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Welcome to Montgolfier class. This year we had to choose a significant European person from History. The children researched different people and voted in favour of Montgolfier. The Montgolfier brothers were the first people to invent the hot air balloon.


Teachers in class: Miss Playford

Constructing a 3D shape

As part of learning about 3D shapes we challenged the children to make their own 3D shape using different materials such as marshmallows,  spaghetti,  playhouse and straws. It was good fun. 


Filey 1
Filey 2
Filey 3

Layers of soil

Layers of soil 1
Layers of soil 2
Layers of soil 3
Layers of soil 4
Layers of soil 5

We have been learning about the different layers of soil. We had lots of fun making an edible version of the different layers - 

Bedrock - milk chocolate chips

Parent material - white chocolate chips

Sub soil - chocolate mousse

Top soil - crushed oreos

Organic layer or Humus - coconut flakes made green by food colouring.


To make it look effective we used gummy worms.


Hot seating

Still image for this video
We've been interviewing the different characters from our text Cinderboy.
As part of topic we have been learning about the different types of fossils. We've made our own fossils using salt dough and dinosaur skeletons.

Rock hunt

Rock hunt 1
Rock hunt 2
Rock hunt 3
We went on a rock hunt in the garden. We had to identify the different rocks around the garden and think about what they are used for in every day life.

Learning angles

Learning angles 1
Learning angles 2
Learning angles 3
Learning angles 4
Learning angles 5
Welcome back. Hope you've all had a lovely holiday and are ready for an exciting, action packed half term.

Exploring rocks

In science we looked at the description of the rocks and we had to match the rock to the description. We then looked at the different types of rocks - sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.


Time 1
Time 2
Time 3
Time 4
Time 5
Time 6
In Maths we are learning about time, we had a list of activities to do and we had to estimate how long we thought it would take to do the various activities. We then went outside and used a stopwatch to time how many minutes and seconds each activity took us to complete. 

Royal wedding banquet

Royal wedding banquet  1
Royal wedding banquet  2
Royal wedding banquet  3
Royal wedding banquet  4
We enjoyed eating our lunch outside in thr sunshine, to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Prince Harry and Mehgan Markle.  

Rocks & Soils

As part of our rocks and soils topic we started with a vocabulary lesson. We thought of lots of words to describe the sweets. We sorted the properties of sweets into different groups using a Venn diagram. We really enjoyed this lesson and came up with lots of fantastic vocabulary. We started comparing some of the sweets to different rocks we might see.
We learnt the story of St. George and the dragon. We acted the story out taking on the role of the characters in the story. We then freeze framed the main parts of the story. We all enjoyed taking on the role of the fearsome dragon.

St.George and the dragon

We learnt the five British values and thought about what makes us British. We had to sort the values into whether they were one of the British values or not.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Montgolfier class will be going swimming on a Monday starting on Monday 23rd April. The children need to remember to bring their swimming kit. Please note, we will return to school at 3.30pm.

Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Easter break and are ready for the Summer term.

Music with Miss Pearson

Music with Miss Pearson 1
Music with Miss Pearson 2
Music with Miss Pearson 3
During the spring term, we have learnt to play the ukulele with Miss Pearson. It has been good fun, we have had to be resilient at times because some of the notes were tricky to learn. We are really proud of ourselves. 



We have been working really hard to learn the songs for Joseph. We are accompanying Year 4 in their performances on Tuesday 27th March at 6pm, Wednesday 28th March at 1.30pm and Thursday 29th March at 9.15am. Tickets are still available.

Sports Relief

Sports Relief - Friday 23rd March

The children can wear sports wear on the day for a contribution of £1. Sports activities will take place throughout the day.

Animals including Humans.

This week as part of Science week, we explored the different bones in our body and had a go at making a bone using salt dough.

