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Forest School at Sharp Lane

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Reception Woodland Learning Group

A group of 8 Reception children are involved in a 'Woodland Learning' project with our Learning Mentor Mrs Procter. The children are developing their Communication, PSED and Physical development skills. Each week will will post photographs to share their learning journeys.

Year One and Two children have loved doing our Forest School. Here is a diary of some of the adventures we have done so far!

Week One

Week One 1

This week we visited our garden at school and created our 'Forest School Rules'. We then explored our garden with Lois. Thomas was very excited to find a woodlouse! We found lots of interesting mushrooms and watched the newts in the pond.  

Week Two

Week Two 1
Week Two 2
Week Two 3

This week we went back to our garden. We created homes for the minibeasts. We used old recycled bottles and filled them with natural materials we found, such as grass, twigs, leaves and bark. We each searched for a place to put our homes and left them there for the minibeasts. 

Week Three
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We went in search of our mini beast homes this week and found them! Some of them had been moved by animals and some of them even had animals inside. We found worms and spiders inside them! We spoke again this week about our rules because next week we are going on the minibus to Middleton Woods. We are all very excited. 

Week Four
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We loved going to Middleton Woods this week. When we arrived we found a suitable place for our Forest School and marked our boundaries with ribbon. We all chose something that we thought was special. George loved his huge stick and showed everyone! He liked it because it made him feel like Harry Potter! We all sat and had a snack together in the woods and we cant wait to go back next week!

Week Five
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We had lots of fun again in Middleton Woods today. We looked at the natural materials around us again. We then used the things we found to create a face on the floor. We decided to create a smiley face as we were all happy! We will be returning to the woods again after half term!