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Welcome to Nursery!


Our Nursery children are happy, curious and full of fun! In Nursery we love to explore outside and we have small group visits to the garden every day. The children love to make music, sing and dance which is fantastic preparation for learning to read and write. The most important thing we do in Nursery is talk! The children are encouraged to talk to each other as much as possible and we promote speaking & listening throughout all that we do.


Each week we will update you on our class page about what we have been learning in Nursery.

Fun with the remote control cars!

Super role play in our new Pet Shop & Vets

The Enormous Turnip -Story Maps

The Enormous Turnip -Story Maps 1 Teysha
The Enormous Turnip -Story Maps 2 Archie
The Enormous Turnip -Story Maps 3 Melissa
The Enormous Turnip -Story Maps 4 Mercedes
The Enormous Turnip -Story Maps 5 Tamsin
The Enormous Turnip -Story Maps 6 Joshua
The Enormous Turnip -Story Maps 7 Lucas
The Enormous Turnip -Story Maps 8 Rosie
The children have produced some fantastic story maps this week. They now know the story so well that they are beginning to innovate it. They have been coming up with different ideas instead of having a turnip growing in their story. This lead to a discussion about what food we can get from out of the ground.

Constructing Models

The children have been maintaining focus and concentration making models from the construction kits. They have really enjoyed making robots from the new construction kit called "hero factory". They have aslo been writing their names and drawing their models so that we know who has made them. This activity has aslo been good for their fine motor skills as the "ball and socket" pieces can be tricky to click together. The children have aslo compared their models using language such as tall, long and short.

Actions For The Enormous Turnip

Actions For The Enormous Turnip 1 Mouse
Actions For The Enormous Turnip 2 The Old Man
Actions For The Enormous Turnip 3 The Little Old Lady
Actions For The Enormous Turnip 4 Boy
Actions For The Enormous Turnip 5 Girl
Actions For The Enormous Turnip 6 Dog
Actions For The Enormous Turnip 7 Cat
The children in Nursery have really made the teachers proud this week because of the resilient attitudes and effort they have put in to achieving their own personal goals! Have a look at a few of their achievements.

Leo has mastered the balance bike!

Still image for this video
Leo has put so much effort into learning to ride the balance bike this week. He was incredibly proud of himself this afternoon as were we all!

Maisie's Super Spinning!

Still image for this video
2 weeks ago Maisie really struggled to use the spinning cone during our movement play. She didn't give up though and has practised everyday. Today she wowed us with her excellent spinning!

Kiera's Brilliant Spinning!

Still image for this video
Kiera also found the spinning cone very tricky but she never gave up and showed lots of resilience as she kept returning to the activity until she mastered it! Well done Kiera!

This week we have developed our movement play further. The hall has been set up each day with a large variety of equipment and resources to promote all aspects of developmental movement. It is essential that we allow children the time and space to revisit key movement patterns such as crawling, spinning, balancing etc as this helps them to develop the strength and core stability needed for skills such as reading and writing. The children have really enjoyed this play and we can see their progress as they keep practising with challenging equipment such as the spinning cones and balance boards.

We invited Parents along to share in our learning and join in with the play!
On Friday we celebrated VE Day in Nursery with a picnic and tea dance! The children made their own jam or cucumber sandwiches for the picnic and really enjoyed chopping and spreading. They also helped to cook rhubarb which we had picked from the garden!

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff

The children are becoming masters at re-telling The 3 Billy Goats Gruff story. They are very good at doing the actions and "stealing" words from the story. This week they have even innovated the story which means they have changed part of it to make up their own versions of the tale. Some examples have been The 3 Jumping Kangaroos, The 3 Galloping Horses, The 3 Roaring Dinosaurs and we have had crocodiles and dragons that live under the bridge instead of the troll!
The children have had great fun learning about St. George's Day and making shields, flags and buns to celebrate!

Outdoor Play

This week the children have been enjoying getting very messy in the mud kitchen! We have had some fantastic imaginative play happening and good use of mathematical language e,g talking about the size of the plates or bowl, how many spoons to fill the bowl, using words like full, empty, more or less. The children have also been collecting sticks from the garden and then attaching them together with various materials to create their own structures.


If your child has something exciting to share with us that they have done at home please send it in to share with their keyworker who will then put it on our new WOW WALL in the cloakroom for everyone to see. This may be a certificate,a special achievement, a place they have visited, something special they have seen or found or a special family event. Also if your child has any particular sustained interests please let your keyworker know, to help us inform our planning and activities.

