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Nursery is all about learning whilst playing and having fun! The children are encouraged to find out new things by exploring the world around them and ask questions. Nursery is a safe, friendly place where children feel happy to take risks and engage in new experiences. All staff strive to build strong relationships with their key children so that they flourish in our setting and children are supported to become "confident communicators" so that they can express themselves effectively to others. Nursery is a wonderful place to be, please take the opportunity to join us at our stay and play events throughout the year.

Applying for school places

Now is the time to start applying for your school places for September 2018. We will be posting dates for drop in sessions for parents to complete their forms with Mrs Corson very soon! In the meantime, please consider which schools you are going to apply for. It is really important to apply to several schools so please think carefully about the schools near to you and which ones you would be happy for your child to attend. It's a good idea to go round and visit different schools and look at their websites at this time of year to help you make an informed choice. Please refer to the FAQ document above and ask the staff in Nursery if you have any questions regarding applying for school places.
We are now making regular trips to the garden. The children had a lovely time exploring and collecting interesting things making comments about what they saw and found. They also enjoyed climbing on the branches of the large old Oak tree. 
This week the children have been developing their fine motor skills by hammering golf tees into pumpkins! Hammering is very good for strengthening the muscles in children's arms, wrists and hands (which is needed for writing). The children were very good at using them safely and taking turns with each other. 

Celebrating Diwali

Celebrating Diwali 1
Celebrating Diwali 2
Celebrating Diwali 3
Celebrating Diwali 4

Exploring The New Outdoor Area

Exploring The New Outdoor Area  1
Exploring The New Outdoor Area  2
Exploring The New Outdoor Area  3

This week we have been talking about different things that people celebrate. We have then focused on

a special celebration called Diwali. The children have taken part in lots of different activities such as Bollywood dancing, designing their own mehndi patterns, rangoli patterns, dressing in traditional Indian clothing and tasting Indian food. We would like to create a "Lets Celebrate" display in Nursery. If you have anything special that you are celebrating at home please let your key worker know. 

Carpet Rules!

Carpet Rules! 1
Carpet Rules! 2
Carpet Rules! 3
Carpet Rules! 4
This week at Nursery we have been teaching the children the carpet rules. This will help the children to become active listeners during focused sessions. The children are trying really hard to follow these rules whenever they come to the carpet area. Can your child tell you one of the carpet rules at home?!

Home Visits

Home visits will be taking place between 6/9/17 and 15/9/17. During the visit your child's Keyworker and another member of Nursery staff will come to your home as the first step in establishing a positive, trusting relationship with your child and your family. The aim of the visit is to get to know your child and see them in their home surroundings where they will feel most at ease and confident. One member of staff will play with your child whist the other member of staff completes the admission forms and additional paperwork with a parent.The visit is very informal and is expected to last about 30 minutes. Our safeguarding policy requires that 2 members of staff will attend each home visit. As part of the home visit, staff will need to see your child's Birth Certificate so please have this available during the visit.

We look forward to seeing you and getting to know the children smiley

The children are settling in well during their early days. They are playing alongside each other and some children have already started to make new friends. We feel being happy and being able to engage with others at Nursery is a very important for your child to develop and progress.  Key workers will be supporting children to build relationships with adults and friends in the setting. 
The children all enjoyed their stay and play sessions. The staff at Nursery feel these are really important to help the children settle in. If you have any questions about how your child is settling please don't hesitate to speak to the key workers at Nursery. 

Happy home visits.

Happy home visits. 1
Happy home visits. 2
Happy home visits. 3
Happy home visits. 4
Happy home visits. 5
Happy home visits. 6
Happy home visits. 7
Happy home visits. 8
Happy home visits. 9
Happy home visits. 10
Happy home visits. 11
Happy home visits. 12
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Happy home visits. 16
Happy home visits. 17
Happy home visits. 18
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