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Welcome to Nursery!


Nursery is all about learning whilst playing and having fun! The children are encouraged to find out new things by exploring the world around them and ask questions. Nursery is a safe, friendly place where children feel happy to take risks and engage in new experiences. All staff strive to build strong relationships with their key children so that they flourish in our setting and children are supported to become "confident communicators" so that they can express themselves effectively to others. Nursery is a wonderful place to be, please take the opportunity to join us at our stay and play events throughout the year.  

Getting to know our new teachers

Look at the fabulous house we created today!

This morning Kai made a plane and flew everyone to Ibiza!

Exploring in the garden with all our senses

Cuddles with the chicks!

Look who greeted Mrs White at Nursery this morning...

Look who greeted Mrs White at Nursery this morning... 1

Rainy day picnic fun!

Nursery Picnic in the Park

We are anticipating rain today so please wear waterproofs and wellies for some rainy day fun! We look forward to seeing you at Middleton Park at 10.30am this morning. Please remember that all children must be accompanied by a parent/grandparent/other appropriate adult over 18 for the duration of the event. Don't forget your picnic lunch!

The Enormous Turnip Actions

Here are some of the actions for The Enormous Turnip story. The children are getting very good at using the story map and the actions to re tell the story. See if they can tell you some of the words and show you some of the actions at home. 

Jazzy Junk Music

Taking Molly & Lottie for a walk

As part of our 'Dogs' project, some of the Nursery children took 2 dogs for a walk this morning. The dogs were called Molly and Lottie and they were very friendly and well-behaved! The children enjoyed the responsibility of holding the leads and they were very good at taking turns to do this.

Thank you Mrs Heighton for letting us walk your dogs with you!

Movement Play - climbing and swinging

The children were very happy that the sun has been shining this week! They made a 'picnic' area with blankets on the grass and brought their snack outside. They are now planning further picnics and the food they will prepare!

The children's 'picnic'!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This term our new story is The three Billy Goats Gruff. The children have been introduced to the story using a "Text Map." The text map uses symbols and images to help the children remember the words and actions to the story. Ask your child if they can remember some of the actions to the story. The children have also been using the props to re tell the story during their independent play time.
This week the children have been exercising their finger muscles by threading tiny beads onto pipe cleaners. They have also been making different movement patterns using a variety of small resources such as acorn cups, beans, pebbles. Children need strong muscles in their hands and fingers to be able to write. They also need explore different movement patterns such as zig -zags, straight  lines, circles and bridge shapes which will then support the development of letter formation. You could try encouraging your child to mark  make some of these patterns at home. 

Planting Potatoes!

This week the children have been helping Mrs Davies plant potatoes. They had to help with the preparation by stacking up  the  tyres, lining them with plastic bags and then filling them up with soil. We will be discussing with the children what we can make with the potatoes as they really enjoy cooking activities. 
Last week the children wondered if we could bake bread using juice instead of water so yesterday we tested out their ideas to see what would happen. Lacey-Jane thought "It will be so yucky. Juice is not for baking, it's just for drinking." Darcie thought "It will be delicious and lovely because I love juice. It's so sweet and tasty for me." The bakers set to work to find out what would happen!

Baking bread with juice experiment!

The bread was ready to eat and smelling good! The children commented "It looks like normal bread." "It's not purple. It should be purple because the juice is purple." "It smells good to eat."

We cut it up and spread some butter on it and all had a taste. Nearly all the children liked the taste commenting "Mmm..It's like cake" "It's a bit sweet." "It's not juicy. It tastes a little bit like juice." "It's just nice like soft bread."

We shared it with our families at home time too! The grown ups were a bit unsure about tasting our 'Juice Bread' but many did and commented that it was "unusual but not unpleasant!" Thank you for sharing in our experiment and valuing the children's ideas - they were very proud!

We found frog spawn in the pond!

Our Bread Baking Experiment!

This week we baked bread linked to The Little Red Hen story. We talked about the ingredients needed to make the bread and had a discussion about the magic ingredient-Yeast! We discussed what would happen if we left the yeast out of the recipe. The children made some predictions before starting their experiment. Isaac said "I think the bread with the yeast will grow bigger and the bread without the yeast will shrink". After the bread was baked the children compared the size of both loaves and came to the conclusion that the one with the yeast did "grow" but the one without the yeast stayed the same size. The children preferred the taste of the bread with the yeast in it. On Thursday the "end of the week" children did the same experiment and Gabriel wondered what would happen if we used juice instead of water! We are going to try this experiment next week so watch this space! 
This week some of the children went to the garden to dig up the leeks. We talked about the kinds of foods that we get from the ground and what helps them to grow. After pulling up the leeks we brought them back to Nursery to peel and wash. The children then chopped up the leeks to make vegetable soup. We had a discussion about how the leeks had changed once they had been cooked. The children then enjoyed eating the soup with some bread they had prepared earlier that day! 

Fishing For Shapes!