Easter Bonnet Parade!

There was great excitement in Nursery on Tuesday morning as the children arrived to see that 2 chicks were hatching from the eggs in the incubator! The Mums enjoyed having a cuddle with the chicks at our Stay and Play too! Please pass on to your keyworker or write on our response wall in the cloakroom, comments that your child has made to you home about the chicks.

The chicks have hatched!

Many children have been fascinated by making patterns and carefully covering them with beads. They have paid real care and attention to this activity and displayed such high levels of involvement.


Patterns 1
Patterns 2
Patterns 3
Patterns 4
Patterns 5
Patterns 6
Patterns 7
Patterns 8
Patterns 9
Patterns 10
Patterns 11


Planting 1
Planting 2
Planting 3
Planting 4
Planting 5
Planting 6
Planting 7
Planting 8
This week the children have been helping to plant cauliflowers and cabbages!

Remote Control Cars

This week the children have been learning how to use the remote control cars. They have been creating long and short tracks following on from the work they did on short and tall last week.
This week the children have been exploring the concepts of tall and short. Look at our fantastic tall constructions!

Exploring tall constructions!

Exploring tall constructions! 1
Exploring tall constructions! 2
Exploring tall constructions! 3
Exploring tall constructions! 4
Exploring tall constructions! 5
Exploring tall constructions! 6

World Book Day!

This week the children have been having a wonderful time in our new and improved 'Movement Area'! Giving children the opportunities to move freely in a variety of ways is essential for their development. It is also great fun!
Last week some of the Nursery children visited St Georges Library. They had great frun listening to stories and sharing books with their friends. We hope to visit the library every term so there will be opportunity for different children to visit. Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents that came with their children to the library!

Chinese New Year


Last week the children started to learn about The Chinese New Year celebration. They made Chinese lanterns and had different "chopstick challenges" to do. We look forward to some more Chinese New Year fun next week on Wednesday 11th February at the stay and play sessions. The children (and adults) are invited to wear something red on this day as this is a symbol of good luck when celebrating The Chinese New Year. Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions about the stay and play sessions.

Fun in The Snow!

 Fun in The Snow! 1
 Fun in The Snow! 2
 Fun in The Snow! 3
 Fun in The Snow! 4
 Fun in The Snow! 5
 Fun in The Snow! 6

Making Circles

Making Circles 1
Making Circles 2
Making Circles 3
Making Circles 4

Each week in Nursery we have a movement pattern which we focus on. This week it has been circles!The children have been making gross circular movements by using scarves and ribbons, riding around in on bikes and scooters, travelling around the large construction blocks and  spinning around . The children then "mark make" the movements they have been making, which supports fine motor skills and early writing skills. The children have been "squiggling while they are wiggling" drawing and painting circle shapes to music on large sheets of paper.

Practise drawing circles at home!

Positional Language

Positional Language 1
Positional Language 2
Positional Language 3
The children were following instructions using positional language to place the bear somewhere in relation to the cave. The children then went outside to build a bear cave and used words like next to, behind, on top of, etc to give out instruction to their friends telling them where to hide in relation to the cave. You could try playing an instruction game at home using some positional words.

The Bear Hunt Story Maps

The Bear Hunt Story Maps 1 Paige
The Bear Hunt Story Maps 2 Jake
The Bear Hunt Story Maps 3 Teysha
The Bear Hunt Story Maps 4 Laila
This week the children have been learning how to create story maps. They have then used them to re tell the story "We're Going on a Bear Hunt ." The children have aslo been practising the actions and acting out the story. Ask your child to tell you about the story. You could ask them to show you some of the actions,  tell you some of the places the family travel through on the "Bear Hunt" or have a go at creating a story map at home!
Picture 1 "We're going to catch a big one!"
Picture 2 "Stumble trip, stumble trip"

Welcome Back

We hope the children had a lovely Christmas! The staff were full of praise for the children at the end of term as they  performed amazingly at church! The children have matured since September and are following rules and routines at Nursery very well.  All of the children are settled and saying happy goodbyes. We look forward to seeing the children flourish further this term and build on their  good relationships with their peers and staff at Nursery.