World Book Day

What a fantastic day we had! We showed off our costumes and shared our favourite books with each other. Our day followed the theme of Charlie and the chocolate factory. We used a dictionary to do a word study. Using a net we made a box and in the afternoon we made chocolate crispy buns, which nicely fit in our boxes. 


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We made adverts to sell one of Willy Wonka's new chocolate bar.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2

Our fantastic costumes. Can you spot which characters we are?

Reading with Year 5.

Reading with Year 5. 1
Reading with Year 5. 2
Reading with Year 5. 3
Reading with Year 5. 4
Reading with Year 5. 5
Reading with Year 5. 6
Picture 1

Calling for Year 3 singers.

We would like as many children as possible to help Year 4 with their production on Tuesday 27th March at 5.30pm.

Thursday 15th March is World Book Day. We're excited to see everyone looking fab in their costumes.
This week it is Science week. Keep an eye on our class page to see the exciting activities we've done.
We had a cricket coach in this week. We learnt lots of skills we would need if we were playing cricket. It was great fun!

Welcome back. Hope you all had a lovely half term break.

What a crazy, tiring and energy packed day we had. In the morning we had a funky disco session in the hall with Mrs Smith. We created and played our own bouncing games, calmed down through a yoga session, we learnt how to take our pulse and went on the bouncy castle.
First thing in the morning we went into the garden and made our own houses for people who lived in the Stone Age. We had lots of fun. Don't they look fantastic?

Stone Age workshop and activities

We looked at a time line from history that covered the Stone Age to the Iron Age, we pretended to be archaeologists digging and researching objects from this period in time. We worked out which period the objects belonged to by looking closely at the objects and using the timeline displayed in our classroom.

In the afternoon we had a go at making 3D models of Stonehenge and Stone Age tools.

We had a fantastic day!

As part of National Storytelling week, our learning and activities for today have been based on the book - The day the crayons quit. 

We came into class to find crime scene tape and we were shocked to see that a yellow crayon had been snapped in half. We had to choose which crayon to be, then we had to say why the crayon was innocent. What fantastic reasons the children gave for their chosen crayon being innocent.

We introduced a multicoloured crayon to the story through writing a letter to Duncan. The children's ideas were fantastic. 

We thought about how the crayons could be friends instead of falling out all the time and designed friendship posters.

Our last activity was a colour experiment using skittles and water. Our patterns were amazing. 

What a fun day we've had! The children believe that orange crayon is guilty of the crime because yellow and orange crayon argue about who is the colour of the sun.



Montgolfier class assembly - Friday 2nd February at 1.30pm. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Stone Age workshop

We had a visit today from ASDA and they brought in different types of bread for us to taste such as ciabatta, white bloomer, bagel, naan and tortilla. We also learnt which countries the different types of bread come from. We loved tasting all breads especially the chocolate chip brioche.  Yummy!


Measuring 1
Measuring 2
Measuring 3

Welcome back! I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and would like to wish you all a happy new year.


We've got a busy half term ahead of us.


In English we will start the new year by learning a Kenning poem off by heart and the having a go at writing our own. We will then learn a non-chronological report which will be linked to our topic on the stone age.

In Maths we will be revisiting addition, subtraction and times tables during our warm ups every day and will be focusing on measures to start with.

We are very excited because we start our music lessons with Miss Pearson where we will learn to play the ukulele.

Unfortunately swimming still will not be happening for the time being so we will be learning the skills of how to play netball on a Thursday afternoon. Remember to bring your outdoor PE kit.


We have our class assembly this half term. Put Friday 2nd February at 1.30pm in your diaries.

Come and join us Thursday 21st December at 2.45pm. We will be showcasing some of our learning from this half term. 

Rio carnival

Rio carnival 1
Rio carnival 2
Rio carnival 3
Rio carnival 4
Rio carnival 5
As part of our South America topic we have been learning about the Rio carnival, we have each made a colourful, bright and vibrant head dress. Aren't they fabulous?

Hot chocolate!

