a few parents asked for support with Maths; we hope to plan in another meeting for this later in the school year.  In the mean time, please come and speak to us if you have any specific questions.

**New learning alert


This week we have been busy looking at sequences. We started the week looking at completing the next numbers in a sequence. Throughout the week, we have progressed this and have looked at missing numbers in a sequence. Our attendance has been really good this term so we won an Ipad session. We used this to look at mathletics and times tables rockstars. We had lots of fun!! 


Challenge: can you find the missing numbers?

2, 4, 6, ___ , ____, _____

50, 45, ___ , ____, _____


3, 6, ____,12, 15, ____, ____

10, ____, _____, 40, 50, _____


Super challenge:

2, 5, _____, _____, ______

63, 43,  _____, _____, ______





We have gone back to looking at the 'ingredients' of a sentence. We started the week of looking at what a sentence is. We then have moved onto looking at adding adjectives to make our sentences more exciting. 

On Friday, we have wrote our own sentences about Mrs Tiggy-Winkle. Take a look at our fantastic work.... 



**New learning alert**

Leeds Library Trip

On Monday, we went to Leeds Library to attend a workshop on Nick Sharratt. We only enjoyed our trip and found out lots of information on him. We then had time at the end for lots of fun activities! 


Science Day

We have been busy making sling shots for Peter. We took a trip to the garden and gathered our outdoor and indoor resources. The children could use anything they wanted in the classroom. We had some creative ideas! We talked about our designs and why some worked better than others.Here are a few pictures...


Sling Shot Design / Testing

New learning alert



We have been recapping place value and consolidating our counting knowledge. We have been looking at adding/taking away tens and are starting to understand that when we add tens the ones digit never changes.


e.g. ten less       number      ten more

         14                 24               34


We have also been learning our times tables (Year 2 curriculum - x2, x3, x5 and x10). 



We have been innovating the story of Peter Rabbit. The children have a structured model to change. This week we have been focussing on consistency of capitals letters, full stops and cursive handwriting. 



The children are really enjoying PE this term. Our sport focus this half term is basketball. The sessions breakdown the key skills of basketball. 


Harvest Festival

Our class have been very busy getting ready for Harvest. We have been creating posters and  decorating boxes for our donations to go in.


Thank you so much for donations they have been shared between St George's Crypt and Trinity Day Centre! 


Have a lovely weekend. Remember our Class trip is on Monday the 8th. We will be back to school at a slightly later time of 3:45pm. 

**New learning alert**



This week we have been continuing with our place value topic. We have been comparing numbers using symbols (<,> and =). To do this, we worked out you need to look at the tens digit first and then the ones digit. We have also been looking at ordering numbers which follows the same rule (looking at tens and then the ones). 



This week we have been writing a wanted poster for Peter Rabbit. We have been writing it from Mr McGregor's point of view. We have been thinking of some great adjectives to describe Peter in our shared write. 



We have started our science topic -materials. We have been investigating properties of materials through a practical investigation. 


Attendance award

As a class, we have won an attendance award  for being in school every day.  We have had an extra garden session. In this session, we have created a mini village. We linked this to our science and discussed properties of our houses. We decided they need to be hard, waterproof and flat to be the perfect house!





Garden Session - Class Attendance Award

**New learning alert **



In Maths, we have still been looking at place value and exploring what the tens and ones represent. We have extended our learning and partitioned numbers in different ways. 

Look at this example below: 


CHALLENGE: can you partition these numbers in different ways? 






In English, we have been learning our text, Peter Rabbit! We are really enjoying learning all about Peter Rabbit. Throughout this term, we will be focusing on warning tales. This will lead up to a hot write at the end of the term.  



We have been finishing our Victorian topic by comparing Victorian times to present now. 




**Learning alert **


We have had a jam-packed week full of learning!



In Maths, we have been looking at place value and exploring what the tens and ones represent. We have been making different numbers in various ways to consolidate learning. We have also started looking at partitioning numbers into tens and ones. 



In English, we have been looking at sentences and what makes a sentence. We have also been looking at poems. We have rehearsed and performed poems, we have written a shared poem and written our own personal poems. 



Our topic is Queen Victoria and the Victorian times. We have been researching about Queen Victoria and what it was like for a child in the Victorian times. The children were shocked when they realised there were no TV's and Ipads. We acted out what it might have been like for a child in the Victorian times. 





Welcome Potter class! We hope that you have had a lovely Summer break, the children have told us all about their jam packed holidays! 


Please check this page every week, it will be updated with key information and children's work regularly so that you know all about what you child has been doing in class. We are really looking forward to working with you all throughout the year and we have lots of exciting activities planned. 


You should have a weekly timetable and half term newsletter in your child's book bag, please read this carefully. It will also be on our door. 



A Typical Week in Potter Class


Please be aware that Outdoor PE will take place on a Monday and that Indoor PE will take place on Wednesday. We recommend that children bring PE kit on Monday and take it home again on Friday, this way we can fit in extra PE if weather is an issue.

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