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Welcome to Nursery!

Nursery is all about learning whilst playing and having fun! The children are encouraged to find out new things by exploring the world around them and ask questions. Nursery is a safe, friendly place where children feel happy to take risks and engage in new experiences. All staff strive to build strong relationships with their key children so that they flourish in our setting and children are supported to become "confident communicators" so that they can express themselves effectively to others. Nursery is a wonderful place to be, please take the opportunity to join us at our stay and play events throughout the year.  

Fun In The Sun!

We have had some very sunny weather so the children decided they wanted to go in a paddling pool! They had lots of fun splashing in the water with their friends.
Thank you to everyone who could make it to the "picnic in the park" last week. The children (and grown ups) had a lovely time taking part in lots of fun activities from duck racing in the stream, bug hunts, wooly worms and lots more! It was lovely to see both parents and children engaging in conversation with each other during the picnic. 

The chicks have started to hatch!

After learning the Little Red Hen story the children wanted to have a go at making bread. They were all very helpful (not like the characters in the story) and enjoyed kneading the bread. Their favourite part was eating the bread! 

Doctors Surgery

The children have enjoyed pretending to be doctors this week in our new role play area. There have been lots of sick children and poorly babies! 


Eggs! 1
Eggs! 2
Eggs! 3
Eggs! 4
Eggs! 5
Eggs! 6
The children have been very excited this week as we had a visit from a farmer who delivered us some eggs. They are desperate to see them start cracking but it's going to be a long wait! We are on day one of the process and it takes twenty days for the chicks to hatch so watch this space!! 

The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen 1
The Little Red Hen 2
The children are beginning to learn the words and actions to this terms story "The Little Red Hen." Can your child show you the actions to match the pig, cat and rat? 

Learning all about shapes!

The children are getting very good at naming shapes and using mathematical language to describe them. They have taken part in lots of different shape based activities. They have made and drawn  pictures using shapes, been on shape hunts, played the "magic bag" game using shapes, built with shapes, found shapes on the smart board and lots more! If your child has been talking about shapes at home it would be great if you could write an observation and post it to us on tapestry!

Jasper's Beanstalk

Jasper's Beanstalk  1
Our new story this term is called Jasper's Beanstalk. The children have been learning the words and the actions using the text map. See if they can tell re tell it to you at home!

Exploring the 'Part Part Whole' Model

The children have been exploring number 6 through the 'part part whole' model. This is a visual model that supports children develop their understanding of the concept of 6 as an amount and explore the relationships between numbers. We have been using sentences such as "5 is a part, 1 is a part and 6 is the whole" to describe their thinking.



Observing Pond Life!

This week the children have made visits to the pond to find out what lives in there. Some of the children thought there might be sharks, crabs or fish! We didn't see any of these  but the children have observed many different living creatures. We have been discussing the correct names of some of the pond life e.g, tadpoles, pond skaters, water boatman,newts and pond snails. Some of the children came back from the pond and drew observational drawings of the creatures they had seen. 

Pond Life!

Pond Life! 1
Pond Life! 2
Pond Life! 3
Pond Life! 4

Roy brought his corn snake in

On Tuesday the 21st March The Wood Wind Trio came to visit Nursery. They performed The Three Billy Goats Gruff story to the children using the instruments. The children were thoroughly engaged joining in with the different parts of the story, that they all know so well! 

How to plant a sunflower seed

How to plant a sunflower seed 1
This week at Nursery we are using a text map to teach children how to give instructions on how to plant a sunflower seed. Can your child remember any of the words or actions from this text map? We have talked about words like "First, next, after that, then and finally" being very important to use so that they help us to do the steps in the right order. 

Parents Evening

Parents Evening appointments will take place tonight andThursday evening. Appointments tonight will be in the conservatory round the corner from the Nursery door. Appointments on Thursday will be in Nursery as usual. Parents arriving for appointments after 6pm this eveing will need to access the school grounds through the car park gate. We look forward to seeing you!

Easter Egg Raffle

Please support our Easter Egg Raffle. Tickets are 20p each and the proceeds will go towards new story sack resources. Any donations would be greatly appreciated! The raffle winners will be drawn next Wednesday after our Easter Bonnet Parade.

This week we made playdough trolls as many of the children have a keen interest in them. This has come from lots of children watching The Trolls movie. They have also made links with the mean horrible troll that lives under the bridge in The Three Billy Goats Gruff story. The children have been talking about different types of trolls and whether they are good or bad characters. They are also planning on going on troll hunts in the garden rather than bear hunts! 
At the beginning of the week the children had a discussion about their favourite toppings for pancakes.The most popular were chocolate sauce/spread, jam, syrup and strawberries. Everyone had the chance to try a pancake and choose their topping. Yum yum!!
The children have been exploring mathematical concepts such as shape, counting, sorting and grouping with our play sticks! There was some great critical thinking happening as they played with them!

Mathematical mark making - exploring 3

Mathematical mark making - exploring 3 1 Harrison drew 3 ducks
Mathematical mark making - exploring 3 2 Kaytlyn drew 3 'Kaytlyns'
Mathematical mark making - exploring 3 3 Oliver drew 3 people

Dragon Dancing!