Hot chocolate! 1
Hot chocolate! 2
Hot chocolate! 3
Hot chocolate! 4
Hot chocolate! 5

We all enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows after we sang christmas songs at Asda. It tasted delicious!

Thank you to everyone for your support. It was lovely to see so many of you!


Today we watched the pantomime Snow white. We enjoyed joining in through singing, shouting & cheering.


Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
We are representing division in different ways. First we reminded ourselves of how to draw the arrays, then we used cuisenaire to help us and then we were introduced to the chucking method on a number line. 

Perform a picture

Perform a picture 1
After the Arts Ambassadors went to the Art gallery and looked at the different exhibitions, each class represented the photographs on a large piece of paper. As a phase we then chose our favourite picture. As a class we looked at the different instruments we could use to recreate the picture. The children then performed their musical piece to other children in an assembly.  

Decorating the Christmas tree!

Decorating the Christmas tree! 1
Decorating the Christmas tree! 2
Decorating the Christmas tree! 3
Decorating the Christmas tree! 4
Decorating the Christmas tree! 5

Picture form of the grid method for multiplication.

Picture form of the grid method for multiplication. 1
Picture form of the grid method for multiplication. 2
Picture form of the grid method for multiplication. 3
Picture form of the grid method for multiplication. 4
Picture form of the grid method for multiplication. 5
We solved multiplication sums using the picture form of the grid method or arrays. Excellent work!


Arrays 1
Arrays 2
Arrays 3
Arrays 4
Arrays 5
Arrays 6
Arrays 7
Arrays 8
We have made arrays using different objects, to help us solve multiplication problems.

Children in need!

Children in need! 1
Children in need! 2
Children in need! 3

Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a lovely half term. 


This half term our topic is South America and we will be using maps to identify the continents, oceans and countries in South America. We will also research the natural and physical features of South America. Our English is linked to topic so the children will write a spine poem about the Amazon. We will then learn a journey tale also set in the Amazon.

We are focusing on the children using description in their writing and will be teaching the children different descriptive techniques to help them.

In Maths we are continuing to solve addition and subtraction problems and will then move onto multiplication and division problems. 

You can help your child by playing games to help them remember the multiplication facts for the 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

Magnets and forces

Magnets and forces 1
Magnets and forces 2
Magnets and forces 3
Magnets and forces 4
Magnets and forces 5
At the end of our topic we made a game. First we planned our maze and then we drew our design on a large piece of paper. We then used magnets to move a ball around our mazes.
A big well done to all the children in Montgolfier class for our attendance being above 95%. On Friday we are allowed to bring our teddies to school as a reward. Keep it up!

Addition and subtraction

Addition and subtraction 1
Addition and subtraction 2

We have been learning how to add and subtraction using two 3 digit numbers. We practise using base 10 and place value counters first before using the expanded column method as written form.

Growth mindset

Growth mindset 1
Growth mindset 2
Growth mindset 3
As part of our growth mindset topic this half term we are working in teams to make a beanstalk so that Jack can rescue his mum from the giants castle and the giant can return home.

Place value

Place value 1
Place value 2
Place value 3
Place value 4
We've been using different resources around the room, like base 10 and place value counters to make 3 digit numbers.

Exploring magnets

Exploring magnets 1
Exploring magnets 2

Year 3 Non-Negotiable’s to set us up for a fabulous year!

This Autumn term, Montgolfier class will be working very hard to ensure we know how to spell the first 300 High Frequency words (HFW) which we started to learn in Reception so that we are ready to move onto our Year 3 spellings, rules and patterns for the rest of the year.

In addition to this, we will regularly working on our handwriting to ensure that all our fantastic work can be read clearly.

Furthermore, we are consolidating our basic number skills including number bonds, doubling and halving and our times tables 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 8, 50, 100!

If you would like any further guidance with the different ways you can support your child at home, then please don’t hesitate to speak to us.

Below are some documents you may find useful!

Many Thanks,

Miss Playford

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