We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Our new story this half term is “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. Following the success of using actions to learn The Christmas Story the children will be learning actions to go with this story. The children will create story maps, act out the story and eventually change part of the story to create their own version of The Bear Hunt. If you would like to see the actions watch Michael Rosen performing the story on story on You Tube. 


Top Talking Tip to Try at Home!


Find a short story that your child enjoys listening to. Read the story to them every night for 4/5 days encouraging them to join in with you (you could even come up with actions for certain words/phrases!!). Once your child is familiar with the story try pausing before saying the last word in each sentence to see if they finish your sentence for you. Finally take it in turns to read pages of the story.


If you try this at home and your child is happy for us to share their story please bring it into Nursery!

Library Visit

Library Visit 1

Library Visits

Following the success of our visit to St Georges library in December we would like to offer another session. The children that participated enjoyed walking with their parents and friends to the library from Nursery. They had a story session and were able to choose books to bring back to Nursery to share with their friends.

Our next library visit will be on Wednesday  4th February.

A.M  session—leave nursery at 9.30

P.M  session leave nursery  at 12.30


The visit lasts approximately 90 minutes. The children will be escorted to the library with a member of the Nursery team but must also have a parent/carer with them for the visit. If you are interested please see a member of the nursery team ASAP as there are only 10 spaces per session. It was lovely to see many dads visiting the library with their children and supporting the importance of sharing stories. If your child does not attend Nursery on a Wednesday you are still very welcome to come along!


Donkey Visit

Donkey Visit 1
Donkey Visit 2
Donkey Visit 3
It has been another busy week in Nursery! The children have had a visit from a very friendly donkey, all of the children stroked him and had their picture taken with him. The children asked if this was the donkey that Mary and Joseph went on to Bethlehem!

Decorating The Tree

Decorating The Tree 1
Decorating The Tree 2
Decorating The Tree 3
Decorating The Tree 4
This week the children have helped to get Nursery ready for Christmas. They were very excited about decorating the tree!

Read and Relax

Read and Relax 1
Read and Relax 2
Read and Relax 3
Read and Relax 4
Read and Relax 5
Read and Relax 6
Read and Relax 7
It was lovely to see so many parents reading to their children during "read and relax" time. Those children whose parents could not come enjoyed reading stories with their key workers. Please keep sharing lots of stories at home!

Different ways of moving!

Different ways of moving! 1
Different ways of moving! 2
Different ways of moving! 3
Different ways of moving! 4
Different ways of moving! 5

Also this week the children have been encouraged to move in different ways. They have been hopping,crawling,sliding,balancing and jumping. Movement helps to support brain devevlopment so get moving at home!

Talk for Writing - Nativity Actions

This week in nursery we have been continuing to learn the Nativity Story. The children have been practising the actions which are helping them to remember the words in the story. The children have also helped to make the characters from the story to create a wonderful display, please come and have a look! This week all children should have come home with their parts for the Nativity performance, if you have any questions regarding parts or costumes please ask a member of the Nursery team.



Next week in Nursery we would like to invite parents or carers to share a story with their child before saying goodbye.  We will be giving out book start packs to the families that take the opportunity to share a story with their child at some point during the week. Read and relax will start on Tuesday 2nd December -Friday 5th December.

There are still places available for the Library visit on Tuesday the 9th and Thursday the 11th of December. Please see a member of the Nursery team if you would like to come!

Christmas is Coming!

Next week  we will be decorating Nursery to get ready for Christmas. Please send your child with a bauble to hang on the tree (not an expensive one!). If you have any decorations you no longer want at home please donate them to Nursery!

In Nursey this week we have been continuing to learn the Nativity story. Can your child remember any of the actions from the story? The children have particularly enjoyed playing a sound bingo game and were very good at using their "magic ears" to listen carefully and identify everyday noises/sounds.

Nursery children have also been very busy making music. We have been exploring creating sounds from everyday objects all around us. It has been particularly noisy outside!

Children in Need

Children in Need 1 Dressing up for Children in Need!
Children in Need 2 Dressing up for Children in Need!

This week Nursery children have been wearing their magic ears and listening very carefully to the sounds all around them. They have really enjoyed our listening walks in the garden. Why don't you have a listening walk somewhere this weekend and tell us all about it next week?


Our listening walk in the garden

Our listening walk in the garden 1
Our listening walk in the garden 2
Our listening walk in the garden 3
Our listening walk in the garden 4
Our listening walk in the garden 5

Having fun at Nursery!