Fishing For Shapes! 1
Fishing For Shapes! 2
Fishing For Shapes! 3
Fishing For Shapes! 4
Fishing For Shapes! 5
Fishing For Shapes! 6
Fishing For Shapes! 7
Fishing For Shapes! 8

Baking Butterfly Cakes

Parents Evenings - 14th & 15th March

Please make sure you have returned your reply slip and made an appointment to meet with your child's keyworker by Wednesday 9th March. We look forward to seeing you!

Sledging fun in the snow at Stay & Play!

Thank you for joining in with our World Book Day celebrations!

Thank you for joining in with our World Book Day celebrations! 1
Thank you for joining in with our World Book Day celebrations! 2


Please remember that the children are invited to come to Nursery dressed as a character from their favourite book on Thursday to celebrate World Book Day. Parents are invited to stay and share a story with their child at the start of each session next week and children can bring in their favourite books from home to share with their keyworker.

We still have a few spaces left on our storytelling sessions at St Georgre's Library if any parents/grandparents are interested in accompanying their child on Thursday 3rd March. The morning session is 9-10.15am and the afternoon session is 12.30-1.45pm. Please let your keyworker know if you are interested in joingin us. The parents and children who attended the previous sessions gave great feedback about them!

Family Fun at the Library!

Nursery children and parents had a lovely time at the library on Friday. Julia, the librarian, facilitated some fab storytelling sessions and introduced the new 'Story Bags' for families to borrow and share together at home. We have more visits to the library planned for World Book Day (Thursday 3rd March) so don't miss out, see your Keyworker to reserve your place!

Pancake Day!

Pancake Day! 1
Pancake Day! 2
Pancake Day! 3
Pancake Day! 4
The children enjoyed pancake tasting at the snack table on Tuesday. They helped to chop up the fruit to go on top of the pancakes. A big thank you to Callum's mummy for supplying some of the pancakes and delicious toppings for the children to try! 

Moving and Grooving on a Friday afternoon!

Still image for this video

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The children had lots of fun hunting for bears in the garden. Once they had found a bear they brought it back to the "magic circle" to sort them into "colour families." We then counted how many bears in each family we had found. 

Finger Gym

Finger Gym 1
Finger Gym 2
Finger Gym 3
Finger Gym 4
Finger Gym 5
Finger Gym 6
Finger Gym 7
This week the children have been matching the pegs to the number and numicon cards. This has been great for counting out a certain amount and supporting the recognition of numerals. The children have also been using the language large/big, medium and small to sort out the pom poms into the correct sized baskets with the tweezers. Whilst the children have been attaching pegs to the number cards and using tweezers to sort the pom poms they have been strengthening the muscles in their hands to support pencil grip for writing! 

Cuddles with Scratchy the Guinea Pig

The children have continued to enjoy play based around the story of The Bear Hunt this week. A small group of children went down to the garden to hunt for bears this morning and they wanted to build dens for them to keep them dry (it was very wet and windy this morning!) After braving the weather for quite a while they chose to go back to Nursery to dry off and build dens inside instead!

Dens for bears!

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Our new story this term is "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen. The children have started to learn the actions and words to this story. They have already remembered lots of the repeated phrases from the story and have begun to act it out in their play. The children were fascinated when watching a clip of Michael Rosen re telling the story on you tube. You could try watching this at home and see if the children can join in. (

Exploring number 4!

Our number study area is now exploring 4. We have been exploring the value of 4 using lots of different objects and arrangements. Please explore number 4 together at home and send us in any photographs or observations to add to our Number Study display. This week we have welcomed lots of happy, new faces into Nursery in our Stay & Play sessions for new children. Well done everybody for playing so well!


Don't forget that it is our Nursery Class Photos this week! The photographers will be in on Tuesday morning (12/1/16) and Thursday afternoon (14/1/16). If your child does not attend Nursery on either of these sessions then please feel free to call in and bring your child to join us for the photographs. Please let your Keyworker know if you are planning to join us for the photographs.

Building clay shelters

Numicon Number Work

Numicon Number Work 1
Numicon Number Work 2
Numicon Number Work 3
Numicon Number Work 4
Following our Maths session using the numicon to practise counting, some of the children went on to combine 2 numicon pieces and count how many altogether. Remember to take every opportunity to practise counting objects at home too!

We would like to say a HUGE 'Well Done' to all of our wonderful children for performing so well in our Nativity today! We are so very proud of each and every one of them.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we will see you on Tuesday 5th January 2016!

Our Christmas Party!

Nativity Performances

Nursery's Nativity will take place at The United Reformed Church in Middleton (LS10 3LG) on Friday the 18th of December. Nursery is CLOSED on this day. You should have received a letter telling you which performance your child is in and what costume they need to wear. Please bring your child to the performance, in their costume, 15 minutes before it is due to start.

  • Morning performance starts at 10.30 a.m
  • Afternoon performance starts at 1.00 p.m

​If you have any questions please speak to a member of the Nursery team. 

This week at Nursery it is read and relax.We are inviting all parents, grandparents and carers to stay and share a story with their child before leaving. This will be happening all week so if you have a spare 5 five minutes please stay and read with your child. This is to promote a love of books and reading!

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story 1

The children have been using a "text map" to learn the Christmas story.The children have learned words and actions to match the symbols and are now fantastic at re telling the story. Can they do it at home?