Still image for this video

Celebrating The Chinese New Year

The children have had an exciting week celebrating The Chinese New Year. They have made chinese lanterns, decorated a large dragon so that they could take part in a dragon dance, chopstick challenges, tasting Chinese food and lots more! The children were also taught the Chinese New Year story about the animals that race across the river, to decide who will have the new year named after them. Can your child remember any of the animals in the story? 
This week we have been mark making on a "big scale" in the outdoor area. The children particularly enjoyed using the rollers. This was a great activity for strengthening the children's shoulder and arm muscles in preparation for writing.   If you have any old rollers or large paint  brushes at home that you no longer require please could you donate them to Nursery. Thank you!
This week the children have been using the I pads. They were shown how to use a simple program which involved concentrating very hard so that they could find where the monsters were hiding! 

Text Map

Text Map 1
Text Map 2
This term our story is We're Going on a Bear Hunt. This week we have introduced the children to the story using a text map. This is a series of signs and symbols which are then accompanied by actions as we tell the story. This way of teaching helps the children to internalise the story so that they will eventually be able to read it independently. Some of the children are already using this to re tell the story using the words and phrases from the text. This is fantastic as it is only the first week learning  the text! 

Using The Text Map

A Very Windy Day!

Physical Play in The Garden

Bear Hunt Video

Still image for this video

Happy New Year!

The children have been talking lots about their experiences of Christmas this week and it has been lovely to hear the excitement and happiness in their voices as they shared their memories in key worker groups. Lots of children were talking about the story of 'Going on a Bear Hunt' as many had watched it on Christmas Eve and shared the story at home. This theme has dominated a lot of their play this week so we have been on several 'Bear Hunts' down in the garden. Maybe you coud go for a Bear Hunt this weekend and let us know what you find...

Bear Hunts in the Garden

Merry Christmas!

Still image for this video
This week we are inviting the parents to spend time reading a story to their child before saying goodbye. This is to promote a love of books and story telling and provides an opportunity for you to play with your child at Nursery. We look forward to seeing more parents, grandparents or carers throughout the week. 
This week we are going to be very busy practising our Nursery Rhyme Nativity. Please help us by downloading the song words from the link below and singing the songs at home too! They are all very easy and sung to the tune of many familiar Nursery Rhymes. This week we will be coming home with a letter about the Nativity, our part in it and the costume we will need. Please don't hesitate to chat to your Keyperson if you have any difficulties providing a costume as we have a collection in Nursery that you could borrow.

Nativity Text Map

Nativity Text Map 1
This week the children will be learning the Nativity story by using a text map. This is a series of pictures or symbols that trigger the children's brains to remember the words and actions to the story. We have found this method of teaching stories extremely successful. As the children become more familiar with the text map you will be able to see if they can re tell the Nativity story to you at home. 

The theme for Children in Need was to wear something spotty (or yellow) so we decided to count spots during one of our carpet sessions! The children practised their counting by counting the spots inside the numicon. They played musical partners, when the music stopped they had to find a partner and tell their friend something about thie piece of numicon. Some children talked about the colour, others counted the spots and some compared their numbers discussing whose was bigger or smaller. Numicon is an excellent resource that we use in Nursery to support the learning and understanding of number. Please come and have a play with it when you are free!


The children also did lots of baking for the bun sale at the end of the day to help raise money for the charity. We would like to thank Ocean Bedford's mummy who brought in a gigantic Pudsey Bear cake for the children to share. At the end of the day we gathered together to have a slice of Pudsey cake! It was delicoius!

Autumn 2 Newsletter

The children were very excited to tell their key workers all about their Halloween costumes and their "trick or treating" adventures. This lead us on to discussing other types of celebrations. We found out that some children were celebrating Diwali when they were celebrating Halloween. The children then took part in different activities linked to Diwali. They made Diva lamps (out of clay), Rangoli patterns, did Bollywood dancing, Mehndi patterns and tried Indian food. 

Clever Construction!

This week the whole school is taking part in "The Big Draw."  This year it has been given the title STEAM (Science,Technology,Engineering,Arts,Maths). In Nursery we are being "engineers" and making prototypes with different sized bricks,blocks and crates. The children are then drawing their designs. These are just a few examples so far! 

Benjamin noticed a strange banging sound we heard as we dropped the register off at the office so we decided to go on a listening walk to see if we could find out what was making the noise. We disovered it was an excavator-mounted jackhammer working on the site behind school! There was also an excavator moving the rubble. Here are some of the comments the children made:

Rory: It's louder now. I think it's from there. (pointing to behind the bushes as we walked round)

Riley: It's a smashing one

Benjamin: When the arm goes up, the banging noise stops.

Remi: I can hear it. It goes bang bang bang!


Demonstrating Resilience

At Nursery we teach the children not to give up! If they say they can't do something we always add the word "YET!" Here are some great examples of children demonstrating independence and resilience. 

Having fun at Nursery!

Social Lunchtime at Sharp Lane