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                                             Week beginning 6/11/17



Our new topic in class is The Anglo-Saxons. We will be looking at all aspects of Anglo-Saxon life. Starting with where they came from and where they settled, through to how the Anglo-Saxon period ended.


Below are some links to look through at home.


Anglo-Saxon- Bitesize page BBC

Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Homework help page

10 Anglo-Saxon facts History Magazine

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                                             Week beginning 16/10/17


For those of you who want to try HTML at home here are the basic pieces of code you need.

Remember to save your page as a notebook file and as a .html file.






Webpage here





Your webpage goes between the above.


other code.




<b>put words here<b> should make your writing in bold.


<p><img src= photo address here />  This should allow you to put in a picture.


Happy webpage building!


                                               Week beginning 9/10/17


Who was correct Aristotle or Galileo?

The class have started their new Science topic today, Forces. It follows on well from Space. Hopefully some of the concepts we have looked at in that topic will be explained in our Forces topic. 

Today we looked at how fast a piece of paper falls to the ground and what other things effect this. I am sure discussions will follow over the next few weeks.

Forces. Drop the Paper.

Forces. Drop the Paper. 1
Forces. Drop the Paper. 2
Forces. Drop the Paper. 3
Forces. Drop the Paper. 4
                                           Week beginning 2/10/17


Perspective 1
Perspective 2
Perspective 3
Perspective 4
Perspective 5
Perspective 6
Perspective 7
Perspective 8
Perspective 9


The class have learnt about The Planets, The Sun, The Earth and The Moon. We discussed the relative size of The Moon and The Sun, we found out that The Sun is 400 times bigger than The Moon! We were surprised as they look the same size in the sky. To try and understand this we went outside and took some perspective photos.

                                              Week beginning 25/9/17

Mallory Making Music

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                                              Week beginning 18.9.17

                                             Image result for the moon


                                                   The Moon Homework

I know many of you have enjoyed looking for the Moon to view its different phases but have felt quite frustrated due to the cloud cover we have had recently. The webpage below should help you with what you should be seeing on a night.


Please still take the time to view The Moon first hand before using the webpage.


Happy Moon gazing.


Mr Bolton

The Solar System

Still image for this video
The class went out into the playground to look at the orbits of planets. Can they remember the order of the planets from the Sun to...?
                                                 Week beginning 11.9.17

Text Map Read Through.

Still image for this video
See how much they can remember at home?

                                                               First Full Week!

Wow, first week back and its been a busy one. We have started our Talk for Writing text all about an "Alien Landing". We have a super set of actions to accompany the text. Look out for the video! 

Please keep looking at the moon and fill in the sheet.

                                               Welcome back Mallory Class

Hello and welcome to year 5! 


We will be using the webpage to keep you updated with key information, achievements and events that take place in Mallory class so please check it regularly. It will be updated weekly and will be the best place to find helpful resources and links to support your child in year 5.


If you have any questions about year 5 please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hill or myself and we will be happy to help!


Here's to a year full of excitement and adventure!


Mr Bolton




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