By the end of this week you shoud know which part your child is playing in the Nativity and which performance they need to attend. Please see a member of staff if you have not received a letter.

Nursery Rhyme Nativity

Fairy Strings!

Fairy Strings! 1
Fairy Strings! 2
Fairy Strings! 3
Fairy Strings! 4
Fairy Strings! 5
Fairy Strings! 6
Fairy Strings! 7
Fairy Strings! 8
The children love visiting the garden and hunting for "treasures." This week they discovered the fairies had been dancing and left some of their fairy strings on the trees. The children collected them and then worked together to twist them and make friendship bands.

Freya, Olivia, Leia and Hannah made 'Happy' music!

Still image for this video
As part of our learning around Anti-Bullying Week, Nursery children explored their feelings through music. We listened to a variety of instrumental pieces and discussed how each piece made us feel. The children then used the instruments to create their own music. The girls in this video had a lovely time making 'Happy Music'!

Making noise through music for Anti-Bullying Week !


Fireworks! 1
Fireworks! 2
Fireworks! 3
Fireworks! 4
Fireworks! 5
Fireworks! 6
Fireworks! 7
Fireworks! 8
Fireworks! 9
Fireworks! 10
Fireworks! 11
Fireworks! 12
The children have been making fireworks using different types of media. Some children have squirted paint on the playground, rolled bouncy balls in paint, used brightly coloured wool ,printed with straws, and used beads in the glittery, black playdough to create representations of fireworks. Other children have been making firework sounds with the musical instruments and moving their bodies pretending to be exploding fireworks!The children have also been to the garden to collect sticks and have painted them to create a bonfire for a display in Nursery. 

Halloween Fun!

Exploring the inside of the pumpkin

Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 1
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 2 I wonder what's inside?
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 3 Chloe thought there might be a toy inside...
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 4 Darcie thought the inside was smelly!
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 5
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 6
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 7
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 8
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 9
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 10
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 11
Exploring the inside of the pumpkin 12 Look what Harry made!
This week the whole school has been taking part in an event called "The Big Draw". We have looked at pictures created by an artist called Lynette Yiadom-Boakye and some of the children have used oil pastels to re-create her drawings. The children have also been developing their drawing skills by drawing either themselves or a friend. Some children have just had fun exploring different media to make marks e.g using mud, shaving foam, chalks, oil pastels and paints. 

What is growing in the garden?

What is growing in the garden? 1
What is growing in the garden? 2
What is growing in the garden? 3
What is growing in the garden? 4
What is growing in the garden? 5
What is growing in the garden? 6
What is growing in the garden? 7
What is growing in the garden? 8
The children have enjoyed finding out what is grows in the garden. They found tomatoes and apples so picked some of them to bring back to share with their friends at the snack table. Some of the children discovered things that we cannot eat therefore we had a discussion about which things are safe to eat and what might happen if we put something in our mouths that we shouldn't!

Wow look how high we can jump!

Wow look how high we can jump! 1
Wow look how high we can jump! 2
Wow look how high we can jump! 3
Wow look how high we can jump! 4

Autumn Pictures

Autumn Pictures 1
Autumn Pictures 2
Autumn Pictures 3
Autumn Pictures 4
Autumn Pictures 5
Autumn Pictures 6 I made a butterfly!
Some children have been bringing in "signs of Autumn" from home. We have also collected things from the school garden which the chidren have then used to create their own pictures. Please continue to bring in leaves, conkers, acorns, pine cones, sticks etc for the children to use at Nursery.

Exploring the Garden!

The children have had lots of fun exploring the wild and wonderful things in the garden. They have also played a game where they had to hunt for pictures from "The Shark in the Park" story. The children  then had to work collaboratively to fix  the pictures back together to make the front cover of the book. The children were very excited to tell others about what they had discovered in the garden. Visits to the garden will be planned every week so that all children get to experience learning in this fantastic outdoor area of our school.
The children have been fascinated by the dew covered cobwebs in the playground. We went on a web hunt and took some spray bottles filled with water to recreate the early morning dew on the webs. The children loved this activity and talked about how 'sparkly' and 'beautiful' the webs were. They did some great critical thinking about how to reach the webs that were high up, deciding to build some steps using the wooden blocks. Back inside they were very involved with making their own webs, using a variety of media such as glue and glitter, masking tape on the carpet and chalk and wool on paper. They have also really enjoyed watching video clips of real spiders weaving webs! Why don't you have a hunt for webs at home? Please let us know if you find any and what the children say about them.
This week the children have been having lots of fun in the mud kitchen. They particularly enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles. They discovered the higher they jumped the bigger the splash!! 

Having fun on Friday afternoon!

Still image for this video
The children have settled in very well this week. For many of the children it is the first time they have been left by their "special grown up" and they have been very brave! The children have had lots of fun engaging in the different areas at Nursery. We look forward to welcoming the rest of our new starters next week! 

Stay and Play

Our first day of play and stay sessions was very successful, all of the children were happy engaging in the different areas both inside and outside at Nursery. Please remember if you have any questions you would like to ask take the opportunity to talk to your child's key worker, we are happy to help!