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Week 1

Welcome back! I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas break and are feeling refreshed for the new year. You may have noticed some changes happening in our classroom, below is a sneaky peak! We have lots of new provision areas to extend our learning.

The lighting has also changed to create a more homely feel. We have less fluorescent lights on, instead we have more lamps and fairy lights. Our classroom feels much more relaxed and inviting now!

Enjoying our new learning environment


This half term we are looking at how shopping has changed over time. This will include looking at how the high street, taking payment and technology has changed. Next week we will be going on a local walk to the shops to begin our investigation, a letter with more detail is to follow!


This week we have started listening to and recalling the story 'The elephant and the bad baby'. This story features a baby who has forgotten his manners and his journey to lots of different types of shops! Next week we will be writing our own journey story inspired by this one!


Place value of numbers to 100 has been the focus this week! We have done lots of work on writing numbers beyond 50, representing them with base ten equipment, counting forwards/backwards and recalling one more and one less. Please support your child by practising reading and writing numbers to 100 at home.


Homework- next week your child will receive tricky words to practise. These will be personally tailored to your child's needs following recent assessments. Please support your child in learning these words on sight.


Week 8

We have had a very busy few weeks in Hawking Class. Last week we went to St Mary's Church to perform our Christingle service! Thank you to all the parents/family members who attended, we hope you had a lovely time. We felt very festive singing carols in our Christmas jumpers.


In English we have been writing adventure stories about dragons with a focus on using lots of adjectives!

In Maths we have been consolidating our learning of addition and subtraction plus working on understanding our numbers to 100. Thank you for logging onto Mathletics, I hope you and your child are having fun completing the tasks and competing against everyone on Mathletics lives!

Week 4

This week has been a busy week full of exciting new activities in provision! In topic we have finished learning about Christopher Columbus and have started to investigate a new explorer; Neil Armstrong! In provision we had images, videos and text to research who he was and what he was famous for. Lots of the children were inspired to write about their findings!

In English we are learning an adventure story about a dragon. We are just finishing making up our actions for retelling the story. Ask your child to retell the story to you, it's an entertaining one!

In Maths we have been revisiting addition and solving addition problems in provision. Check out the photographs below!

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Thank you for all of your generous donations for the Children in Need Charity. I hope you treated yourselves to some of the gorgeous cakes and buns at the bun sales. We had a lovely day and the children looked fantastic in their yellow, spotty and Child in Need clothes!
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Thank you to everyone for attending parents evening!

Week 3

This week we have continued our dragon theme in English by writing some descriptive dragon poetry. In provision the children have been set the challenge of creating their own paper mache dragon, you may have spotted a few on our window sills. This is a completely independent activity. The children have had to read and comprehend the instructions. To create their dragon eggs they are only allowed adult help with tying the knot in the balloon, this activity has helped everyone to develop their resilience and has created a lot of excitement around dragons!


In maths we have recapped the place value of numbers to 20. This has included learning to spell the number names to 10. To help us we have learned the number name rap below:

Number Words Rap (a song for spelling number words)

At parents evening I discussed reading making pure sounds with many of you, to help you support your child's reading at home. Please take a moment to watch this video which explains the pure sounds and why they are so important when reading with your child. Parent & child challenge: make the sounds as the video shows the letters!

Pure phonics sounds

Here are some photographs of our learning from the last few weeks!

Important notices:

Parents evening: You should have received a slip with your date and time. If you have not seen your slip please check the dates and times of appointments in the classroom window.

This week you will be receiving a letter about the Year 1 Christingle Service at St Mary's Church on Friday 15th December. Please ensure that you fill out all the relevant information on the E1 form an return it to school by Friday 10th November.

Autumn 2

Week 1

Can you believe that Autumn 2 is here already? We've had a busy first week back this week.

In English we have been researching information all about bearded dragons to prepare us for writing an information text about them next week!

In Maths we have been learning to name, recognise and describe 2D and 3D shapes. The children were set a challenge in provision to build their own 3D shapes. Check out the photographs below to see how they did!

Our topic this half term is explorers through time. This week we started learning about Christopher Columbus and how he discovered South America! We learned that he discovered lots of new foods and took them back to Spain to show the King and Queen. So we decided to taste some of those foods. We had peppers, tomatoes, pineapple (a clear favourite) and avocado (a little less popular!)

Below are some photographs of our food tasting.

Week 5

In English this week we have started innovating our stories. The children did some fantastic work in provision, thinking of their own ideas for different types of transport to include in their own versions!


In Maths we have started thinking about addition. We have been looking at part, part, whole models and we are learning how to write number sentences correctly!



Part Part Whole Tutorial

This video will explain the 'Part Part Whole Model' of teaching number bonds with any number.

Week 4

This week has been another busy one!


We have been recapping one more and one less of numbers to 20. Some of us are able to do it mentally now!

Challenge: Can you answer 1 more and 1 less questions in 10 seconds? Which numbers can you work up to?



This week we have started to look at maps! Our topic is called Leeds vs Cancun (Mexico). We are beginning the topic by looking at where we live. This was kicked off by searching for our city on a map of the UK. The children had lots of interesting questions to ask about the maps and quickly found out that Leeds is in England. We also learned the names of the other countries in the United Kingdom!

Then the children were set a real challenge to find the UK on a world map, it was much smaller than all the children expected! In provision the children have made some lovely flags for each of the UK countries which have been displayed on our tree branches in the classroom.



This week in English we have been imitating our journey story, 'Mr Blair's Outing'. Next week we will start innovating (writing our own version).

Map investigations!

Week 2

We have had a fantastic second week in Year One! The children have all settled in well, are getting used to the school routines and finding their way around.


We are revising the Phase 3 sounds. Over the last week and a half we have covered sh, ch, th, ng, ai, igh, ee & oa. Please watch the video below with your child to help them recap the sounds. Can they shout out the sound before the teacher says it?


Phase 3 Phonics


We have been recapping place value of numbers to 20. We can now confidently count forwards and backwards to 20 and are beginning to mentally work out 1 more and 1 less than numbers to 20.

Challenge: Can you write all of the numbers to 20? Can you make sure that they are all the right way around?



In English we have been practising spelling our full names. We have also been learning the Year One non-negotioables for writing:

. Capital letters for the start of sentences and names

. Finger spaces between every word

. Full stops at the end of sentences

. Cursive handwriting

. All sentences must make sense



We have been doing lots of fun and learning in our continuous provision too! We have played hook-a-duck phonics, fed the teddy bears the right amounts of food at the picnic and raced each other to match up capital and lower case letters. Take a look at our learning this week:


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Hello and welcome to Hawking class page!


Check back here weekly for updates on your child's learning and school events.

Important things to note:

Inside PE is on a Monday - your child will need PUMPS (not trainers), a white t-shirt and shorts

Outside PE is on a Thursday - your child will need trainers, a white t-shirt, black jogging bottoms and a black jacket


Your child will receive their reading book this Friday. If you still have your child's reading book or reading record please can you hand it in to me this week. Your child may receive a book level they have previously read, this is to recap their learning!


Your child will also receive homework this Friday. Please ensure that it is returned to school  by the date set in the homework book.

Check back later this week for photographs of your children and their learning!